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The Roasted Beans Cafe located very close to the Jadavpur Police Station in Kolkata is a two months old cafe which i had recently visited after hearing some good aspects of this place. This place offers Continental,Italian,Mexican and many more cuisines under one roof which is a plus point for people wanting some authentic food in that area. Beverage drinks in hot and cold both are available,so that is a major reason to drop in here and have your own piece of enjoyment over unending conversations. There is something very special that makes this place different from other cafes which i have visited recently as it has it’s own charm as a cafe and you would want to come back again and again. Probably the old school look as a cafe is the thing that struck a chord right for me. I am already in minds again of visiting this place soon (I live in Rajarhat) even though i have many cafes around my home side but here everything is pretty decently priced to suit the pocket that i don’t mind coming this far and end up being happy. The quality and ambiance factor does matter at the end of any meal for me. The concept of the cafe is very much classic kind of and simple to the point of not mixing too much of decor and keeping a warmth of home comfort around is what i felt,however i am looking forward for their new set up and interior change very soon. Over here the seating arrangements is widely spread around the place which can easily allow many people at a time to dine together,so getting a table isn’t a problem. There is sofa like seating here too on which you can actually laze and feel like home while sipping some hot coffee or taking a big bite from that sandwich in your hand.

The service of this place is warm,friendly and good as the staff makes sure to show interest in helping you choose dishes and overall guide you here if anything is needed.This place is actually a surprise for me as i did not expect it to turn out so good. Seriously not dissapointing and surprisingly good is my appropriate term for this wonderful cafe.

Now coming to what i ate and what i can recommend is pretty simple to disclose however one must do some wild picks from the menu and it will surely be another delightful surprise too. Okay so basically if you ask me to pick a cold or hot beverages along with my food i would confuse you at times. So i keep it simple and end up ordering a Mocktail drink frequently. But over here the staff had suggested me to try this drink called the RED BULL PASSION WEDDING so i went with his suggestion and there came the drink on my table. It was presented nice,that had an infusion of a Red Bull can drink poured upside down on a Mocktail glass.This was something out of the world,i mean i had not tried something like this before and the perfection of flavour and blend balance had simply blew my mind. After this there was something interesting going in my head, so i needed to try a coffee drink as well,so i just got myself a nice IRISH COFFEE. This was made well too and had an intense flavour balance of coffee and cream,i loved it totally.

After the beverages were over it was the time for me to feast some food. I had a nice look at the entire menu and went with picking Crispy Chicken Wings Roasted with BBQ Sauce as starters followed by mains Aglio Olio Spaghetti (Chicken) Roasted Beans Special Pork and Meat Lovers Pizza. One by one to know what tasted good,here at first about the Starter,it was a fusion of sweet and spicy flavour enriched on small Chicken wing pieces.The taste was nice and this certainly is a good starter. Then moving ahead to the Spaghetti,it was simply a enjoyable eat,as the pasta was made with garlic,olive oil,chilli flakes and other necessary ingredients. Chicken was the meat portion in it by the way. Then after to the Pork dish you get a big piece of pork meat,some veggies tossed on the plate along with some mash potatoes which tasted great. Last and the best of the mains for me, Pizza was soft as ever even after keeping it waiting at the table for quite sometime it was not chewy or over crunchy. It was texture perfect to the core so i am not missing this out ever when i am here. The ingredients and flavours are very unique and so is the quantity too,making this very much recommended.

Nothing ends properly without indulging in desserts,so the new dessert that is rocking this place is Nolen Gur Cheese Cake. The combination of doing something like this definitely is an out of the box idea. I loved the magical taste and definitely recommend not to miss it ever. My tastebuds cannot get over the dish till now.

Well after all this delicious eating i really feel good that a place like this has come up and it definitely meets all the expectation so do visit this amazing place really soon and thank me later .

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