The time of the year end when festive and holiday season comes is the perfect time to indulge in the speciality of it. And when it is Christmas and New Year’s time then there is no stopping in the feasting part for sure especially over cakes. Now when all the yummy cakes takes the center part of the celebration,it is obvious that it spreads happiness among all being the sweet start to the happy time ahead of the season. I personally love trying out different types of cakes whether it is dry cakes ,cream based cakes or maybe theme ones,whatever the kind i just love them all. And i never miss out this great time when all the bakeries roll out fresh bakes that sets the mood of the season. Similar like me there are many people who just wait when they can get their hands on cakes from each and everyone they know. This is pure pleasure on it’s own to receive cakes and greet each other with a smile. There has been number of legendary bakeries that do excellent baking and have been a favourite spot to pick up cakes every year but now i recently discovered that Cafe HQ being the newest cafe in town decided to take out Christmas and New Year’s speciality cakes to add their part of action in the festivity baking time. The Cake menu had a variety of them and all were impressively unique. Honestly to see a new born bakery active with so much excitement is indeed an act of strumming the right cords to win hearts.


DUNDEE CAKE was one of the special dry cakes available here which was very nice and had Almonds,Raisins and similar dry fruits assorted in it . The cake gives an indulgence of a rich filled cake eating experience that totally lingers for long. 

RICH PLUM CAKE was another delicious dry cake which had assorted plums inside it. The special thing about this cake is the aroma it leaves around when cut,totally gives a tempting affair. Over here Grapes, Currants, Raisins and Prunes are used in the right proportion of the making of these cakes .

FRUIT CAKE among the last of the dry cakes also had fruits again here,but this time it had candied fruits as well as nice nuts too.The taste and texture of the cake was simply amazing that it surely has become the best one among the three.

DUTCH TRUFFLE CAKE is one of the best cakes here as it had a nice presentation with the flower like design on top of the cake that is fully made with Chocolate Ganache and other chocolate topped coating. This is simply a heavenly affair so definitely go for it blindly.

BLACK FOREST CAKE has a sponge texture as a cake and it is very much of a layer cake that has chocolate in it along with whipped cream and a few cherries on the top for presentation. Not to miss the chocolate grated as well as shaved coating on the entire cake which makes it a yummy one .

Red Velvet Cake
Tiramisu Cake

RED VELVET CAKE is the perfect cake to celebrate as it is red in colour and has a great taste factor in it. The texture is nice and soft and so is the presentation on a tray that looks very attractive .

TIRAMISU CAKE is a cake with a flavour of coffee kick inside out.The texture over here too is soft so it just melts in your mouth after every bite. The cake is served in a similar tray however the best part is the food presentation which is worth mentioning as it depicts a superhero figure neatly done. 

And to end this blog here i must say with these cakes the celebration spirit of Christmas was very happening and so was the New Year’s but in case you missed out on getting some of these delightful bakes to try out then visit the cafe addressed at 1/4, Bawali Mandal Road (202 S P Mukherjee Road), Lalpara, Mudiali, Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700026 (5 mins near Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station) or make a call at 9051025009 to know if it is still available on a extended duration,until then wait and watch for what next this place is going to come up to make you have a different experience overall.