Where do you go when you want to have something to be made fast,tasty having nutritious value as a complete meal filling ? Well there are many such places to hop in for great food here in Kolkata and a lot of start up restaurants as well as creative healthy and tasty custom food eating places have emerged successfully giving a nicer choice in the food scene here. One such place which is climbing that stairs of recognition is WOKAHOLIC which is a speciality feel good restaurant having the main aspect of cooking Oriental cuisines the Wok way which has the flavour enrich inside the food the right way for the best experience. Wokaholic is situated in 8/1, Doctor UN Brahmachari Street, Loudon Street, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017 which is not so difficult to locate once you are in Loudon Street. The Place is owned by a few young lads and among them i got introduced to Srivar along with my fellow food bloggers and i must admit he took great care along with his work force and has patience at its best for the kind of eaters we are .

The place sets a a very smart vibe right from the display board out to the interior works inside all look very sorted and just so right . Loved the wooden tables and chairs arranged very well keeping ample space from one another . The kitchen is an open glass one so you get to actually see your food been cooked under speciality chefs which looks very exciting to see and makes you get struck by the cooking and it’s aroma in the air .The hospitality is based mostly on self comfort service than dine in types which is a trend among youth crowd of college goers and office folks too as many prefer this service kind of eating places these days and its a hit i tell you .

Now lets get straight to the Food and it’s impression on me :

We were appetized with the starters at first which were from the Veg choices such as CREAM CHEESE RANGOON which was a cheese fill fried in a crispy puff shape outer layer . It tasted very nice especially with that sweet dip served along in a Bento box.Next was VIETNAMESE GRILLED EGG PLANT which was a Brinjal grilled and roasted dish made along with veggies like onions, green chillies than loaded with red spice along with a good portion of split open peanuts on the top.On taste this was pretty good from my first bite and on my second take it was actually tasting better in the course ahead .Then after this the WOK FIERY PANEER was brought to the table , so let me caution you about this dish well it ain’t any regular Paneer dish you had before . Its a spice eaters full value to indulge in this one for sure. This dish has small chopped square sixed paneer made with red spices and loaded in a great quantity in a Bento box . Its fiery totally and enjoyable too at the same time ,its a must try if you are on for hot stuffs . Moving on the SPINACH CORN AND CHEESE DUMPLINGS  was a instant veggie dumpling stuffed with tasty minced spinach and spices served in a Bento box surely making it an relishing eat in the veg selection.

Next the Non-veg starters arrived which was at first the KATSU CHICKEN  having 5 nice sliced lemon flavoured Chicken pieces fried to perfection to taste lip smacking . A must have from the Non-veg starters. Then there was the  HONEY SESAME CHICKEN  which had a whole lot of strip cut chicken served in a Bento box made with honey and sprinkle of spice with sesame seeds making me go on and on to polish this one till the end . After that the CHICKEN SATAY  had come which was a skewer grilled chicken with juicy meat in an identity colour of green served along with peanut sauce. This was a lovely affair even without dipping the sauce.Last from the Non-veg starters came the CHICKEN SUI MAI as being a dumpling the Shumai was a delicious one with stuffing of minced Chicken making right flavour balance and having a presentation with cut tomato chunks which looked and tasted wonderful indeed.

So meanwhile having these starters ,Srivar came and told us that they had WOK boxes to go through after this which meant a meal alert to me coming up. So to make things easy we settled our food with a number of refills of aerated soda drinks and took some time but did not leave the feast midway . Well let talk further now ,so there were 3 types of make as you like Wok boxes and every single order had a sheet along to tick exactly the way you want to improvise and define it with your choice of sauce,add ons ,meat /veg selection,rice/noodle and everything else as easy as a breeze .That is super cool ,you get the power to decide what you like in your wok box  totally like we did below so check it out :

A) Brown rice in Aromatic Thai herb, chicken, shrimps, mushrooms, babycorn.

It was an exceptionally new kind of a make having brown rice which made the dish a bit not so very tasteful but it was the most nutritious eat over here tried with ample filling of Chicken ,Thai herb mixed generous ,Shrimps,Mushroom and babycorn stuffed totally very stomach full and a healthy eat really .

B) Egg Noodles in Tom Yum Sauce, Chicken, shrimps, zucchini, bell peppers, mushrooms, diced onions, fried garlic.

This box was extremely tasty and so very well made ,i probably would order this in my next visit too and many more future visits too. It had noodles with Eggs ,chicken slices,others ingredients as ticked in the sheet and having Tom Yum Sauce as the main taste maker was a complete on point balance of flavour and it had an wholesome filling indeed was a great feeling . A must recommended eat over here if you love the combinations as mentioned or else you may try your own too it wont let you down.DSC08801

C) Flat noodles in Massaman Sauce, chicken, shrimps, bell peppers, mushrooms, spring onions, fried garlic.

So finally this was the last of the Wok box selected ones and it turned out to be good as it had the rolled up flat noodles loaded cooked in Massaman sauce with Chicken slices and other mentioned ingredients giving it a power packed taste. I must mention that the quantity of this is right till the top of the box which surely is a big affair to go through making it a recommended eat here .

So the Wok boxes did impress up with pleasure and i am at this conclusion point that Wokaholic is exceptionally doing great and it has it to be in the trending places for the folks of Kolkata as the value and the craze of yummy food is on top .


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