Bhaja Bhuji located at 34 Dr. Meghnad Saha Lane, Near CMC Swimming Pool, Southern Avenue, Kolkata 700026 is a newly opened place for your yummy Rolls,Cutlets,Mughlai Parothas and more other fried items. Here you can come down and have a quick bite, or maybe do a takeaway or else choose to get your food delivered. So whatever you want to do you may do but do not miss out having the food from Bhaja Bhuji. To say at first this place looks clean and it is a well organised place which displays the food properly and the menu choices are very easily listed above. I like the fact that the Owner Soumya has started this venture and kept the name Bhaja Bhuji as he believes to take this ahead and make a brand identity of it with a simple and easy catchy name that needs no explanation further. A place which gives you great quality food in a reasonable price is something we always want,so Bhaja Bhuji is in full swing to do that. There are many places for fried food but you should come here because the stuffing of the food here right from the rolls to the cutlets and everything else has really great portions. The work force are very warm,helpful and understand exactly what you want. Interestingly as this place opened recently,when i visited this place what i witnessed was that already Zomato and Swiggy have started taking orders from customers even a little further from the location which means the buzz has already been active around Southern Avenue.

You can order anything that interests you from the menu but my recommendations would be to have the Chicken Breast Cutlet that has a perfect thick outer coating of crispness and inner filling of soft tender Chicken Breast fillet pieces marinated with spices and has a ginger garlic flavour mainly. It was very nice and freshly made and served with two sauces with a little salad along. The next one is the Egg Chicken Roll which is a mighty thick roll that has a filling of flavoured chicken pieces stuffed inside a egg fried paratha. The balance and crispness of paratha and the stuffing is indeed very enjoyable. Last of my pick is the Mutton Mughlai Parotha that is probably a wholesome affair of eating from here. It is cut in 6 pieces and is well made with soft Mutton meat stuffed and has ginger garlic flavour along with special spices to give a distinct touch. The dish is served along with salad,two sauce options and some aloo dum curry to go with.

It is absolutely a food loving experience to have these food especially when you are in Kolkata. So drop in at Bhaja Bhuji to control your hunger cravings and let me know how did you like it.


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