On a sunday noon nothing can get better than visiting Bombay Brasserie ,on the 5th floor of Quest Mall ,Kolkata like i did.Ok so if you ask why is that so ? Well then let me tell you it has all the reasons to make you do so with its Signature Canteen menu which holds such a well selected and hand picked dishes from across the most popular canteens in India .The canteen dishes are selected from the menu of canteens like  Film Studio Canteen of Bombay, Bombay City Canteen, Old Madras Street Canteen, Punjab University Canteen, Jimmy’s Canteen, Patil House Canteen, Purani Dill, Ali Tikkawala and many more. The interesting part of these famous places and their canteen menu are that it excels from one another and it has no competition in the restaurant scene in terms of its food varieties which is a exceptionally wonderful and new to indulge in . Kolkata also has its very famous canteens spread all over the city and it has its own share of presence in the city so that is one reason why it is included in the other restaurant branches out of the city only just to make other city canteen menu options available here for the experience of a difference.

Bombay Brasserie took me down memory lane as it had a different feeling once you see food placed on a steel tiffin carrier and everything around that instantly transports you to a revival of old fond times with a little difference of comfort under the ac and luxury of eating in a huge place .Yes so talking about the place i would totally like to mention the whole outlook takes the spotlight with its well established lighting fixed inside cages which is above every table . The seating arrangements is very well organised giving every kind of customer a choice to either settle in the outdoor seating or else in the two divided comfort dining zone ,one next to the entrance with tables and chairs of wooden make spread out and the other which is similar of a sitting but with back rest cushioned seating . The service and management is very nice however just of my notice the servers are sometimes not aware of the dishes they serve which is a bit confusing to understand what puzzles them at their job ? Nevertheless the food is a major hit here which totally is the biggest reason for food trips here.

The Canteen menu is running here from Monday to Friday  at 12pm to 3:30 pm which is available for Veg RS.525 plus taxes per person and for Non-veg at RS.575 plus taxes person person making it a friendly buffet affair of something new to try .

The food menu had starters/appetizers snacks and main course food as well as desserts like :

The first item was the Bawa veg cutlet which was a pea stuffed cutlet being soft inside and crisp in the outer portion had made it very lovable to eat.Then there was Aloo Keema Tikki which was a nice mix of Potato and Keema in a little spicy flavour but awesome on taste.Further then the Mumbai Vada Pao came which was a street eat dish on the table which had  a vada stuffing inside two nice soft bread . On taste it was just decent may be because it was kept a little more than normal serving time otherwise it’s not so dissapointing to eat.The last of the munchies was the Farcha which was a fried pakora type of a dish stuffed with chicken inside it and deliciously yummy outside too with a thick crispy light brown colour.I ate all of these in a repeat mode as they were very enjoyable to feast upon.


For the heavy course there was Chennai Street Paneer  which was an excellent dish  as the taste and thickness of the gravy was very yummy as well as tangy .loved it totally.Next was the Curry Leaf Fish  which was a dish that had a great blend of curry leaves and spicy flavour and was loaded with pieces of soft and juicy cut fish. The dish had a red colour identity and looked very tempting to eat.Then there was Dal,Butter Naan as well as Plain Naan which was a great combination to mix and eat along with the side dishes. ok so after these came the two main highlight food of the day which was Chicken Biryani and Salli Chicken both had an incredible presentation firstly the Salli Chicken had been presented in a tiffin carrier all in a red and orange  flavour balanced colour . Also giving an inviting aroma to the taste buds this was brilliant and i usually get seldom of an opportunity to try Parsi cuisines and after this one surely it ignites the fire in me to have a go at more of its cuisines. Next The biryani over here tastes a bit different from the regular biryani you get as this one has a south touch of flavours and aroma too.Well presented in a huge tray this one is a sure tray of happiness .

Before the food was over at the table an dessert alert came from the kitchen which was going to end our day the most sweetest way and what was there for the desserts and coolers ? Well no prizes for guessing it was Gajar Ka Halwa at first which surely rocked the table with its sweetness and warm make.I loved the feeling of having it with every bite.Next came Trifle Pudding which looked very eye catching with its presentation in a glass tea cup loaded inside with jelly ,cake and custard with dry fruits . Yummy is the word to describe it the best ,a must have indeed. Lastly the common ice cream bars came and also a lemon  jaljeera cooler which was very nicely made that had a very refreshing taste .

With all that said ,a beautiful Canteen menu ended at Bombay Brasserie,Kolkata,.

Thanks ! to FIRST IDEA PR for fixing up this commendable time and for everything else so good at the restaurant too. Will be here soon for another course of food action as the Canteen menu is calling me back again ,till then you can pay a visit to believe me ,won’t you ?.

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