Red Panda ,Restaurant located at F5 Calcutta Greens Commercial Complex, 1050/2, EM Bypass, Survey Park, Santoshpur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700075 (Very close to METROPOLIS MALL ,HILAND PARK AREA ) has been lately the kind of place i was never ever aware of and it was a sad thing for me that i pass the Bypass stretch almost two to three times a week and i have never ever come across this place maybe because these are the real hidden gems in the city and one needs to get there when you tend to have that exploring thing in you.Fortunately i did not need to trouble myself discovering this place on my own as an invitation had popped by the management of Red Panda and Blogger Debajyoti of Foodie dada .I was extremely excited to know how this restaurant fairs in all the possible angles of lookout ,so on the day of my very first visit i started early to battle the storm and rain that was about to shatter and wash the city clean ,i guess the Weather God wanted me to have an adventurous day and not just sit and happily eat carefree (Giggles) . So on that note saying so it took me around more than an hour to reach here with all the traffic moving swiftly right from Rajarhat area so its quite a distance for me yet i will be there and everywhere when needed to do so.

On reaching here the very first sight made me rethink whether i arrived to the right location or not .I was puzzled to see this place from outside and wondered where is the restaurant.Barely i took few a steps i met Manish who is one of the partners of Red Panda and he guided me up to take the stairs to the sitting area and by then all i knew was that i am not that bad also in locating places on my own.As i entered the floor up i was very satisfied enough on seeing a well decked up place with four decent tables and chairs placed in an organised manner .Nice yellow and brown dominated colour in look around walls,lights and floor is used to give this a comfort identity like a close fine dine .Loved the frames on the walls and also the Lamps as well as the soft music played at the background that compliments the complete look and vibe of this place . Moving from the feel of the place to the next important part which is the service and hospitality.Well to be honest i found the service to be decent enough,i was not expecting anything special but yes basic hospitality you get here . The alertness level of service is missing though at some point but what makes one happy is when one of the owner/partner who takes initiative to look after the table without any second thought. Yes the person i am talking about is Rabi who is also one of the partners who dropped in to welcome us a bit late but his focus of keeping the moment pleasant was a very nice feel indeed.

Now after all this it is the time to find out some of the interesting food that you get here –

The menu started of with Mocktails which were BLUE LAGOON,LIME SODA & MASALA COLD DRINKS.So if you ask me how was it ? My answer would be that it is just pretty ok and that goes for all the three Mocktails .So not much recommended and this was told to the management and they are definitely going to have a make over on that if it’s on the menu later anytime printed. Next came the starters which were GRILLED CHICKEN DRUMSTICKS & SLICED FISH WITH ROASTED CHILLI PEPPER. The Chicken was simply looking enticing and loaded with delicious flavours. The size of the meaty leg piece drumsticks was very generous and to top it all they were grilled and soaking on a portion of smoked gravy. I just could not imagine a dish to look so good at the very first impression and on taste it was heavenly rich on every bite perfectly soft and lovely . The other dish which was the fish one simply was so powered with spices and well made i was totally on for it relishing it completely.Slice pieces of Indian Basa fish had been made in a special hot flavour sauce mix and assorted around stuffed with vegetables like onions,capsicum,roasted chillies . The taste and presentation of this dish was spellbound to the max.I was already leveled up for the next dishes to roll in ,thanks for these special starters to do the magic and they are must recommended to start off.

So with that comes the final eating action at RED PANDA which was the mains.And for the mains there was THAI GREEN CURRY PAIRED WITH STEAM RICE,LEMON BUTTER FISH & CHICKEN SIZZLER SPECIAL. All the dishes looked gorgeous and very inviting.I just could literally see the love and hard work put in making such great dishes of perfection and well taken care ,prepared exceptionally with a positive difference.

To start of the mains the Thai green curry was a dish that i had couple of places before but i must admit i have not eating something like this ever before and simply pairing this one with the steam rice went off so good. The flavour’s of the Thai green curry was spot on balanced so well,having Chicken pieces loaded inside along with green vegetables and assorted Lime leaves gives a lemon touch to this dish.I polished my plate in a split of minutes to refill more of the dish even without extra rice,which means it did leave a mark of excellence in my point of view.Hats off to the Chef ,who should take the credit for making such great eating experience happen.

Moving on next to the Lemon Butter Fish dish, it was served along with a little portion of  Herb rice and stir fried cut vegetables .I was very much pleased to have this on my plate for it’s taste so wonderfully blended with Butter and lemon infusion in a creamy layer flavour and loaded with fish slices. The taste was great with a nice thick and non greasy gravy which looked absolutely glowing and shining on the plate.

Ok last but not the least the Chicken Sizzler was equally a star dish ,having the sizzle happening filled with chicken pieces,rice,vegetables and poached fried eggs in it . Served in a Sizzling tray, this one was very interesting on taste and was quite a good eat as there are a variety of all the yummiest things to eat all together .

Therefore a conclusion can be made that the food is doing incredible ,and every single dish shall have an impact on you and will definitely keep you wanting for more, as for me it was enjoyable and i can clearly recommend this place to the ones who look forward in experiencing real food at affordable and value for money aspects. I am already making my plans to come here soon as i am getting my hunger crave looking at the pictures.



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