The Irish House Pub in Kolkata precisely located at the 5th Floor, Quest Mall, 33, Syed Ali Amir Avenue, Ballygunge, Kolkata is one of those places for people like me who have always bookmarked it or you may say ignored it at times as i never had the reason to go thinking a lot of factors in mind ( Non-Alcoholic , Poor man etc.). But let me tell you that after reading this blog post you might change your mind like me and make it a point to give it a visit at least a few times at the beginning and surely get the hang of it .

Why and how am i telling all this is because of my recent visit to this  Irish feel Pub which happened very celebratory thanks to Atreya for organising  a special Blogger’s meet  .The place looks very super fine and attractive as even from a far distance if you are standing on the 5th floor this place is a head turner for sure and totally grabs the spotlight of the floor. Irish house separates itself from the not so casual pubs to a next level pub for all the right reasons as the city people never had an opportunity to get this kind of a pub before. When i say (This kind )means the most polished looking pub with such fine appealing and eye grabbing decor even outside it has that heavy wooden setup of doors which once pushed and  opened ,your heart will literally say welcome to another world .So with that in mind moving on ,inside there is a lot of quirky and catchy quotes all around which kind of cheers you up reading them .Along with that there is lot of wooden interiors ,and the complete outlook and arrangements has huge heavy tables and chairs  which justifies the Irish feel here indeed.The Swanky dressed bar placed in the center of the property looks mesmerizingly  decked up with glasses and designs of all sorts truely is the answers to all the problems in life for the alcohol loving folks indeed .Come feel good here is the tagline i would give this place for its pulsating music and ,for the ambiance overall  well i must say its on top point with the courteous service displayed by the entire team.

Now moving on let the FOOD AND DRINKS SPEAK one by one  –

A) DRUNKEN MUSHROOM BITES –  This was the very first dish placed on the table on a white tray plate and looked so well presented and attractive. The small round sized mushroom had an alcohol touch to it and topped with mini portions of cheese ,spinach and other flavours accompanied with flat thin bread. On taste this was fantastic and a must have here.dsc08531

B) MYO PASTA (PENNE WITH MIXED SAUCE & VEGETABLE) – Okay so here comes a pasta which has a nice flavour mix of different types of sauces and assorted with lot of cut veggies and served with a toast bread. The pasta has a short wide tube shape which is known a penne and is one of my favourite type of a pasta made as it looked very delicious with the colour of all the sauces garnished with it .On taste it had a great balance of all the sauces added in it and on quantity it was sufficient for a great appetizing fill.

C) HEADLESS CHICKEN PLATTER – This platter was a biggie here with a whole round tray loaded with four different types chicken specialities which was accompanied with a nice portion of french fries and two tasty dips and a little uncut salad veggies. The four types of Chicken you get are Chicken tenders,Chicken popcorn,Chicken fried wings and Chicken done in  BBQ sauce.The tenders came separately also as a dish and with this platter it was included too that was a double affair to feast on.It had a nice soft meaty taste and had a crispy and soft outer portion as well totally balanced neatly .The Chicken pop corn was amazing with it being nice and small yet turning a munch full delight big indeed.The Chicken fried wings had a nice tangy and yummy spices coated on them along with it being crisp.And finally the best among all was the Chicken in BBQ sauce which had been made so lovely with the  flavour and well cooked meat i just highly recommend this platter mostly for its variety overall after indulging in this platter.dsc08502


D) GRILLED COTTAGE CHEESE STEAK – Steak is such a fun eating dish that when its served you don’t just nibble but have a complete dig at it . Such are the cases when you have some food lovers in the house. And when the Cottage cheese steak arrived it was expected  to be over in a flash but it did not as a steak without meat is something no one probably desires i guess but not too long untill i had taken my first bite and it was heavenly so nice i ended having a big portion . The cottage cheese was perfectly grilled and loaded with a nice dressing veggie salad along on the plate.It was topped with a nice portion of white creamy sauce supposedly tasted like mustard not too sure though.Overall a wonderful dish to eat .

E) GRILLED FISH STEAKS –  This was  a dish of some fine class as it was the most loved meat of Bengal . A nice portion of fish was coated and marinated with lip smacking spices and grilled to perfection further loaded with a nice sauce coat on top and served along with potato mash and fried beans. This was so nice and tender in the mouth that it was finished in a jiffy . A good recommendation indeed pair with a great company over some drinks.

F) BEER CAN ROAST CHICKEN – This dish was such a soulful experience digging in . There was two nice and big pieces of chicken roasted in some fine Irish flavoured spice and gravy .Along with that some nice sliced potatoes and dressing veggies like carrots,brocolli ,and cucumber were roasted . Overall this dish was so tasty and at the same time it had a spicy affair.A must have for all the roast lovers out there indeed.


Ok so this was the food section encountered and as being an non-alcoholic i had a special mocktail ordered on my table and for the rest i got to cover some nice shots of the sparkling drinks  as my fellow bloggers had indulged in some of them so i can give you a lending taste view about it.

LITCHI APPLE DRINK – looked fabulous and was loaded with a dash of cut apples drowing down of the glass . The taste of litchi was marvelous and such strong and pure flavours were used stook the mocktail to another level . A must have if you love mocktails and on a no drinking period.

Moving on there was 4 eye catching cocktails which were Kaffir Lime Mojito that looked elegant in a green colour mix of Bacardi spirit,kaffir leaves placed at the bottom to top edges and had a nice lemon punch. My folks were looking impressed with the drink .Well next was Caiprioska which had a nice small glass had watermelon flavour,lime ,vodka splash and some nice minty taste.This drink was something new to see of  a kind and prepared so smart.Then came the Moulin rouge which had everyone asking for more as it was a stunner of a drink in a nice martini glass it was flavour mixed  with Pomegranate and vodka .I saw the glasses empty in a nice quality time taken considering it to be a enjoyable drink . Last came the Green goblet which was served in a big round shaped glass having all the straws popping out for 3 to 4 people to drink atleast . It had a green colour identity with its mixed flavours and had everyone hooked on to it anxiously.

             And that was the specials in the menu experienced and we had a incredible fun and worth time at THE IRISH HOUSE, KOLKATA and surely without any doubt its very much recommended for the folks who want to indulge and feel amazing ,so then reach here and you will agree with me on that sooner or later.Ok now before leaving it was not over untill a sweet eat had arrived on our table DUAL CHOCOLATE TORTE and that was the dessert which was yummy and is a star dessert of this place. Thanks to the management for the whole service extended and looking forward for greater times ahead here so till then YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE .
Kudos !!


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