Pizza eating is very much part of our daily practice for the sole reason of being made real quick and having  a full zesty preparation to enjoy satisfactory in this hustle bustle struggles of a routine life where we often get tired not wanting to cook or else desire to eat something very tasteful whether its a regular day or be it an occasion ,pizza is the choice for most. And that’s why most of us tend to always bookmark the pizza making restaurants app in the technological devices we own or else look forward to hop to the restaurants itself for a nice dine meal with family ,friends or sometimes alone as well as that also works as a joy in itself . One newest place i was invited to was of a renowned pizza making restaurant known as EAGLE BOYS PIZZA which brands itself being “Australia’s most favourite pizza” is actually a very promising pizza restaurant giving the people of Kolkata a moreish taste of Australian pizzas in their own city . Now that is something different i am sure one would like to get their hands upon without a second thought. Yes you have eaten the best of pizzas you have always been claiming all this while before but you must explore a bit more and reach out to restaurants like these and not just stick to the popular ones to get in a fix again for your already taken decision and question yourself that have you really tried anything better like the pizzas EAGLE BOYS makes  ? Probably most will say yes they have eaten but my own experience says i guess a no from within as i believe pizzas should have a real crust texture and softness complimenting it all in all a factor either missing or not taken care of in most of the big named restaurants these days but interestingly at Eagle boys i found a difference of largely maintaining the quality,quantity ,presentation and keeping the crust and softness as well as holding an succulent taste and a pleasant aroma fully well balancing all of it positively .Eagle boys pizza is almost completing a year in the city of joy and it surely has given very much joy back in return to the people of Kolkata with their amazing make ,thanks to the owner Mr. Subhrabrata who has taken up the challenge of running a current single franchise of EAGLE BOYS in the city of Kolkata in the exact address of the restaurant which is 24,Sarada Pally, Block D, Near Tagore Park, Ruby Hospital Area, .Yes not forgetting there is a wonderful man playing host and taking care of the kitchen who is Mr. Anthony  the Chef as well as the management head over here running the show super good as a result of the hospitality and staff being very pleasing and helpful in nature adding to the courteousness of this restaurant commendably .

The interior works and decor of this place has a very out of the box and new feel in a pizza eating place like you have encountered before ,with a strong pink and white as well as black signature colour it is a very feel good and quite trendy on sight to watch . The nice led on the roofs in purple is very eye catching as well as the nice wallpapers on the walls with cool writings and menu items flexibly labeled on the walls adds a youth friendly vibe here.Moving on to the seating arrangements well its a 32 seater restaurant so getting a place isn’t an issue here where the tables are divided and distributed everywhere inside giving a proper gap individually to feel free and have a comfort while eating .

Coming to the main part which is the food there are a lot of items available in the menu to have a very nice food eating time here ,however a sorted list of items was tried and an experience of each item i have listed below ,so check them out :

1) SPICY SUPREME GARLIC BREAD – It consists of four nice round bread topped with cheese,garlic,chilli’s cut and assorted spices and then finally heated in the oven. On taste this was very delightful and very nicely made .

2) PERI PERI CHICKEN SCROLL – This had a nice blend of a outer portion crispy and infused with nice cheese ,peri peri hot chicken and assorted ingredients. Looked amazing and tasted even amazing this dish was sliced in 4 to 5 pieces for a nice presentation too.


3) CHICKEN PENNE PASTA (WHITE SAUCE) – The penne shaped pasta was made with a nice tasty white sauce,some nice chicken pieces ,veggies and flavoured ingredients. On taste this was very well made with a good quantity filling the plate presentation wise and overall very palatable indeed.

4) CHICKEN PENNE PASTA (RED SAUCE) – This had the same penne shaped pasta but had different ingredients more of a spicer and tangy side along with tomato ,chicken pieces and veggies. Looked red in colour this dish was something i am afraid of its preparation as it went on a low aspect on flavour but decent enough to go through .


5) AUSSIE’S FAVOURITE VEG PIZZA – This was a signature pizza here with a 10 inch size presentation and having a nice filling topped with cheese,cut pineapple pieces,corn,garlic ,capsicum and other flavoured ingredients. The taste just amazed me as it was a vegetarian pizza and the combination and blending the right veggies with simplicity totally deserves to be appreciated as it was lovely at the end.

6) PERI PERI PANEER PIZZA – This pizza had a nice similar 10 inch size presentation equally cut in 6 slices and was loaded with peri peri flavoured paneer along with veggies and flavoured spices .On taste this had a thick crust delight in every bite and a yummy affair totally.

7) CHICKEN KEEMA PIZZA – This was a very mellow pizza as it had chicken keema in it with a 10 inch presentation loaded with a nice juicy cheese flowing inside out surrounded with onions,capsicum and other spicy hot ingredients . On taste this was a real treat to feast on ,i loved this one very much andi am surely going to get a another dose of it in my next visit when i come here.

8) GARLIC PRAWN PIZZA – This was the interesting pizza of a kind claimed to be the only pizza place in Kolkata right now to make this pizza as it was made in a 10 inch presentation like all the other pizzas and had prawns ,cheese,paparika,onions,lime slices and other flavouring garnishing toppings.The taste of this sea food pizza was very delicious and creates its own level one above all of the pizzas tasted.


9) TRIPPLE CHOCOLATE SWEETZZA (DESSERT) – Ever thought of making a dessert with a pizza base ? well Eagle boys does that and it makes sense for a pizza place to do something innovative and take the dessert experience on a change and for a better choice indeed. The clean pizza base is topped with a lot of chocolate and vanilla chips along with a sugar coating and then finally showered with an artistic way of chocolate sauce design to make the dish absolutely luscious . On taste i loved this dessert as it was a pure ending dish for any eating meal over here .

With that last sweet dish it was an end to the fabulous set of food items tasted over here,also to mention in between all this food tasting we had a nice servings of soft drinks which completed our thirst and whole hearted eating at EAGLE BOYS PIZZA,KOLKATA thats why its highly recommended to visit this restaurant especially as pujas are coming this place can easily be a sure destination for the ones who want to have the Australian make of pizzas in this food diverse loving city of ours .

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