Chinese food is one of the most interesting and delicious cuisines around the world. I personally feel that my city of Kolkata and the people here have a great liking towards this lovely cuisine. One can just go on and on eating the same dish quite regularly if the food is maintained authentic. Nowadays to get Chinese food in every corner isn’t a difficult task,but are you eating the right stuff is the big question ? Most of them claim authentic but the ingredients are not quite what you are expecting to get at your table is the harsh truth. Also not everyone is trained or specialized like the people from Tangra who are the Chinese food cooking wizards undoubtedly. Now as you know the main center of great Chinese food is available at Tangra,so for the South Kolkata people it often get’s difficult to travel the distance and experience something of that sort. That is why after a little research when i got to know about a place called Blu Orchid which is a Home Delivery service for Chinese food in the South part of Kolkata,i immediately decided to recommend this service as the food that you get is actually prepared by staffs from Tangra and they will deliver your meal at your doorstep very fast. Now that sounds very good right ? Yes it does,so just imagine the last time your favourite Chilli Chicken or Mandarin Fish you ate at Tangra and you are now craving for the same preparation to get delivered at ease without even taking all the trouble to go all the way,is exactly what Blu Orchid will do. They will make the food yummy and authentic absolutely to end all your troubles. Currently Blu Orchid covers the delivery between 3 to 4 Kilometres area from Ajaynagar (Santoshpur). So you can say places like Jadavpur,Kasba,Kalikapur,Haltu,Patuli,Baishnabghata come under their coverage area.

First before i discuss on what i ate using their delivery service,have a look at their wide menu options and also their delivery information :



The menu is full of variety and the tagline goes CHINATOWN @ YOUR DOORSTEP is quite a catchy one that justifies it’s service. The dishes have it’s own identity and mark right from the aroma you get once you open the packaging till the experience of it feasting. My order and recommendation to not miss out starting from something as an appetizer to mains are the CHILLI CHICKEN DRY ,CRISPY FRIED PRAWN,HUNAN CHICKEN,KUNG PAO FISH,LEMON CHICKEN, MIX MEI-FOON NOODLES and MIXED FRIED RICE.

CHILLI CHICKEN DRY – The flavour and soft pieces of Chicken is something which makes this dish a delight. The use of chilli as the main agent here has been balanced well along  with onions and soya sauce.

CRISPY FRIED PRAWN – This dish was one crispy and yummy one as the prawns were nice and easily well cooked. The portion was very filling and it is one epic appetizer to begin your wholesome eating experience.

HUNAN CHICKEN – Well this one simply blowed me over for it’s succulent taste and preparation. The Chicken was soft and a bit spicy as the sauce used was hot but enjoyable too. I liked the colour of the dish as it makes it look more attractive.


KUNG PAO FISH – This dish had fillets of fish cooked in Kung pao sauce that tasted really nice and had a lovely flavour in it. The quantity of this one is nice as well,so one plate can easily fill two people if ordered with rice or noodles.

LEMON CHICKEN – This Chicken dish is sweet,savoury and zingy as the preparation has Lemon as the main flavour dominant here. It goes well with the Rice mostly and the gravy turns out to be a bit yellowish and whitish in identity. Overall quite good to order.

MIX MEI-FOON NOODLES – Now this one is one of my favourites from Blu Orchid. The rice noodles is a bit soft and fine to chew down. The dish tastes simply amazing and goes well with most of the side dishes. Fresh cut veggies add more value to this dish.

MIXED FRIED RICE – Well what can i say about this one. This one has Scrambled Eggs,Chicken Cut pieces,Prawns and fresh veggies in it. The taste is very good and has a sufficient quantity loaded. Goes well with most of the dishes again and it is definitely recommended.30821541_420691981725862_3298041211589982110_o

With these dishes one can really be satisfied to the core. Also with the kind of food the packaging done is a proper one,so food won’t spill and will remain hot for a longer time. As i mentioned Blu Orchid as a Home Delivery service which covers spots at South Kolkata,soon you might get to see it spreading wings across other locations in Kolkata. But there is always a way to get your food if you live somewhere far from the radius of delivery currently,so get in touch with the numbers provided and if you give a bulk and big billing order then surely some arrangements can be done.

So go ahead and order to enjoy my recommendations !
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