MOMO I AM is not anymore a new brand when it comes to bringing excellent ORIENTAL,ASIAN&HIMALAYAN food at your table as what ever you may call it. It has been doing justice to the culinary scenario over some years now right from when it first opened up at Lake Gardens ,then spread a wing at Chinar Park and now finally they have set up at two new locations of which one is the Golpark one.The Golpark located one is very close to the lane near Mouchak sweets and it wont be a trouble finding it but in case you do ,then take a look a the address which is 43, Ballygunge Gardens Rd, Dhakuria, Ballygunge Gardens, Kolkata, West Bengal 700019 .I was invited along with few fellow bloggers to be a part of checking out this place as well as it’s food most specially and importantly.They have launched a new menu along with the regular ones here which does excite one for sure to see something interesting available along with the famed regular menu that one is familiar with. Big thanks ! to Reevu & Pravakar who run all the Momo I Am locations in the city and have welcomed us gracious and freely here and in all of the locations any and every time.Thank you to Debajyoti of Foodie Dada (Blogger) who made this meet happen and he is one fine foodie in the city to depend upon in prime eating .

To start of this blog let us get to know the feel of this place and to tell you the truth i was surprised to see a well done floor once you take the stairs here .The wonderful animated decor surrounding the walls gives you a joy to be here and a view of graffiti art definitely pumps you to be young forever .A good installation of lights around makes it bright and alive here.The floor has a spread of tables which are neatly organised in one of the sitting sections and has nice wooden make . On the other end there is a glass facade area which has a few tables as well and gives you a street view while you engage in heavy eating. So as you can understand there is options to choose to sit and make your time worth it .With that said, moving on to the hospitality and service here which is decent enough as at a beck and call things move smoothly for you. I experienced a good time with the service part ,and i am not saying this as just as a Blogger but i observed around how other customers were treated as well and everything looked good to me .

So now it is time for the eating and drinking part to be revealed which started with ICE TEA that was a cooler indeed in spite of a rainy day,i needed something like that to settle down as i entered. The Tea was made not very strong and not very light but differently balanced and i can’t really explain much about it but it tasted good.After that straight away from the kitchen came two types of salads. ASIAN CUCUMBER WITH FETA CHEESE INDONESIAN GRILLED PORK. The Asian Cucumber tasted really very nice with a sweet and sour flavour to it as well as, it was served in a wooden bowl and had feta cheese grated on it making it a good eat. The Indonesian Grilled Pork was a stunner of a dish having been presented in a similar wooden bowl filled with veggie dressing like lettuce leaves ,capsicum and garnished with ingredients and all at the bottom then finally topped loaded with Grilled pork which tasted amazing on flavour and was soft as ever in every bite. Definitely recommended to try salads even if you aren’t a big fan of it.

Well then next that was in line was a veg dumpling called TRUFFLE OIL VEG CRYSTAL DUMPLING.I usually don’t get any kind of eagerness to feast on dumplings which have no meat in it but this one was a different one which looked inviting and interesting.The dish was well presented on a bamboo steamer basket and had an amazing taste indeed. It looked green in colour mostly because of broccoli and other veggie presence in it.Next came XO CRYSTAL CHICKEN DIM SUM which was a Momo in a Chinese version as many don’t know.It was similarly served in a bamboo steamer basket and looked appetizing . On taste this was really tasty ,soft ,hot and worth every indulgence and  a must to have.Moving on further came the KENZAI FRIED CHICKEN that was a fried chicken dish that was never ever tried before by me anywhere as it had a big juicy filling of meat inside and an outer coating of crisp.Served along with a special dip this one tasted brilliant and i could eat them all any day as for its different flavour compared to the American fried version.Then after the fried chicken LHASA PORK &SHANGHAI WONTON WITH SIRRACHA OIL was tried out. The pork dish was truely magical with fine pork meat drizzled with onions and was flavoured of a kind ,totally a dish to remember. I enjoyed it so much i was kind of polishing the tray till the end not caring much about the fellew bloggers to share with .And as soon as i was sorted and had an mission accomplished feeling,little did i know MOMO I AM knows how to keep the food level up . As said the Wonton came and was looking so rich in gravy oil which tempted me to the max and i made some place and adjustments in my belly as i definitely did not want to miss this one .On eating them i felt it to be so soft and delicious and can proudly proclaim that i have not eating something so good over a past couple of days at least.

Okay so along with all these wonderful new dishes, there were in between some dishes which i could not try due to my allergic reasons so i would like to mention the names of them which were PRAWN HARGOU,PRAWN FIRE CRACKERS,SOI 56 & BALI BREACH PRAWN. Seeing my fellow bloggers so into their food i could surely state that these also had an super good taste and should be tried if you love Prawns .Not ending it here and the end only happens with a sweet bite and for us the RASBERRY BANANA BAO was at rescue. It had a nice Sugar dripped Bao fried and filled with cut Banana slices,garnished with Rasberry liquid portion and a scoop of Ice-Cream. This completed our eating the most fruitful and yummy way.

Well that wrapped up the eating and entire experience here with the new menu of MOMO I AM right at GOLPARK. So come give this place a visit and take a different ride in your cuisine choices this time and i am sure you will not be dissapointed.


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