It was 19th March 2017 ,a Sunday morning and a day ready for a Bloggers meet cum Food hunt organised by Malaysian Palm Oil Council (India) represented by Bhavna Shah for a very special reason which was a celebration of completing 100 years of work dedication and existence to promote and share awareness of  Palm Oil everywhere possible around the Globe. Indeed that is such a big achievement for any big firm/organisation and definitely gives a picture perfect reality that touching 100 years isn’t easy and only the ones who can do it are the ones with a successful and objective motive in life . MPOC till yesterday was not known to me ,untill this meet happened and i was enlightened about the works of MPOC all over the world and their prime objective which was PALM OIL awareness drive. Thanks to Priyanka for the invite which made my entry possible here with  a big smile and it was such a learning experience and opportunity to get some brain building about PALM OIL.

At first to start everybody assembled at BARBEQUE NATION ,PARK STREET LOCATION Restaurant and was nicely introduced to the Team of MPOC ,then on further interaction with well known and budding Bloggers of Kolkata the session was lead by Bhavna Shah  who gave an interesting take on the benefits of Palm oil,the industry works,the misconceptions and wrong allegations against the trade growth and cultivation of Palm production in Malaysia . The Ngo’s and Media’s role in spreading an unaccounted and wrong side of the industry without any proper investigation and report. The natural habitat destruction and blame game of being responsible always being on the trending news for everything was explained clear with ease truthfully.

The impact of the briefing gave me many aspects and positive reasons to share the benefits and valuable information of PALM OIL .However for better understanding you may check the link here of the official website of MPOC :

Some of the quick facts and information i got to know about Palm oil are  :

1) Palm oil is derived from the flesh of the fruit of the oil palm species E. Guineensis.

2) In its virgin form, the oil is bright orange-red due to the high content of carotene.

3) Palm oil is semi-solid at room temperature; a characteristic brought about by its approx. 50 percent saturation level .

4)  Palm oil has good resistance to oxidation and heat at prolonged elevated temperatures; hence, making palm oil an ideal ingredient in frying oil blends.

5) The oil palm produces two types of oils which is crude palm oil (CPO) from the fibrous mesocarp which is mostly used in main stream cooking as well as packed food products.And crude palm kernel oil (CPKO) from the kernels which is usually used in toiletries and as fuel use.

6) Crude Palm Oil is the richest natural source of Tocotrienols which means boost of Vitamin E enriched.

7) Palm oil being a vegetable oil ,it is cholesterol-free and good for the heart .

8) The digestion process after consumption is very much comforting compared to other vegetable oils.

9) It is rich in Vitamin A  and has a good richness of calories.

10) It is an affordable oil in the market and it is present in almost every product or food you use in day to day lives ,but you are not aware of its nutrition value and its ignored most of the times thus an awareness drive opens an eye to all.

The Kolkata Bloggers turn out .

Well after getting to know so much about PALM OIL ,now it’s time to talk about the Fun activities which was set up for all the Bloggers by MPOC and Six Sigma. At first we were divided in 5 groups of 7 members each and told that there will be a quiz competition and we needed to find out the location by getting our clue card like the way food hunts are usually done. And as we got the green signal to go i could relate to some marathon race happening on the streets of Park Street in search of the clue headed restaurant.On discovery the first destination was MOCAMBO and on reaching here every group had to solve a quiz sheet provided in the earliest and on doing so you get the next clue to proceed ahead.

After completing the quiz the next clue directed to OASIS where they had the competition of blind fold dish tasting and guessing the ingredient used to make the dish. All the team members were blind folded and had sampled the dish spoon fed with help.After doing that everyone had to note down the ingredients as soon as possible and reach the next destination with the help of the clue card. Special mention goes for the Mannequin challenge in between all these activities which created a moment of freeze .

Once the blind food tasting ended the next clue was a bit tricky to locate in confusion but with full confidence somehow tracing we landed at TRINCAS BANQUET HALL. And on reaching here there was a salad making competition happening here of which every team had to present a salad in the shortest time which was judged by the Chef of Trincas .Every competition had points and advantages of first arrival and first to complete.

Once that competition was over ,a long walk back to BARBEQUE NATION had us all thirsty and tired. But guess what it did not end there as after all the members of all the groups reached back we had a final competition of Dart game going to happen. And every single member had a chance to score some points to upraise their chance of winning overall .So after everyone gave a try finally tabulation of points from the very first competition till the end ,the lucky winning group got pampered with goodies which made us all jealous or maybe you can say we were prepared to kidnap the winners and run with their goodie bags. .Jokes apart this was a very interesting and fun time to be a part of.

So after all this happened we were given some cool props to pose and get clicked with which was funny and at the same time worth of moments to cherish in this whole day of a experience. Can this ever happen that Food Bloggers are called and we don’t get treated big ? Ofcourse not and MPOC arranged for us a big spread buffet involving Kebabs,mocktails,main course food and yes the dessert to end it on the sweetest note.

Thanks to Malaysian Palm Oil Council for providing this opportunity to know everything so unknown to us and for the amazing entire day very well spent so organised and now just to end this blog here i would only say 100 years has given MPOC wings to fly greater milestones in the years to come till then wish you the best TEAM MPOC.