They say if your inner Soul or intuition tells you to do something which would be good in return ,then it actually happens to be good later. But i would say that let’s not listen to “They say” phrases and get in to some of our own sayings out of personal experiences.Lets forget about Soul as an immaterial part of a human body and see it in a different way in a form of a Cafe which brings extremely good food and drinks like Continental,Mexican,Chinese,Italian and a lot more to the table,overall giving a merry time for the ones indulging in it.That’s not all ,as a kind of cafe which acclaims Fitness care with detox drinks and health exercises like Yoga and Zumba in a fun way to lose weight and feel bright inside out. The cafe having games like pool and all does excite folks of all ages . The cafe having a wonderful set up of bright Edison type filament bulbs hanging all around in different colour’s giving it a super lit decored.The homely like space and nicely spacious divison’s to choose to sit right from the entrance to the end of the property ,and not to end it there ,an outdoor sitting under the beautiful sky can do magic of a time to be remembered.

So i ask you what more do you want from a cafe ? I guess cafes are leveled up these days and the cafe that i am talking about with all these special amenities and offerings is SOUL CAFE  addressed at 51, Syed Amir Ali Ave, Park Circus, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700019 (Very close to QUEST MALL). I was invited for a bloggers meet along with my fellow bloggers and on reaching here ,the greeting and pleasing nature of Kritika the owner along with her husband Abhishek has been a gracious act .Kritika is not any new face in the food industry as she had started her food love journey with a home delivery service from south city residential catering to 1500 plus families and now has set up her long dream of a Cafe . Apart from food there are many other fields she and her husband have touched in to progress mode. I was really very happy to meet and know more about Soul Cafe and its history as well as its’s future endeavour.

Soul cafe is one of those places which definitely has that wow factor in it from the very moment you step in .The place is having a good strength of work force who are very hospitable and helpful. I loved the wonderful wood pattern designs all over the side walls and it mostly speaks in beige and brown colour. Overall very much impressive with its whole interiors and humble hospitality. So now lets get moving to the food and rest of the experience in detail here-


 There were three drinks served which were MASALA MANTRA,SHIRLEY TEMPLE MINT JULEP. The masala mantra was a drink that had a spice zing to its making. The drink had a nice combination of ingredients that went well together ,and when i say spicy does not mean that it’s extremely spicy. Its the comfort level spice that is present in the drink. I personally loved it and its a big hit here among the regulars. It was served in a nice cocktail glass with a dressing of chillis on the rim.

The next one which was shirley temple had a three flavour mix of  a drink that was orange,pineapple and fresh lime. The drink was made right up to the rim with a colourful outlook of it served in a cooler style glass. It also had a scoop of ice cream on top and was well presented along with lemon dressing on the rim and had a umbrella straw making it look very vibrant as a drink.

The last drink ,mint julep was my favourite among all the drinks of course as i am fond of mint based candies to get a fresh feeling . The drink was served in a dazzling wine glass and had a blue and green identity making it look gorgeous. The drink had mint leaves infused in it and had a pouring of mint flavour and soda . Tasted really fantastic and it is indeed worth a try to have something like this here.


Started with three choices as a starter which were CHICKEN CRISPERS,DRUNKEN SHRIMPS and STUFFED MISHROOMS WITH PESTO AND CHEESE. The chicken starter had fillet pieces fried in a spicy mix of green sauce and served ready when turned light brown and crispy.The chicken crispers had a nice flavour of spice and deliciousness as it really has the crisp and soft meat portion inside very well done. It is served along with a dip in a long tray .

The drunken shrimps dish was  served in a cocktail glass and was made fried in drizzles of whiskey . I could not have it as i am allergic to shrimps but this dish looked ravishingly good. So i guess that’s my bad ,nevertheless moving on.

The last of the starters was a veg one and i initially refused to try something of a veg item but Kritika insisted to try it out as it is something different and it’s another hit dish in the menu. So without any delay a green signal was given to get the mushroom dish.When it arrived it was looking absolutely mouthwatering . It came on a tray with 6 balls shaped similar to any fried snack but had a stuffing of cheese,mushroom and pesto sauce in it. Also there is a dressing of cheese and pesto sauce from the top as well.This tasted simply so good in fact it will give the non veg selections a run for their money.

After this,four more dishes were chosen as a  main course which were SCOTTISH EGGS,PAN SEARED FISH IN MANDARIN SAUCE,GRILLED CHICKEN RANCH CHICKEN BURGER. The Scottish eggs was an interesting dish over here as it is well loved by all whoever visits this cafe. The dish is prepared with a boiled egg stuffed inside a mince of chicken sausage and deep fried coated with bread or biscuit crumbs.The dish was so nice that it called for a second round of eat .It was served in a black tray and is pleasantly more enjoyable when it’s hot and goes well with the chilli dip it has along .

After that the fish dish was something new to me and it was yummy i must admit .It had a nice lemon flavour to it ,thanks to the white wine reduction and mandarin sauce that did the job well on the top of the fish pieces ,that was pan seared.It was presented on a tray along with a dressing of cut lemon slices that was eye catchy and attractive.

Moving on to the third dish which was a chicken dish,made with such a nice flavour on indulgence ,and it was spreading an enticing aroma with its presence on the table.Served along with potato mash and veggies this dish was exceptionally good.

And so finally last of the dish which was the burger one,had a nice patty of chicken in it made along with ranch dressing,cheese and veggies like onions and salads. This was served along with a portion of french fries and tomato ketchup. This was so promising and kept up to it being amazing that i loved the taste of it which was not very spicy but spot on with the right amount of flavour balance.

After all of these beautiful eating here at SOUL CAFE ,a well spent evening can never be over unless a sweet ending happens.So the dessert for the evening was CHOCOLATE CIGAR which had 5 rolls shaped in a form of a cigar. It had nice liquid chocolate in it which was very nice with every bite taken.This was served along with a scoop of ice-cream on a tray. Simply sinful and wonderful this dessert is very addictive totally.

So this completes everything about Soul Cafe and it’s giving a joyful time to one and all,its really such a good place to have a remarkable experience of a kind. Looking forward to visit this place in sooner times ,till then you visit SOUL CAFE to feel great and tell me about it .

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