Banana Leaf Chain of South Indian restaurants in the city of joy under Rajesh Bala is a reason of double joy now as the newest location is spread open at P 264C, Hemanta Mukhopadhyay Sarani. Near Vivekananda Park, Southern Avenue, Kolkata . The newly opened one is very well set up with nice glass facade surrounding its exterior and interior look. Nice spacious seating arrangements of wooden make as always like its other outlets is seen here as well. The colour of green and white gives a pure vegetarian and Banana Leaf signature colour combination around. I love the feel and vibe here once you get in as its always one of those clean and hygienic friendly restaurants from where you want to have a good meal from. Not only that but the menu options are vast and very much in the variety zone . Anyone who loves South Indian cuisines must not miss this place as its a new one and has great potential to get the best food at your table.

When an invitation had come to visit this place to check out the SOUTH INDIAN THALI ,i was bang on for it,as Thali food always gets me going and to have an Authentic Thali is something which i always look up to. So on knowing about the Thali food here,at first i would like to share this information that it’s an unlimited kind of an affair of a Thali here and priced for 180 Rupees plus taxes as applicable. So sounds good to me as you get so many items on your plate and all taste amazingly so good from one another.

Over here in the Thali that you get are as follows :

PURI- Freshly made fluffy puris tastes amazing .

STEAM RICE – Finely cooked rice served in a bowl measured shape is perfect to have with all the items .

CURD – Pure curd tastes magical .

RAITA- Good flavour and went well with little rice and sambhar mix.

PAPAD – Full size papad is always super crispy and great on taste .

PICKLE – Regular pickle but more of a tang .

SAMBHAR – Excellently made with right flavour and spice balance making me take more refills of it.

KARAKUZUMBU – If you are the one who loves a bit spice and a hot flavour dal version then this is right for you .

RASAM – Made very well with fine spices and tastes in the sense of a version of Tamarind water.

KUTTU – A curry based dish of a dal made very tasteful and was going well with the rice.

PORIAL – Cabbage chopped and cooked along with chillies and special ingredients this one turned to be awesome.

KESARI – The sweet dish made with Semolina which everyone loves is also a part of the thali and as usual simply fantastic when eaten hot.

The THALI menu simply has all this to satisfy your hunger cravings in the city for South Cuisine.It’s available everyday from 12 to 3 pm and 7 to 9:30 pm,so hop in during this time to avail this and not only just for the THALI but Banana Leaf has other eating options as well like Idlis.Dosas,Vadas,Uttapams and various South choices of eat . The beauty of the place spotlights the Authenticity of South food here and is always going to be like that . Give this place a try and you might end up coming back here again and again as well as recommend it .


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