Cafe HQ Located at 1/4, Bawali Mandal Rd, Lalpara, Mudiali, Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700026,very close to the Rabindra Sarobar Metro station is the newest cafe in the city . This is a very interesting cafe which is based on a theme of Superheroes where you can spend some quality time enjoying over super good food/drinks in a fun yet classic ambiance. The Cafe is spread open very spacious keeping in mind a lot of seating arrangements available to one and all,so getting a table that looks classy with colour combinations of creme,black and brown won’t be a problem absolutely . The Cafe as said is a Superhero theme one so the decor around the cafe has quite a lot of wall posters and light board fixtures of famous super hero characters around as well as outside making this place look cool . Even the table lamps glow with superhero characters hanging above that looks very attractive. In the center corner of this cafe the Mocktail and Coffee making counter is placed ,just beside it cakes are freshly prepared which is a live bakery that can create theme cakes like Superman,Batman,Wonder woman and similar characters or any kind of cakes that you desire,which is truely a very exciting factor of Cafe HQ. The owners of the Cafe are very nice people running the show here as they personally come up to your table at times to enquire about your experience at the cafe and are always open to suggestions for improvement which again is something good here.

The hospitality you will experience here is going to be warm and welcoming for sure as the work force is very courteous indeed making your time well spent here . Not even a month old new cafe people tend to keep a lot expectations and this cafe is delivering that with the right spirits already . They have set up plans to let their space and culinary hand available for booking parties,be it Birthdays or any kind of gathering ,whatsoever the occasion they will  make it happen in the best possible way to be remembered for long down memory lane,so get in touch with the Cafe in that need. Currently the Cafe is having a Continental menu spread which almost covers everything you can imagine,and to add on to the joy they are going to launch a Chinese menu very soon to fulfill the love for Chinese cuisine too.

On my very first visit here i tried out couple of food and drinks from the menu. Starting from the Mocktails i got SPIDEYS SPARKLING ESPRESSO,Mr.FREEZE’S ICY SPICY & MIND STONE VIRGIN MOJITO. The first one was a red identity drink which had an infusion of coffee poured on it . The drink was very good as i never had something like that before. The next one was a little spicy one as it had black current flavour along with a little portion of chilli in it . This one took me by surpise to actually be so nice and different as a Mocktail.The last one was a Mojito that was refreshing and made to the right balance of sweetness and was also very well presented on the table.

Moving ahead to the Starters there was two selected from the menu which was WASABI COTTAGE CHEESE and BAR B Q BATWINGS . The Cottage Cheese was again another new dish for me to try out and it turned out to be a good one for the softness and flavour of it. Very much recommended not just for the vegetarians but also for the non-vegetarians for a change . The Batwings was a excellent dish here with lovely juicy pieces of chicken cooked in bbq sauce. The presentation was very much appetizing as well as  the quantity of this dish is very filling.


After the starters , now coming to the Main Course dishes which was JUSTICE LEAGUE BBQ CHICKEN PIZZA ,CHICKEN STROGANOFF & SUPERMAN BURGER . I kick started with the Pizza first and i must say it is delicious from the core for the flavour and large portion sufficient for two to share . The Pizza has a thin crust filled with garnishing,a lot of Mozzarella cheese and stuffed with of bbq chicken pieces in it.

The Stroganoff dish had generous amount of Chicken strips cooked in cream sauce,veggies,topped with a poached egg and served along a portion of rice and two flat bread sticks. This dish was simply outstanding and the Chef deserves a tap on the back for making it absolutely in perfection.

The last of the main course being the Burger was as expected to be great. The Burger had a lamb stuffed patty inside it garnished with flavoured onions,vegetable dressing,chilli and mayo sauce along with some cheese to give the perfect taste. You even get some fries served along with it on a plate and the size of the burger was huge which can easily fill your stomach. On my experience with this one i can only say it was one of the best Burgers i had in a very long time now. To be honest the last good Burger i had was in My Big Fat Belly but now i can confidently add Cafe HQ also to the list of good burger eating places available in the city, so imagine how good it was. The food here is highly recommended and undoubtedly the  main hero among all the superhero figures you get to see around.

Harley Quinn’s Apple Pie With Ice Cream

And to end things on a sweet note there is always room for desserts. So the two DESSERTS picked were HARLEY QUINN’S APPLE PIE WITH ICE CREAM and TIRAMISU CAKE . The Apple pie is something you should end your meal with as the dessert is on point with the sweet Apple stuffing indulgence along with a nice scoop of Vanilla Ice cream. If you ask me about a Tiramisu cake i would probably look at you twice in shock that you have not tried out a Tiramisu cake till now. As Tiramisu cakes are a very delicious kind of a dessert and it is most loved by one and all. Cafe Hq takes it to the next level with creating food styling around the cake in superhero characters . It is pure pleasure to have these especially in theme cafes as they take utmost care and make your time memorable indeed.

Well that ends the entire experience of Cafe HQ and it is one of those new places in the city not to miss out ,so my recommendation has a big thumbs up,thanks to the management for having me have a good time and i am looking forward for my next visit to be back here real soon .

The view from outside Cafe HQ !

Happy Feasting !

Photos by – The Food Seeker – Jude Martin

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