We love places which has life in them to give us a time worth remembering. The ambiance and decor is something which always sets the mood to chill when you want to experience something different. To connect with the crowd it is important to have an identity as a place, which will further encourage and become a preference. My recent visit to Vr1 Cafe located in 8/1A, Hazra Road, Opp: Paramount Nursing Home, Kolkata, West Bengal 700026 revived me the feeling similar to the hangout places i used to visit during my college days. I saw a lot of college going folks with their groups spending a good time chilling here which surely signifies the place is loved and has already become a favourite landmark spot for the crowd.

Vr1 Cafe is actually a Hookah/Shisha place that specializes in varieties of it and most importantly you find them available at a low cost compared to other places. One loves to get a relaxed time over hookah and this is definitely one such place not to miss. Here the food and drinks are also pretty amazing as the menu is listed with a lot of appetizers,main course dishes,mocktails,shakes and of course the desserts to spoil you with. The place has been done up with a lot brain work in it,starting from the entrance  you find the place having 5 to 6 tables on the left narrow walk way. Moving ahead as the path ends on your right you will find a small bed like seating with mini tables fixed on it to rest your food and feel absolute comfortable there. Apart from that there is a big tv which plays live matches and all kinds of entertainment. Music is always on here with a good playlist doing the job on point. The lights are a bit low and more on the neon effect which is actually not bad and goes with the overall set up. The decor has a very fresh,young and funky vibe in it with graffiti arts,posters done around the walls.

The service is like any other cafe kind and the owners are young and friendly in nature,so you are definitely going to have a nice time here. Some of the recommended dishes ,drinks and hookah options to pick from here can be :

Lemon Iced Tea – It is made perfectly strong and has a good punch flavour wise.

Green Apple Iced Tea – Better than the lemon one and has apple slices in it too.

Kit Kat Shake – Done with the right balance and has a yummy chocolate filling.

Oreo Mint Shake – This is good made with oreo biscuits and mint leaves in it.

Paneer Chamula – A nice starter with some chatpata taste to dominate.

Fish Finger – It’s a crispy and juicy snack that can’t be missed from here.

Thai Ginger Chicken – This one is a bit spicy and served along with a tasty dip.

Pan Fried Momo – Surprisingly this one has a great flavour and a great stuffing.

Tex Mex Rice – A dish that has a wonderful presentation and has a nice portion.

Grilled Chicken with Paprika Sauce – A dish yummy indeed and totally enjoyable.

Calzone Pizza – A folded pizza that has a tasty filling and also looks good as well .

Choco Plant – The appropriate dessert to surprise and express your lover.

Sizzling Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream – This is pretty good and soft in texture.

Polo Flavour Hookah – A light flavoured one,that is not bad at all.

Meetha Paan Hookah – This is a classic one which should be tried out.

With all this,Vr1 cafe is a clear choice when you are looking to chill around and i see a lot of potential that this place has. Looking ahead to come back here soon to try more of the stuffs they have on the menu, as i am really impressed with the quality time i spent here.
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