The most beautiful part of any season is the food favourite’s one can indulge in ,and Winter is like the king of all seasons for the best of food available during this time of the year. During Winters the best part of any meal to be enjoyed is either at dinner hours when the temperature is chilly or straight away in the early morning hours which for me personally is a perfect time to have yummy food fresh and hot right as you rise .

At this time many eating places start of some interesting menu choices and Banana Leaf (Southern Avenue) was not behind ,in fact it is leading a quick start with it’s Parotta & Idiyappam Festival ! . This November month the menu is already available every weekend right now in the morning hours and from the month of December they will have it every day. Now that certainly calls for a great breakfast here which should not be missed out .

The menu has two choices ,one is Parotta which is a flatbread for those of you who don’t know and the process of it to make is with using maida flour rolled in thin layers to form a spiralled ball shape and later flattened to fry or roast. The parotta here has a very nice crisp and wonderful taste not very rich and just right as it should be. It is served along with Veg Korma and Raita which on it’s own is a delicious affair,so imagine this one to blow your mind with it’s combination served on a plate.

The second one is the Idiyappam which looks like a noodle form made with rice flour along with the it’s necessary ingredients.This dish is something new for most of the people in Kolkata as it isn’t easily available everywhere so this is something not to miss out especially as you get two of the tastiest sides along which are Veg Korma again and coconut milk. The experience with this one was really very nice for me as it was gentle to chew,and when it was tried out with the korma it was absolutely a relishing moment .

And how can you start your meal without a Filter coffee and end it without a Rava Kesari ? You must be kidding me ,so don’t forget to try these most regular ones as the filter coffee is brilliant and with every sip takes me back to South India with memories. The Rava Kesari is what i can describe it as a tiny bowl of happiness,the way it looks so inviting to dig in that one cannot resist it. I love how the warm feeling touches your throat when you take a nice portion in your mouth, it is just a unexplained feeling and pure pleasure.

So come to Banana Leaf this winters in the morning and have a great start to your day ,as the Parotta & Idiyappiyam are priced at INR 150 /- plus taxes per plate ,have fun here and eat something new each day .


Photos by :  The Food Seeker-Jude Martin

Invite thanks to : FOODIE DADA

Hospitality thanks to : RAJESH BALA (OWNER)