Those regular places where once fun was just limited with only drinking and eating is actually not a happening thing anymore. What is happening is the interestingly cool Pub culture where one not only drinks good and eat’s good but also feels good with a great environment themed and crafted for the memorable pleasure one can rejoice and soak in .I came across so many pubs and places which were themed and fun loving in a way of a kind and among them the most recent places i have come across is THE DRUNKEN MONKEY in Kaikhali, Airport area of Kolkata where one probably needs to locate good places to eat now gets a Pub in return is a real surprise for the folks like me living nearby. I stay 10 mins a distance to this place from Rajarhat where probably i never imagined a Resto-Pub would come up with such a captivating feel .

I have three major full factor reasons ,THE DRUNKEN MONKEY is the new and fresh place to visit away from the central hot pubs across the city –

Number one it’s a great concept to involve a swanky monkey filled interior in red,wooden complete look with ladders on the roof and brightening up the place with a dim lantern like light surroundings, a huge projector for entertainment , an in house dj that too in the basement of O2  vip hotel totally adding to the magic of this place.

Number two because you get the feel right here with such a nice opportunity to relax in your chair and table mostly with standard fun games on each table placed and barrels like arrangements which has a characteristics outlook of a charm .Then A funky smoking room with another small Bob Marley themed backdrop room available for private parties is a bonus here .

Number three comes the main part which is its fully loaded bar standing beautiful and bright shining in the corner eye of the place which is complimented with tall sitting stools surely glamour sets this place to a very fine looking bar serving outstanding drinks a full thanks to the bartender. Also the chef has a good hand of his food and his make which storms up the food to another level of this place . Overall on behalf of the management Rajiv is very sorted and loves to happily comfort and shower great hospitality to one and all once you are here .

Some of the pictures of the drinks –

From the cocktails list there were many in store but i did not try any cocktails and settled with mocktails and food, however below i have given a small brief of what was there in cocktails and an experience take of my mocktails followed by the food .




  • SUMMAR OF 69









  • B 52

  • T 52


There were

  • SHERY TEMPLE which was a very smart looking drink served very chilled and absolute beauty of its kind.

  • BLODDY OSSAN was a very nice drink with a great taste and nicely mixed presentation.

  • OLIVE IN OSSAN was not a bad drink too with a nice punch of flavours and blending

  • APPLE JACK was the drink which was very light and balanced well with cut apples slices for the presentation as well.

  • LOVERS DELIGHT was something that is good but not the best of all here.

  • GOAVA ON THE ROCKS was a very fruity mocktail which had all the taste of guava and a spicy rim.

  • THE SKY was the most attractive looking mocktail here as it was a cylinder type of a mocktail with a great combination and presentation.

Note : All the mocktails are made specially with maximum taste and properties of fruit based liquid and very less amount of artificial or any other pre stocked syrups/juices .


Some of the pictures of the food you get here –


1.UNITED STATES -The french fries you get here has a very amazing quantity and presentation . On taste this was crispy,fresh and flavourful served along with a side dip of tomato sauce and mayonnaise on a wooden food platter tray.

2.CIGAR ROLL WITH TOMATO SALSA – Another fried snack to have is the Cigar roll which has a vegetable stuffing of spinach and cheese on a outer wanton sheet . On taste this one is very nice as it had tomato salsa fresh sauce to relish along .

3. MIX BEAN SALAD – A bean salad having a whole combination of different types of beans and spiced up with ingredients and flavour’s of the special chef secret . On taste this was very international like of a salad and its a good choice for the ones who opt for a closer to healthy eating .

4. MUSHROOM COCKTAIL – A fried mushroom dish tossed and cooked with a sweet and spicy flavour and served on top of a cocktail glass looked very stunning and innovative in presentation .

5. JAMAICAN CHICKEN WINGS (RUM BASED) – A sweet version of chicken wings cooked with rum and amazingly  well balanced flavour enriched upon them . This is a real closer one to the Jamaican way of Chicken starter .  

6. FISH FRIES WITH TARTAR SAUCE – Few nice sliced pieces of fish garnished  and then fried with a coating of crumb in the outer portion and served along with a tartar sauce and some handful portion of french fries . On taste this one one was a great make of the chef as it has the right amount of flavour and crispyness for a enjoyable eat.

7. VEGETABLE STROGANOFF – A nice dish of rice cooked along with a portion of fresh vegetables on a layer of creamy hot cheese and white flavoured ingredients .On taste this being a veg dish did not knock me much but yes for the veggies it will be a treat .

8. LORTOLANA ALL VEGETABLE PIZZA – The pizza is vegetable pizza made with ingredients like jalapeno, black olive, onion, bell pepper,babycorn, sundried tomato and cheese.The pizza looked yummy and it tasted very much a delicious as it was brought piping hot as it was a thin crust one so the base did not play much of role than the vegetables did .

9. PENNE VODKA – A spicy yet sweet pasta dish made with a fine vodka preparation as its base and blending it with amazing tasty flavour’s of pink tomato sauce is a dish of a kind. Overall this is the dish one must go for if you love your pasta the right way .

10. FUSSILY POLLO FUNGI – A pasta made with a thick creamy mushroom sauce as its base and other ingredients cooked and added with sliced small chicken pieces in it.On taste this was a very yummy dish to feast on as it had a nice balance of flavour and presentation right to the top .

11. VEGETABLE RISOTTO – Italian rice cooked in a broth state along with selected sliced vegetables and loaded with assorted flavours. This was a dish something which i wont prefer not that it’s a bad one but its not my kind of a dish to have .

12. RISOTTO JAMBALAYA – Italian rice with spicy chicken, prawn sweet peppers and cooked along with tomatoes. This was the non-vegetarian dish of Risotto here which is some what of my liking as it had got a good taste and pretty nice presentation .

Well with the final dish ,that was all in the menu that gave a clear experience of the food/drinks of THE DRUNKEN MONKEY resto-pub to be amazing and also it’s grabbing eyeballs for its great looking interior and environment  . Thanks ! to the management once again and for doing this and giving a ray of big hope to welcome new places to chill in the uncommon places once it used to be  .

To finish it ” Wonderful ”  is the word for THE DRUNKEN MONKEY indeed.


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