First Flush Boutique Cafe located at 21/2 , Gariahat Road, Gariahat, Kolkata is the kind of place you would want to visit for a cup of specially first plucked unfiltered and purist form of tea leaves from the gardens of Darjeeling. Not only that as apart from its identity of a Tea boutique, it also has a great menu lined up for snacking as well as for a complete belly satisfaction indeed . As its a new form of a cafe in the city it has its own charm in the category of places to visit for folks of all ages .The most interesting thing of this place is surely the calm and homely feel you get inside this cafe as according to the owners and management it does not focus much of a business clustered sitting arrangement but more of a relaxed and home style affair with sofas ,wooden chairs and glass tables comfortably surrounding spaciously with sitting for roughly 25 people at least .

Now Talking about the interiors works here it is nothing extraordinary yet very eye appealing as there is a lot of Hilly region clicks and frames hung up as well as many tea leaves glass jars stocked up in the section attached up on the surrounding walls.Also lot of show pieces of mini steam engines,tea pots and many more decorative items clearly gave this place such a beautiful mini North Bengal vibe here.Moving ahead there is a Tv and many other garments,jewellery items stocked up for sale being a boutique cafe in the entrance ,so if anyone seems interested can have a look too.

The owners and staff here are extremely very warm and welcoming to the guests which sets a very balanced and positive feel free overall thus setting a very good gesture showing the genuine approach of running a Food Cafe/Tea Boutique with a difference.The food options here are mostly Continental and Finger Foods which adds a very good pair to the lovely cup of fresh Tea . The Tea and Food menu items which was tried over here simply had its own character which is short briefed one by one here –

RUBY TEA FROM ARYA DARJEELING TEA GARDEN :  The Tea came in a nice tea trolley  with a few glass cups and saucers and also the glass Tea pot later filled with fresh first plucked ruby tea leaves soaked inside a portion of steaming hot water.Also a sand timer was given for a indication on the sand drop finishing from top to bottom which is supposedly to be the perfect time for pouring the Tea as then the real flavour comes out very effortlessly. Well on having a cup of Ruby tea here seemed very lovely for me as i felt so relaxed and fresh .I just loved the whole concept of making Tea such a memorable and perfect spotlight in a cafe .


CHICKEN LOLLYPOP : The Lollypop is a common finger food /starter almost every single place you go these days . Over here they have this in the menu cause its not a regular Chicken Lollypop you get to eat but pretty huge sizes than a regular one. They come in a nice plate and really tastes well over a cup of Tea. Very well a clear complete value is what you get indulging in these Chicken lollypops as you get four pieces to lip smack it.dsc08458

FISH FINGER : Nice six pieces of fish fried to munch on along with creamy tartar sauce adds on to the magic of relishing this one.It is served on a plate with salad which really tastes yummy and its a must recommended eat here.dsc08466

BACON CHEESE BOMBS :  This was a dish something i had never had before and its very much an interesting one. This had Bacon wrapped outside a liquid cheesy bomb.It was really very delicious and one plate will be repeated for sure if you are a Bacon and Cheese crazy lover.dsc08464

BASIL CHICKEN SKEWERS :  Skewer centered Grilled pieces of Chicken flavoured and marinated with Basil mint leaves paste had an really strong taste as every portion of meat was nice with roughness outside and soft juicy inside just the way it should be. This dish is served along with a Red hot sauce on a nice plate. The perfect dish to order any and every time you visit this place.dsc08462

CHICKEN BURGER : The Burger was a stunner here as it looked so gorgeous on the plate i couldn’t stop staring at it .The filling of the Chicken Burger had a nice meaty portion of Chicken and regular burger veggie dressing such as onions,tomatoes,lettuce dripped with mayo and cheese slices and served along with french fries and a sauce dip just took it to another level totally unexpected from First Flush Cafe .I loved it on taste,presentation and freshness everything so right,Kudos!! .


EGG AND MAYO SANDWICH :  So this was a freshly made sandwich with stuffing of egg inside and mixed with a nice portion of mayo layered inside also served along with crispy chips and a small portion of sauce.On taste this was very promising and lived the hype.dsc08478

That was the last item from the set menu and it was really an interesting and enjoyable experience of  a kind at FIRST FLUSH CAFE. Thanks ! to the management for being so courteous and giving a time to remember and of course lastly before leaving presenting a special cake was very kind . With all that one can definitely feel and say truly that First Flush has it large ahead in the crowd of Cafes in the city .



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