It’s just a matter of few days left and once again like every year the great grand festival of Durga Puja will be celebrated in a ravish and pride manner all over the country and especially our own city Kolkata where one knows it well how to welcome the Goddess and double the enjoyment over great food and refreshments in the huge process of the celebration . There is no celebration or nor fun complete if you don’t get to eat the best during the festive season .And thats’s why it is important to shortlist the best places to feast on during the rejoiceful occasion .

A few day’s back i was invited for a pre- food tasting event at REFLEXION which is a  multi cuisine restaurant inside THE MAJESTIC SUITES property building at RAJARHAT more precisely after Purti Star apartment and State Bank of India on route 211 bus road which is very near to my place as i live 10 mins away but never discovered this super hospitality restaurant so it was very enlightening for me to know such a place even exist’s in a no man’s land  . Coming back to the restaurant i must admit that it has an incredible look right from the outside to the inside all has a very smart and lavish glow . And about the Majestic Suite’s as a  whole i would like to say it is a fine place to live when you  come as a guest and you will surely be like a friend as the tag line goes it definitely stands by it because of the amazingly courteous people working at the front desk and behind the scenes too which actually draws major plus factor’s over here.Now to the part of the inside property restaurant REFLEXION ,well i would say it is a very pleasing and comforting environment to have a good meal as you get all different type’s of cuisine’s from Chinese,Indian to continental all are available under one roof which further adds a true variety enrichment in the menu list totally. The restaurant is done up in a very classy and modern finish of decor . All the walls and the top roof are very much done in a wooden like outlook but has nice stylish grand structure of a design . Everything is done in brown and creme colour right from the sofas to the tables all are very sophisticatedly done and placed in a nice planned manner to host more people in the restaurant with ample seating arrangements ,so no problem there. Even the lights are very attractively hanging on every table which adds a glamour quotient to this place . There is a nice dedicated mocktail/juice making section in one corner of the restaurant as well as a multi purpose 3 divider private room for parties and activities which is a fantastic facility provided here.

The hospitality service has been a very respectful and caring one here with the staff and whole work force of the kitchen being simply very passionate and it shows they love what they do as it is totally reflected with the way they are alert with their guest’s needs and  surely promptly providing fine comfort.The manager and the owner have created such a nice bond of support among each other and it’s guest that you feel good and  really to be like welcomed with open arms,thanks to their generous and smiling nature of living on a positive approach in running a restaurant like REFLEXION.

As said before the invitation was to try the food out here for the upcoming menu on the occassion of  Durga Puja . So a huge line up of drinks,starters,soups.main course and desserts been prepared this time to make it sure splendid on presentation ,taste and highlight every single dish for its own forte and tempt to relish on .

The dishes i have tried out from the whole spread over here which are as follows:


4 different mocktails are available to choose from which are WATERMELON CELERY COOLER which is a nice blend of fresh watermelon pulp and juice mixed with celery juice and served chilled . It was a very freshening and wonderful drink to start the evening . Next was the NUTTY FRUITY which was a combination of Pineapple with orange juice and mixed along with grenadine syrup to taste very good and there was nice chunks of fruits inside the drink too .After that then came the CRUSHED CUCUMBER which was a a cucumber enriched drink which could have been improved as the taste was not so good but it was a good drink for the ones who love that detox factor . Served in a nice shining tall glass this drink was ok for a go or so . Finally among the mocktail’s an apple drink called CURRIED APPLE came  which was presented with some cut apples and buried under a nice portion of lime leaves and on taste this one was very nice and juicy to have and looked the best among all the mocktails .



6 Different choices of kebabs are there for your big appetite which at first the SHANGHAI POTATO came, Then GOLD COIN which was a vegetable starter of a kind i never ever had before as it was a round like bread texture and made stuffed with assorted veggies and ingredients . On taste this was very yummy and instantly got finished as the dip along with this starter was a ketchup which enhanced the flavour more. Next was the FRIED POMPLET which was a whole fish fried and flavoured with yummy spices on it . The fish looked appetizing and was very tender and perfect on taste.Then there was MAJESTIC CHICKEN KABAB which is a sweet kabab and topped with malai and looked delicous . You get 6 pieces and its sure a tasty starter .Moving on next is the SARSON CHICKEN KABAB which is a mustard version of the kabab as it was  juicy ,hot and tasty indeed . Finally CANTONESE FRIED PRAWN was the last starter which definitely is a charmer of  a dish as the prawn are whole fried in a cantonese flavoured way to taste crispy and filling.


2 Different soups are there which are SPICY THAI TOMATO SOUP that has a strong taste of tomato thick soup made in a Thai flavoured style and served in a  nice soup bowl fully hot and fresh .Another one is OCEAN DELIGHT which is a blend of a whole lot of vegetable cut mix and cooked in a clear soupy gravy . On taste this was very much a vegetable soup like .


MAIN COURSE –  14 choices of available dishes to eat are on the menu which is a long list but among them some i have relished upon so one by one which were there are as follows:

PRAWN  THERMIDOR,MAJESTIC RICE,DAL MAJESTIC is a dal which is made of Black lentils and over loaded with malai and infused with a spicy mix of ingredients . On taste this is a real yum affair. Next BAAG BAGICHA,KUMV BADAM MASALA which is a  mushroom dish cooked in a dark orange gravy and on taste does wonders with rice and indian bread .SAM SAVERA KOFTA is a veg gravy dish which has a tomato thick enriched base and topped with paneer and spinach koftas making it a lovely dish to eat . Well further came PINDI CHANNA is a very high on taste dish as it has nicely cooked with Chana’s in a spicy masala and assorted veggies like onion,tomato and all. On taste this is a pure surrender for a bonafide foodie.ASSORTED BREADS ,VEGETABLE PALAO is the best item for a veg lover as you get to feast on a super flavoured palao loaded with a generous portion of mixed vegetables like onions,carrots,green peas etc. The presentation and quantity of this dish is simply amazing as it makes you indulge more with the tempting fine rice and aroma.MURG MUSSALAM is a hit here as a whole chicken was placed on a plate looking absolutely delicious in a red masala cooked coating and spiced up with lovely aromatic ingredients and finally served along with a decent dressing of salad beside it.The MURG METHI MALAI is a creamy dish of a chicken which looks yellow and white in colour and tastes a bit sweet than the other dishes you have ever eaten in chicken make before.The GOST KORMA KHADA MASALA  is a mutton curry dish which is tangy and spicy yet very yummy and delicious on the plate as it is had all the tasteful ingredients and add on’s like capsicum,tomato and onion .Next was FISH LAHORI,and finally the king meal dish of the day which came was the MUTTON BIRYANI undoubedly the best from the whole set as it was made in yellow and white colour rice and had whole hearted portions of mutton and loaded with nice yummy flavoured ingredients which definitely deserves a great pat on the back of the chef as it’s not an easy task to make Biryani in such a fine manner where one person has already tried all the dishes and kind of full but still has place for the last dish to eat means the food keeps you rejoicing totally and it is a sign that the food is definitely doing great here.



3 varieties of desserts are there which are TUTTI FRUITY which was served on a cocktail glass filled with strawberry ice cream and a bunch of nicely fresh dry and cut fruits as well as decorated on top with wafers . This dessert was a full on delight and addiction as it had everything possible one could end its heavy meal with . Next was FIRNI which is a common sweet dish everywhere and over here it is a dessert of a great make as it was rich with a creamy texture and  kesar topped with sliced almonds made this one a great eat . Last of all the desserts and eating part as a whole for the menu of DURGA PUJA launch here was CREAM CARAMEL ,which was a yellow looked like pudding with a generous portions of hot caramel syrup which was very enjoyable making this an absolute sweet dish to end a whole portion meal complete .

Well these are the whole list of menu items available for the DURGA PUJA season at REFLEXION multi cuisine restaurant,so it’s a must visit place to have a memorable dine and explore the possibilities of new places than the regular places especially when you get greeted in a 3 star capacity as a 5 star guest . Finally hats of to the management and ofcourse to the master chef who has added the spice of life with its grand preparation in


3, Chotopol, Rajarhat, Raigachi Battala, Reekjoyoni, Kolkata, West Bengal 700135
Phone: 083348 77780



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