All the good things happen as i believe accidently or unexpectedly in my case most of the times .And the recent unexpectedly good thing that happened was a visit to BURNT GARLIC BAR & KITCHEN which is located in the ground floor of the very old and famous Priya Cinema building in Rashbehari avenue beside Deshapriya park . The place has a well planned interior decor installed right from the entrance with everything in place from the hanging table lamps to the wall embroidery frames all very well set . The area is divided in two sections up and down to sit and chill, of which i like the down section as it has some really good feel to be here ,thanks to the rolling pins hanging around from the top that acts as an unique divider.The lovely collection of music adds on to the advantages here and so is the not so bright not so dark lights that gives this place a eye comfortable atmosphere.

My visit over here happened to be on the credits of Riti of First Idea Pr and Gavin of Burnt garlic management .And it was an delightful visit with everything on point under the guidance and care of Gavin here .The service and hospitality was very nice and prompt by the staff also.

So now let me share my food and drinks encounter here :



At first tried two drinks which were Mocktail based ,one was GUAVA CHILLI and one was BLUE COCONUT . The blue Coconut was a mix of blue curacao and coconut that tasted absolutely wonderful and was right on presentation, as well as had a nice portion of glass fill. The Guava chilli was made very nice and was special on flavour . The presentation looked very appealing and it too had a nice portion right up the rim. Apart from this there were Cocktails which i had not tried but were simply looking gorgeous .


Moving on, the food part here is a continental affair at most however a bit of oriental does have special appearances .So the first two dishes that came was a salad based . One was a CAESAR SALAD and another was SAVOUR IT.  The Caesar salad was loaded with Burnt Garlic,Olives and Cherry Tomato and was dressed from the top with Honey Mustard . The special part of this salad was Nachos in it as a twist that was needed to be different from the regular Caesar salads and it actually went off well. Also the other salad which was Savour it had a iceberg and aragula mixture,orange dressing ,jalapaeno and sugar ingredients in it that was really good to indulge in. After the salads came two soups and the first one that came was BROCCOLI and SPINACH SOUP which had a nice taste of Broccoli and spinach in it . Presented nicely on a soup bowl and dressed with creme food art on top this one was a hit . The other soup that came was CREAM OF MUSHROOM that had an intense flavour of mushroom and looked brown in colour. Well presented and its good to have it listed in the menu here. After this, the moment for starters and nibbles at the table was in line . And the first one that came was MUSHROOM SALT AND PEPPER which was a crunchy one and surely well balanced as a starter. Next came CORIANDER CHICKEN and FISH IN THAI CHILLI SAUCE. Loved both of them and its very well recommended to go through these .

After the starters and nibbles the PASTA,PIZZA,BURGERS took control at the table .The Pasta was PRAWN WITH SPAGHETTI IN CORRIANDER SAUCE . It was a very good flavour balance enticed in the spaghetti and it was really very enjoyable to feast upon. The Pizza for the day was a nice one having a thin crust and also was quiet big in size known as the LAMB BOLOGNAISE, PAPRIKA PIZZA WITH TRIO BELL PEPPER,JALAPENO AND OLIVES . The Pizza had a very strong aroma once it landed on the table and was very well made with a generous portion of stuffing on it . The BURGER was an OREGANO CHICKEN BURGER which was accompanied with some french fries and looked heavenly on the plate .


I started the main course spread with KUNG PAO CHICKEN AND THAI FRIED RICE and i loved the whole combination of the two as it was complimenting each other totally. Its perfectly made with great set of flavours and also has a good portion quantity wise . THE MUSHROOM DISH was an excellent presented one and so was the PORCHINI CHICKEN DISH. i completely loved the whole Continental affair of these new dishes i experienced. The last main course dish was the BHETKI DISH and it was so soft and absolutely lovely on taste. Just can’t forget the way it looked on the table with such colourful presentation around with veggies.


And finally two desserts to end it of here in the right note .One was the BLUEBERRY CHEESE CAKE and another was CARAMEL CAKE WITH HOT TOFFEE SAUCE. Both these desserts tasted marvelous but my heart goes for the Caramel one . Do try them out and its so nice and well presented that gives you joy indeed . With all this fabulous eating BURNT GARLIC isn’t the same again as you must have expereienced before as the whole Kitchen has come into action and the BAR is all stormed up to shoot out those massive moments to remember here.


Total Enjoyment !

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