Shimla Biryani located at 610, V.I.P. Nagar, Ruby Hospital Area, Kolkata is a restaurant that has been silently doing it’s amazing food and hospitality. I was very stunned to know that it has been existing since 2012 and nobody actually talks about it or let’s put it as it doesn’t get the right exposure it deserves. Till today we have been to restaurants who are the giants in the food industry which serve North Indian and Mughal food and we are happy to pay whatever they charge us. We don’t do any research or little exploring when it comes to eating. No matter how many restaurant’s come and go we always tend to stick to the same old restaurant we have been eating over the years. It’s high time we start putting efforts in getting value for money in return and visit places like Shimla Biryani which definitely makes you feel good. So coming to the point my recent visit here happened for a new menu launch and of course to go through their signature dishes as well. Starting with the look of the place right outside will take you for a surprise once you enter in. The amazing two floor restaurant has a good taste of interiors works done on it. Very spacious and well organized seating arrangements is a plus point here. The upper floor has a complete white set up right from the ceiling to the furnitures around all look classic. There is nice yellew faint lights above which gives a nice complete look to this place. The glass facade lets sun pour it’s light inside letting nature add more beauty to this place. What makes me more happy about this place is it’s clean and hygienic washrooms which is well maintained. If you are travelling from far down the Em.bypass stretch then you will know what i am talking about.


The service and hospitality here is quite nice and warm. They are alert and listen to your requests. Coming to the food and drinks here i must say they have great potential in terms of almost everything. Their menu firstly comprises of a lot of choices to pick and what youu read in the menu is always available unlike some restaurants. To add on they have Chefs who are expertised in different dishes flown down from other parts of the city as well as countries in some cases. Which means they make sure the dishes are under great care and it holds the authenticity perfectly.

The new menu spread out which should not be missed are VESTAL MANDARIN MOJITO (ORANGE),VESTAL KIWI MOJITO (GREEN) and CHOCOLATE SHAKE from the drinks. These are something as a surprise to me as i did not expect it to be so good. The Mandarin drink is fresh,has the right punch of Orange and is presented excellently. The Kiwi drink is another refreshing one which is made with Kiwi flavour and is quite fizzy. But the best of them all is the Shake which is made intensely filled with Chocolate and tastes very good.

After drinks it is recommended to feast over the starters first. Here the new menu has MUTTON GALOUTI KEBAB which is a dish that tastes very nice for it’s rich flavour blend along with the minced mutton shaped in small round portions served with small baby parathas. Next one is the MURG CHUPA RUSTAM which certainly is a hidden dish that needs to be highlighted. Tastes yummy as it has a nice round coating of Chicken filled with minced Chicken and special ingredients in it. Its a bit sweet but has a balance of spice as well. If you are a Prawn lover you will like the PRAWN TANDOORI which looks good in bright red colour and is presented very well on the table that makes it very appetizing. For the vegetarians you have the PESHAWARI PANEER TIKKA which is a lovely dish as the flavours marinated in the Paneer is wonderful. I love the soft and proper texture of the dish and this is must try too.

Now coming to the final and actual part which is the main course additions here. No main course can be complete without having CHICKEN BIRYANI and the MUTTON BIRYANI . You must have them as it’s a delicious affair going through these dishes here. I usually like my Chicken Biryani anywhere i go but at Shimla the Mutton Biryani caught my addiction. Nice soft pieces of Meat along with Potato and cooked with lip smacking flavours is surely going to please you. After that the two dishes HANDI WALI METHI MURG and RAJASTHANI LAL MAAS were on point for it’s presentation and taste. Such a nice balance and a very good quantity served makes me wonder this places gives you great value. It goes well with Indian Breads like CHEESY NAAN & BUTTER NAAN.

After that heavy dose of food if you need to end your meal sweet,order the Firni and you will leave this place with a smile for sure.

Not convinced ? Still need reason’s to come at Shimla Biryani ? Well they have ample parking space,so now don’t think twice and make all the roads lead to Shimla Biryani .

Thanks to the management for the hospitality and to Resto G for the humble invite.

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