Its been quite sometime from now that i had indulged in some Aloo parantha as well as a glass full of yummy lassi ,but hang on as lately,i had surprisingly got invited for a food festival involving PARANTHA’S AND LASSI’S when i was indeed craving for them in some sort of a way and luckily the best part is that i got a double treat of the festival with a variety of Parantha’s and lassi’s which is not just the common ones you come across but the special ones. Sounds good isn’t it ? Well yes it does as the festival which i am talking about is organised by PIND PUNJABI DHABA which is in 68/1, Bangur Avenue, Near Reliance Fresh, Block B, Bangur, Kolkata , a very easy location to find if you are familiar with Bangur bus stop .

Well the restaurant is spread open from 12pm till late midnight for take away,delivery and casual dine in as well which is an good advantage for people living nearby as well as for the ones who desire to travel for good food a easy accessible distance .Now coming to the look and feel of the place i must say that this place looks very nice,compact in a way for a modern touch Dhaba ,having a good hand of about 5 to 6 tables of four seater each which is indeed good for groups as well as families to dine .The entrance has a truck shaped billing counter which takes you on a PIND ride of PUNJAB with its menu on the cards.Now looking at the ceiling and roof i came across many famous Personalites framed above representing Punjab and its pride which was very nice to have a glance .The whole set up of lights had a comforting glow in all corners of the restaurant making Pind Punjabi Dhaba an overall good outlook indeed.


So coming to the current festival menu now i would say they are exercising it from 10th December right upto 24th December 12 am midnight and in between the given days it will be open till 3am so that it is a plus point when you feel like having some hot Parantha’s midnight you know where to be ,dont you ?.

Lets take a look at the menu which comprises of  :


So there are twelve types of Parantha’s and six lassi’s above and the ones i had a go at are as follows :

  1. CHEESE CORN CHICKEN PARANTHA –  This was the very first Parantha made and it had the right amount of taste and aroma inside out with Chicken stuffing in and top coated with corn and grated cheese which turned out to be simply perfect .dsc07758


2.PALAK PANEER PARANTHA  – This Parantha had an inner stuffing of smash Potato and Spinach vegetable to it to taste very yummy and has a thing to taste well with pickle . A must try when its served hot and fresh with grated cheese on top.dsc07799


3.ITALIAN PARANTHA –  Yes italian feel in a Parantha is something probably you never came across hence here it is in which you get almost similar ingredients and veggies used in Pizzas served along with a nice dip leaving a delicious eat to remember unexpected from a Parantha makeover .dsc07802


4. AMERICAN CREAM AND ONION PARANTHA – A Parantha made with fresh onions sliced and stuffed with ingredients American style totally tasted excellent ,and to top it all a nice creamy dip did wonders with every bite .dsc07824


5. ALOO MATAR PARANTHA – The most loved Parantha i had come across was this one as it was made with Matar and mash Aloo which did justice to the Parantha and there is no missing on this one if you are a Parantha lover . Here is a tip from me so try breaking and puting some pickle  in the the filling and you will relish the taste more.dsc07828


6. KABULI PARANTHA – This one was having a Aloo stuffing with boiled Kabuli chana added inside and stuffed with ingredients which was  pretty nice but not something great on flavours and aroma .dsc07832


7. BHARWA MACHLI PARANTHA –  For the fish lovers this one is for you as you get your fish fried and minced to stuff inside this Parantha . This one was a complete satisfactory eat as it had a very rich aroma and juicy stuffing to go with . A must recommended Parantha from the entire menu .dsc07836


8. MAHARAJA PARANTHA – This Parantha was more of a dessert Parantha as it was the ending of a meal kind of a eat with the Maharaja feel of ingredients it had right from sweets to popular dry fruits it had it all . Even the parantha had a coating of edible silver foil making it look so attractive that it was totally a pure fill in my belly. Had a yummy affair on this one.dsc07813


9. KASHMIRI PARANTHA –  Another dessert type of a Parantha which had fresh fruits inside as well as topped a bit with fresh flavoured jam and jelly . This one had a nice approach but somewhere went let down on taste and balance . dsc07818


Moving on to the Lassi’s i tried , were as such :

  1. PAN BAHAR LASSI- An innovative Lassi one of a kind with the real flavour of Rose leaves and Paan leaves and cherry  got struck perfect in taste,aroma and quantity just right with one glass is something to indulge in as the Lassi got its level higher here.dsc07837


2. KIWI LASSI –  The coolest Lassi i had probably which had a milky taste of strong curd along with Kiwi fruit flavour and cut fruit ,this one turned out to be the best drink among all the ones i had ,so amazing it was and totally a must try to chill you down after finishing those heavy Parantha’s.dsc07844


3. DOODH COLA –  I was running late but how could i even think of letting this go so i stopped for a moment and took a complete sip at one go and felt the drink had a balance of Cola perfect with the milk form . Served chilled this one was yet another star list in the menu of the day.dsc07847


With that last drink i tried there were a few other Paranthas and Lassi options which i could not go through as time did not permit me however what all i did try was simply spell bound in terms of flavour,presentation,quantity and pricing as well as hygiene ,so this festival is surely going to rule the hearts of food lovers, however i have just a little concern over their service speed which needs to be looked after a little better otherwise this is definetely a place to be for some good food and moments all in all.

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