So a day had come for me recently to visit the new outlet of Genuine Broaster Chicken in Saltlake,Sector-5,Kolkata,India. And it was a joy to be there ,all thanks to Ramya for the invitation .First of all to let you know the location which is very easy to spot as its in the most prominent place in Sector – 5 which is Ps Srijan Park just beside Rdb multiplex.Once you come here you will feel you have entered a very interesting place very different than the regular cool places in town. The moment i saw this place from a distance i had a big happy face as it was situated out of all the noise and rush to a fine atmosphere surrounding with blowing winds almost all the time outside. The Broaster Chicken Outlet here is under the good care and guidance of the Chef ,the manager with the whole staff and of course the involvement of the Owner which creates a difference of hard work shown to justify hospitality at it’s best . I had a great interaction with the management and i was impressed with the kind of moves they are taking to give customers quality,quantity and comfort all in all here like introducing buffet menus on weekends etc. The kind of a place experience you will get here is no less than any American fast food outlet in the city and has a input of Indian and American fusion food available in the menu also. But what keeps them ahead from others is the experimental of decor here and of course the food hits the right spots which i shall talk about later in a short brief ahead. So getting back to the ambiance talk the place has two sections ,one is down as you enter which has a view of the out happenings through the glass facade and one is up where the Bar is live with dim lights to enjoy live visual projections of matches,music etc .The selection of music does set the mood pitch perfect over here to add on .You will find lovely sitting arrangement of wooden make tables and chairs in small to big over here in both the sections. The walls  are nicely framed with catchy lines and quotes. Loved the baseball hats customized as light lamps above the tables and area ,that is a masterpiece of creativity i must say.

So with knowing that ,now lets finally get into the menu offerings here that i encountered . At first came the CHULBUL SODA which was a soda cola drink with a masala touch to it. Tasted best when chilled so a bit of advice to everyone don’t let your glass wait too long on the table when served as the punch of flavour combination departs . The presentation just takes this to drink to another level as its served in a crafted glass bottle which is the unusual kind .Next drink came was the most talked about invented drink available here. It was the PALANG TOD which is a drink to remember and recommend for sure. As the drink was an attention gainer for its prepare way . The drink was made with a full red bull energy drink poured half in a beer mug and to slowly drop the Palang Tod effect of caffeine concentrate . Once done watch the drink froth rise above the brim of the beer glass reminding you your drink is ready to have. Clear recommendation at my end on this one so go for it.


Moving on came the FRIED CHICKEN PLATTER which was about three varients of fried Chicken to feast . You get two pieces each of The Legendary Broaster Chicken,Happy Fried Chicken and Hot Masala chicken in the platter along with three flavoured dips which is Curry Mango, Cheesy Jalapeno and Thai Sweet Chilli. Overall i would say this Platter is a nice combination of everything in it ,and it has something for everybody .Not a bad deal to go for this one . After that came the big daddy doubled layered burger called the THE GREAT KHALI which was a power stuffed burger having a nice big piece of hot masala fried Chicken and a Chicken patty in between a burger bun and served along with a dip and some good portion of french fries, this one is enough for your hunger management . The next dish that came had a unique concept i never heard before anywhere. The dish was GHOTALA BIRYANI ITALIAN which was a dish to amaze you for sure with its strong fusion way of Biryani using Italian spices and sauces along with minced Chicken pieces all over generous on the plate and presented with two Appalam Papads. Had a lovely time having this one although could not go through it all as i was already stuffed with the other offerings before,nevertheless the next time i will get my hands on this one right at the start and feel less guilty of my deeds .

Ok after all the big eating it was time for the final countdown before an exit to this place ,and no prizes for guessing it was the dessert choices coming at the table. Even though i was stuffed i made some adjustments to go through the desserts and i did the right thing i feel as the two desserts that came were WALNUT BROWNIE WITH A VANILLA SCOOP OF ICE-CREAM and CHOCOLATE SAMOSA WITH A MANGO SCOOP OF ICE-CREAM. Can it get any better to end your full meal eating with these two magical sweet eats. No for sure, as i loved the Walnut brownie and it’s the best Brownie i have had till date and i can say that with full confidence for it to be soft,fresh and well presented .And about the signature mango samosa here,well it had definitely an impact for being crispy and loaded with chocolate pouring out with every bite . Both have their own richness but my vote goes for the Brownie if you ask me.

So thats pretty much about the GENUINE BROASTER CHICKEN OUTLET IN SECTOR-5 ,KOLKATA. I am very happy that i experienced its magnificient specialities and it gives me immense pleasure to recommend it to my near and dear ones .

Thank you ,had a beautiful time , BROASTER CHICKEN !

Carry on the great work.

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Signing off 

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