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Almost every second day we hear something coming up in the hospitality sector of which some succeed to amaze where as some fail miserably to do so. But if there are great ideas and fresh new concepts in the plan of doing the different then you are sure to shine . I recently found Rikki’s Bar and Kitchen the newest pub in the city of Kolkata located at 11/1 Sarat Bose Road to stun me totally .This place gives you some serious next level experience which you will cherish and feel good about. Without any doubt you can consider this the perfect place to throw your next group party ,as it has that classy and cool mix of a vibe. The place is 7000 square feet hugely divided in two floor levels having three sections where you have options to pick your area to completely chill . The interiors have a quirky touch ,i loved the combinations of Red,Peach and Brown dominating all over the place. The beautiful Chandelier lights decked up above the Island bar is a sight you won’t forget before leaving for sure . The wallpapers certainly draws the right attention and adds a plus factor to the decor too. Now moving to the bar,it has premium brands of alcohol so you can trust the magic of the bartender here and get the best undoubtedly. Everything is so good here especially the spacious feel when you come here is the first thing for which you will fall in love with this place.The floors both have bars and both have seating arrangements all around as well. However i like the upper level where you can even take your spot at the soft bed like seating mainly as dedicated as a hookah zone or just tuck at the corner area close to the Dj booth. Talking about the Dj i must say the music played is pulsating and hard hitting,so you would enjoy the fantastic set. Overall ambiance wise comfort and luxury feel is what one can expect.

Rikki Dewan, who also owns Pepperchino by Don Giovanni’s is the main man behind this property and he has surely given the people of Kolkata a gift in the form of pub/lounge. The food menu covers cuisines like Bengali,North Indian,Chinese, Burmese,Italian,Malaysian and more. There are 100 plus dishes to pick from the menu and that definitely reflects the variety over here. Also something interesting is the 24 hours home delivery service that they operate and it is really very nice for your late night parties at home.

Some of the dishes tried out from the menu was Chicken Lollypop,Dynamite Chicken,Double Fried Pork,Kung Pao Broccoli,Shepherd’s Pie Lamb,Plain Garlic Bread,Malai Kebab,Lemon Grass Fish,Papaya Salaad,Dragon Roll,Bhunna Mutton and Chicken Supremo Pizza. The food was simply power packed,thanks to the chefs who did a fabulous job by bringing out the best to the table. The Lollypop was very nicely flavoured and so was the Pork dish. The most brave dish was the Dynamite one as it was extremely hot in terms of spices and chillies. I couldn’t have more than a little on my plate. Trust me it is literally not everyone’s cup of tea however the overall flavour was really nice .The Pie with Bread was delicious to the core,i had a relishing time having this dish and it is recommended . The Kebabs and Bhunna Mutton was made with utmost perfection.The Fish dish was soft ,juicy and had a good portion of lemon grass leaves flavoured to it. So this Papaya salad dish was one fine one which i had for the first time from anywhere and it actually was very well made.The balance and good portion was presented in the finest way. Start of your salad eating,over this specific dish and it won’t dissapoint. After all still the best of the food for me personally is going to be the Pizzas among all as it was a thin crust one topped with exotic garnishing and had Chicken,eggs,lots of veggies,cheese and special ingredients in it. This is going to be my favourite food to pick once again,soon when i drop in.

Here from the Bar menu the Cocktails like ROSE DAIQUIRI,ABOVE & BEYOND,LEMON BASIL MARTINI,ANGEL KISS,STRAWBERRY & LEMON FIZZ are pretty good and popular to order. From the Mocktails to pick there is HAPPY TIME,CUCUMBER SPITZER and many more,however i selected PINA COLADA & VIRGIN MOJITO as my companian for the night.The Pina colada was a sweet mix of pineapple juice with coconut milk,it was sweet and had a rich thickness as a Mocktail. The Virgin Mojito was made with fresh mint leaves,lime,soda and necessary ingredients. The drink just came off very nice and as always Virgin Mojito seldom fails to impress,it is always the best drink and available at most places and here at Rikki’s it was no different.

And to end this lavish eating a dessert is mandatory,so the TOFFEE WALNUT was the call. It was served in a Cocktail glass and had a scoop of vanilla ice cream on it. The walnut was nicely flavoured with liquid caramel toffee and was a nice change as a dessert option available here from all the other places in the city.

With that i ended a nice meal and feel that Rikki’s Bar & Kitchen has all the potential to reach sky high in a short period from now. It’s high time places like this should be brought to highlight,as it is definitely changing the whole scene of eating and drinking like never before.

Come here and have a blast !

Thanks to : Supreeta Singh PR Consultancy,Rishav n how & Shagufta for the experience.

Photos by : The Food Seeker-Jude Martin

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