Karma Kettle located at Ballygunge is a place for Tea lovers. Tea is something very close to each one of us and it is an integral part of our daily lifestyle. Without Tea i don’t think i can imagine to get shaken up easily so Tea is essential for me and i am sure it is the same for you all too. Recently i was invited here by First Idea Pr to check this place out and on coming here i was amazed with this property that looked so well decored. Coming here for the first time i never thought a Tea Room could have such a beautiful and mood lifting atmosphere. But i was completely in love with the set up that this place has in wooden,and glass structures around in an outdoor kind of seating arrangement. The whole area was blossomed with greenery and freshness. In spite of it being an outdoor seating the whole temperature is kept cool thanks to the air conditioning which is trapped with the enclosure around. Don’t worry about the heat just enjoy the sunrays and some natural vitamins gifted from above especially as winter is setting in slowly.
Now coming to the specialties that Karma Kettle has in store for you is starting with some exotic Tea selections from around the Globe which means the Tea which can help you overcome health issues like stress,bp, etc and to give you a boost to your lifestyle is available here,so you can just enjoy the blended teas or the non blended one’s and you will benefit a better living then after surely. To start of there are Ice Tea choices you can pick from Pinnacolada,Passionately & Sebuckthorn . The first one is made with pineapple juice along with coconut milk and multiple blended Tea combination. The second one was blended fruit juice Tea along with mango flavour it. The last one had Sebuckthorn Black blend tea along with chat masala. Three of them had their own character but for me the Pinnacolada was the best.

Now after the Ice tea,let me mention that they have introduced two High Tea Menu choices available from 3pm to 6:30pm at a cost of INR 450/- plus taxes for 2 persons. The first one is the GORA SAHEB HIGH TEA that includes an English selection of eats starting with Assorted Finger Sandwiches 4 pcs ( Ham & cheese / Cucumber & homemade cheese ) moving to the Lemon Meringue Pie / Apple Tart 2 pcs,Coconut Macaroons 2 pcs and the last one Chicken Quiche / Vegetarian Quiche 1 pc all served in a multiple food holding tray along with 1 Pot of Karma Kettle’s Premium loose leaf teas. This is really very nice and the whole combination of sipping tea with food in such an ambiance is spectacular.


Now the second choice is the BURRA SAHEB HIGH TEA that reflects an Indian version high tea starting from Vegetarian Pokoras 8 pcs,Petit Savoury bites from India 4 pcs (Mini hara bhara kebabs / Corn & Cheese Tikki / Cocktail Samosas),Assorted Fresh Sandesh 4 pcs and
Decadent Indian Sweets 2 pcs,again served along with a Pot of Karma Kettle’s Premium loose leaf teas.This set of High tea was impressive too and it is actually difficult to compare the two among each other so the whole thing is that if you are fond of having High Tea the English way then go for the first and if not then the second one is always available as an option. For me both of these High tea menu were at it’s best.


And just in case you want options in the flavour blend of your Tea pot then worry not as you can pick from Nightingale Tea ,Bird Song Tea,Gulmarg Tea or the Paan chai. All of these look very colourful and attractive . My personal favourite would be the Bird Song Tea for it’s uniqueness and lovely blend taste.

So visit Karma Kettle to enjoy over a pot of tea not just a cup,as places like this are special that helps you add an interesting tale to share with others.

PHOTOS BY : The Food Seeker-Jude Martin

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