Never did anyone said no and never will anyone probably say a no to a great spread of Asian cuisine right in front of you. At Behala there is a beautiful dine restaurant called 18 james long which surely has it all in its menu to tantilise your tastebuds and take you on a food coaster ride for a result of a great joy and satisfaction.On a fine sunday noon  an invitation had come to try the food and drinks here so without any second thought i just decided to be there on time . On reaching there it took quite a long amount of time as its on the other end of South Kolkata and i stay in North side of Kolkata ,so travelling did get me a problem but then when you know the reason to travel is a real treat once you reach the destination so then that little struggle can be compromised and given a fair positive approach surely indeed.The first thing that was very pleasing as you enter is the calm and soothing interior works here and lights too . A proper looking restaurant is something which one enjoys the most for its environment for most and this one has it all.The restaurant has very nice sculptured wall and designed patterns which look very beautiful and very Asian ambianced kind with its art works and show decors all over . The restaurant is divided in 2 floors as one is the ground floor which looks very nice with indoor and outdoor flower pots surrounding it and a glass fascade giving visibility of the street while eating . Second is the 1st floor which is the newly polished place done up with fine wooden tables and chairs ,nice peppy music in the background ,trendy studio type lights from top and artistic like wooden wall structures fixed totally which transports you to a great smart eating scene you have probably ever experienced before.

Coming to the hospitality well this is a place where the food arrives in a very fast and fashionable way of a presentation . That makes this a very good eating place as you don’t have to wait much for your order even being bulk order food was flowing in very fast and that is why it is a clear plus point in my eyes to eat here .Next to talk about the owner and management here, well they are very hospitable and welcoming as well as cool minded and take inputs and improvisation suggestion positively which is a gesture of a good restaurant team,that’s why a good amount of respect and attention one gets who seriously take suggestions based on people’s experience .

There was a whole lot of food set to try out so a little short description of everything i would share about are as follows :



a) PINEAPPLE JULIP – Was a Pinapple combination flavour of a mocktail and tasted the best among all the flavours here .

b) BASIL AND LYCHEE MOJITO – Had a Lychee and combination flavour but did not live up to the taste much which is why i suggested for an improvement .

c) CUCUMBER AND POMEGRANATE BLOSSOM – Had Pineapple and cucumber in it ,sadly did not combine well enough for the taste hence another suggestion was given here.


a) TOFU WITH MUSHROOM AND TOMATO – A healthy clear soup with flavoured ingredients and ,fresh tomatoes and mushroom which tasted great .

b) BIRDS NEST SOUP – This was a nice soup having a  variety of taste as it had Chicken ,fried noodles along and other basic taste blenders as a result i loved it very much .

c) WANTON SOUP – Wanton steamed and served on a soup is a clear treat of a taste . A fresh and deliciously looking soup this was totally.

d) THAI TOM YUM SOUP – Red colour tangy soup of lemon enriched taste and nice pieces of Chicken loaded made this soup very enjoyable.


a) CHICKEN AND SHREDDED CABBAGE SALAD – Had a nice presentation with salad style cut Chicken and other basic veggies of salad dressing on top.

b) SWEET AND SOUR CUCUMBER WITH MINT – A tasty Cucumber essential salad with a blend of sweet and sour taste and mint punch added the dish its significance .


a) CHICKEN AND CILANTRO MOMOS – A juicy and freshly soft stuffed affair of yummy steamed Chicken momos were really fantastic.

b) PORK AND BRANDY MOMOS – Another steam momos with the same softness texture and fresh aroma but had a pork meat filling in it and tasted very mouth watering .

c) CRISPY CHILLI BABYCORN AND MUSHROOM – Amazing taste of a crisp babycorn fried starter and had a good quantity to go through .

d) ASIAN SWEET AND SOUR CHICKEN WITH SPINACH CRACKLING – A portion of some Chicken strips fried & Spinach fried and garnished with sweet and chilli sauce was tasty.

e) THAI CHICKEN WINGS – A yummy and tasty dish of Chicken made in lemongrass and special ingredients .

f) SANTUNG PORK – The tasty Pork meat was cut in slices and fried to give a crispy texture with basic veggies and flavours.

g) PRAWN FIRE CRACKERS – Crispy prawns rolled in a wanton sheet served along with sweet and sour sauce tastes very addictive.

h) THAI FISH CAKES – A Basa fish made in a cake shape and fried with a coat of crispy crumbs as an outer layer and served with a side dip of chili mayo and tasted great .



a) BUTTER GARLIC FRIED RICE – A nicely cooked fried rice made with butter and garlic taste was pretty impressive .

b) SPINACH PAN FRIED NOODLES – An uncommon dish  where a whole portion of fried noodles is hidden over a layer of spinach gravy and tasted very wonderful.

c) BABY CORN WITH MUSHROOM HUPAK STYLE – A fried version of mushroom and baby corn soaked in a gravy base of black sauce very well balanced to taste good along with rice .

d) SLICED CHICKEN WITH BASIL AND OYSTER SAUCE – Nice sliced pieces of soft Chicken were tossed in oyster sauce and basil to taste very nice indeed too.

e) BUTTER AND GARLIC PRAWN – The Prawn dish of the main course was cooked in a white gravy based butter and garlic sauce and tasted great .


a) BANANA FRITTERS WITH VANILLA ICE CREAM – The dessert was a very tempting as some nice banana fritters were served along with a scoop of ice cream .

b) DARSAAN WITH VANILLA ICE CREAM – Fried flat thick coated chips garnished with honey and served along with a scoop of ice cream was delightful on taste.

c) FRIED ICE CREAM – A whole scoop of vanilla ice cream was covered with a crisp coated layer and fried to taste amazing .


Well that was the last item to end our heavy eating session at :

18, James Long restaurant at Sakher Bazar, Behala, Kolkata, West Bengal 700008

And i must say that i had a great time having out the huge spread and varieties of what this restaurant has to offer and i recommend this restaurant mostly for the ones who do not believe in exploring places and sticking to same old places for great food due to its popularity but now for restaurants like 18 JAMES LONG it surely will give full scope of attention for folks to come travel a distance but get in return a great marvelous culinary experience to delight one and all and you might end up feeling like to do a few repeat visit then after  .


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