Awadhi food has always been my favourite cuisine and it is certainly the same for many people who love the preparation of strong aromatic and flavourful spices garnished with dry fruits. The city of Lucknow is rich with this cuisine and Kolkata is already familiar with this special cuisine by now. However it is always advisable to do some research in selecting your place where you would like to find the real taste of Awadhi food. For me it has been a quest to get this cuisine available anywhere at a low pricing. Until one fine day i was invited for a food tasting event by Somek (Blogger) and the Management of Naushiijaan restaurant,which is a popular place in Kolkata and one of the first places to start serving Awadhi food. Now to be honest i wasn’t expecting anything that would blow my head out here,but i was pretty wrong. At times there are places which take you by surprise and instantly get attached to your heart. With Naushiijaan fortunately this happened and i can say that it is an absolute wonderful place to enjoy delicious dishes without a second thought.

Location wise it’s near 8b bus stand at Jadavpur and they also have another one at Kasba but this one has the Charm for it’s spectacular small format and creative artworks all around. From the ground to the roof,all has been well planned and executed. The look has been shaped and crafted giving a complete Mughal dining experience. Seating here can allow around 30 people at one go. They have all wooden and sofa like seating,including a private space for dining. The plates and glasses all are of thick brass and steel. Windows and doors have a royal touch to it. Colourful old windows inside surely add more beauty.  Lights here have big Chandeliers and lamps hanging above to set that cosy and low light ambience. Everything that is possibly connected with the culture and artwork is displayed here with great elegance and royalty. Even the music here has a collection that is complimenting the whole feel and experience.

The main part being the food is something that is a real treat in itself. You can’t imagine how good the food is here,that you will want more of it once you are back home. The best thing is that they keep introducing new dishes and festivals time to time where you get to experience exclusive dishes too. Over here the Kebabs are very well made and has a burst of flavours in them. The mains like Biryani and curries have a strong impact on your plate. Of course the desserts are the stars of the show. I mean who doesn’t love to indulge in sweets after a wholesome meal. Dishes like Mutton Gaulati Kebab,Chicken Orni Kebab and Jugalbandi Kebab which can be eaten like that or with Lucknowi Paratha is a great starter before a full meal. The Gaulati has minced Mutton made in exotic spices and served along with green chutney. The Orni one is unique for me as i had it the first time. It had Chicken wrapped over egg whites. It is very nice and soft to eat once it is served hot. Jugalbandi had a speciality of Chicken and minced Mutton in a roll like shape. It is prepared in rich aromatic flavours and served in 6 pieces.

Mutton Handi Biryani and Naushijaan Biryani were for the mains along with side dishes like Chicken Ajwaini,Chicken Boti and Mutton Bund Gosh. The Mutton Biryani was served in a handi and had succulent pieces of Mutton along with fine flavourful rice. The quantity is very much appreciable for the pricing here. Naushijaan Biryani is by far the most interesting dish i had over the years. It had minced Spinach cooked along with rice and chicken. It might sound a bit odd but it was not bad at all,i quite liked it to some extend,however still my first preference would be the regular one’s we eat.

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Without desserts it is impossible to leave Naushiijaan,so the special eating time ended over Firni and Shahi Tukra. Both of them were nice and well presented. The balance of taste and proper preparation just won my heart totally. I would also like to mention that the hospitality and service here is very welcoming and swift. Liked the alertness of the staff and management. They took great care in making a memorable time. I wish that Naushiijaan spreads more joy and comes up at newer locations to give everybody a fine taste of Mughal food.

All the best and keep shining !