Rang De Basanti Dhaba has been a very popular brand in the city of Kolkata since the time it had started it’s operations in the sector -5 area. I used to live in Saltlake some 6 years ago and over the years before and after i have seen everything changing in the restaurant circuit in and around very rapidly. Like other restaurants never did i know Rang De Basanti Dhaba would gift the city another outlet in the 4th floor of DIAMOND PLAZA MALL(NAGERBAZAR AREA) . I was invited here along with a few food bloggers for a new menu event and to be honest i was a bit sceptical to visit here as i was never been before impressed with Rang De Basanti Dhaba in the sector 5 outlet in particular.But coming to the Diamond Plaza Mall outlet seemed to be an awesome decision at my end .The reasons are plenty as we did get an exceptional hospitality from the professional management of RDBD and for me personally it was a complete change in the culinary specials .Talking more about the management everyone did their best to express their job role from the servers to the whole team did an excel job but its important for me to express my thanks to an extremely courteous and friendly Chef Mr.Siddharth Joardar who was there always graciously taking care and making sure we feasted very well to the satisfaction .The General Manager Rajdwip who made us comfortable and extended all the help to our need for the day .And ofcourse to the Pr. Santoshini who got us invited here on a welcoming note .

The Look and feel of interiors meet a desi with modern fusion decor here where you feel the Dhaba ambiance around you with milk can lamps above your head to the tractor standing still to greet you at the entrance.Everything on the wall is colourful ,quirky and framed with quotes for fun and mostly the use of yellow shade dominates this place and it’s just lovely i must say in an overall aspect.The seating arrangements here too is very well planned and good enough to accomodate heads in good numbers ,so you need not worry to get a table in the minimum time possible.


After getting to know the outlook and the in look feel, its time as we were here for the new menu specials ,so lets get into the food take one by one –

At first the welcome drink had arrived which was TADKE WALI CHANCH that turned out to be an extremely new drink to me as i have had Chanch before but Tadke special touch to it was something very innovative. Loved the combination of yogurt along with special flavours added to it .Next came two starters of which one was PHAGWARE KA MURG ,a fried chicken in punjabi style having a clear balance of aromatic flavours and juicy tender pieces of chicken. Served along with a chutney dip and some sliced salad  was pure delicious. The other starter was an veg one called MOONG DAL KI PHILLORI  which had quite a lot of small round shaped moong dal pakora type shape balls served in a Papad folded culinary skill style.And this was also served along with a chutney dip and a portion of sliced salad .It tasted very nice and hot ,a bit spicy too but enjoyable in general.

After the starters came the main course eating here. The main course began with of course nice Aerated drinks and green salads placed on the table.The very first dish to arrive was VEG MASALA PULAO having a colour identity of yellow this dish simply looked delicious and tasted absolutely lovely. I loved the presentation of it with tomato slices and fried onions topped on it. Also three different types of rotis were there which were BUTTER NAAN ,TANDOORI ROTI and BUTTER TANDOORI ROTI. All of the rotis were nice and soft and had a good spread of size and were quite filling portion wise. So after the rice and rotis arrived ,there were four side dishes to go along together and trust me i could literally remember the full lit smile on my face on seeing all of them arrive at our table together.That was some fast service by RDBD and it was a good feeling imust admit. So with knowing that the first dish which i tried both with rice and roti was DAAL ANGARA and if i could simply call myself a vegetarian for a day then this is the dish i would always prefer to be served to me as it was this good that i was totally impressed with the flavour balance although a bit spicy but very much needed to release the flavour ingredients. Definite yes this dish deserves at my end.The next one which i selected was PANEER LABABDAR and it had a very strong masala flavour with nice portions of Paneer cubes loaded. I personally liked this with the naan . A very  good vegetarian side dish this was indeed.So after those two it was time for the non-veg dishes which were RAILWAY MUTTON CURRY and METHI CHICKEN .The Railway Mutton curry was a dish to remember for sometime at least as it was so powered with intense flavours and so soft and juicy the meat intact was.Loved the dish and especially the well presented outlook making it jaw dropping for everyone to go through this one.Have this with Naan and rice in small bowls with the meat and gravy loaded then you will get the taste perfect as directed by the Chef.The Methi Chicken was a dish prepared with Fenugreek and it was a nice dish made and i liked the pieces of Chicken in it which was stuffed right till the bottom of the dish bowl .However the Mutton Curry gave me no choice to choose anything else but just it as it created a fonder .

Well finally after all this massive eating the dessert of the day was SHAHI TUKRA and the very first bite i took from it i could get a nice sweet flavour balance which simply overjoyed me . Super good of a sweet dish this one was for ending a memorable meal anytime here.

With that full course of eating from the New Menu Specials here at RANG DE BASANTI DHABA(DIAMOND MALL OUTLET) which turned out to be simply spellbound and it’s definitely a high on recommendation at my end to feast the new menu ,as i believe where food is served with love and worth the value,it is for sure the place to be in it .

Take Note :

Another new outlet of RDBD is opening up shortly in the city so hang on till then.

Enjoy !

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