CHILI’S is a big name in the food and drinks circuit globally and there is no doubt that they are very much loved by all. QUEST MALL has a lot of eateries under one dedicated fourth floor which has it’s food court and among them as you reach up to the floor with the escalator on your left the very first thing to greet your eyes and invite your belly to indulge in some good lip smacking food will be CHILI’S itself . So Chili’s isn’t something to be ignored as a restaurant or just as a bar but it’s more than the two as its a full on place for a great food extravaganza to be remembered .Chili’s in Kolkata has taken up 3 spot’s as of now and all the 3 location which are Acropolis mall,South city mall and Quest mall of course the one which i visited are simply a game changer for the food and drinks exploring folks .

The ambiance and outlook of Chili’s in Quest mall is simply stunning as like the signature of Chili’s spread all over globally this one adore’s the same standard’s.The whole restaurant cum grill bar is visible from the outside as a structured see through glass making the look of this place very smart and allows a outside vision of the mall from inside. The interior works are all very much fine from the ceiling to the wall all are done with special wall like brick finish and nice bright colours. The sitting arrangement has a wide spread to choose  from as you enter. All the tables and chairs are mostly of wooden and cushioned comfort level. Also there is a huge bar set up which has a very bright and charming factor to this place. Overall the lights and the environment is top notch here which adds upto its name more also .Coming to the service part they have a group of staff who certainly work fast ,smooth and affectively accomplish every order therefore making the hospitality level 100 percent swift and full on alert indeed

Finally coming to the reason why i came here was because of the Fajita fiesta which is been going on quite some time now and it will run up to the end of November 2016 which means the duration of this eating spread covers a lot of Indian festivals in between and gives many reason’s to visit Chili’s to try something new . So as i entered here at first was introduced with Mr.Upasak who is a great as a person and handles the operations of CHILI’S in Quest mall, and also he had did everything possible to make the day memorable and fantastic totally.The FAJITA FIESTA is on for some time as said and many wont know this dish popularity in western culture and it’s not easily available anywhere and everywhere either especially in Kolkata so its important to know what Fajita is actually . So to make it simple i am there at rescue for a better understanding of Fajita which is a TEX-MEX cuisine and it is basically any grilled meat or veggies usually served as a taco on a flour or corn tortilla.So getting inspired and doing what the west do Chili’s has introduced Fajita’s for this festival in India which are :

  1. CRISPY CAULIFLOWER : We love our pakora’s so do the western people but not the way we love it but the way they do.Crispy Cauliflower is like a very known dish to us but in a western style it is available here . A lot of pieces of cauliflower is sliced and made in small shapes like balls and coated with the ready to fry batter on it and further spiced up inside out . After frying it is then garnished with topping’s on a tray plate with cut spring onions,ranch dressing and sauce . On taste this was nice and crispy and has a good quantity to tackle upon. 


  2. ROASTED PEPPER CHICKEN FAJITA’S :  This Fajita had nice Chicken juicy slices grilled and roasted with red onion rings, topped with roasted red pepper sauce, cheese blend, fresh cilantro and roasted jalapenos. You have to eat it along with the tortilla bread and 6 assorted garnishing then only the actual taste of the Fajita will come . Its served in a sizzler plate and it looks amazing when its hot as the smoky grill gives the dish a spectacular sight . On taste this Fajita is a pure satisfactory enriched dish .
  3. ROASTED SHRIMP FAJITA’S : The grilled Prawn fajita had been cooked with red onion rings and garlic tomatoes,chicken chorizo, pineapple pico de gallo and citrus chile sauce, topped with fresh cilantro and roasted jalapenos.On taste this one was a very tasty one as the whole crisp and aroma of the dish was very much pleasing . Another good selection to try if you are a sea food lover .Served along with garnishing and in the same manner of a sizzler plate ,so a great presentation once again is witnessed.dsc07337 
  4. SEA FOOD FAJITA’S : A similar Fajita like the above one made with the same set of ingredients and stuffing only that a fish portion of Basa was grilled and served along with some grilled shrimps, on a bed of cooked red onion rings and garlic tomatoes,  pico de gallo and citrus chilli sauce, topped with fresh cilantro and roasted jalapenos.On taste this was very juice and crispy and very nicely blended with both the prawn and fish . Presentation was as usual top and the tortilla bread along made it a great pairing dish indeed.dsc07338
  5. QUESO FUNDIDO FAJITA’S:  A nice portion of Tenderloin steak and chicken slices were served on a bed of cooked red onion rings, smothered in warm garlic queso fundido, citrus chilli sauce, fresh cilantro and roasted jalapenos. The combination of both beef and chicken grilled in the same process adds the difference of choices for one to eat . The set of garnishing are also provided and not forgetting the tortilla bread as once you add the filling inside takes you to a yummy affair sure shot. Presentation and taste of this Fajita i found the best among all as it looked very delicious and tasted even more delicious .


  6. SIZZLING VEGGIE FAJITA’S:  This Fajita has the veggies stored for you. If you are veg lover than this one is your saviour . As this Fajita had all the salad dressing vegetables in it from onions to cucumber all was there and all of them were spiced up with the special flavour . On taste this was the most avoided Fajita among the rest served but can be improved in all area prospect as possible. Even the presentation looked very nominal and non appetizing .dsc07349

Apart from these FAJITA’S some other snacks and welcome drinks/mocktails were served but a special TEQUILA and a DESSERT which were part of the menu are mentioned below followed by pictures :

A) TEQUILA WHITE SANGRIA : A tequila drink which had a mixture of wine,sprite and fresh lime juice.

B) CRUNCHY CHOCOLATE PUFF : A sweet puff stuffed with brownie cake stuffing and served warm along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Awesome is the word i think as i found the combination and the presentation absolutely very tempting visually and also on the affair of relishing it was a delight .


Thanks to the management of Chili’s Quest mall for the experience of the grand Fajita fiesta ,and i know by now many will be excited to visit Chili’s after getting to know about this festival which is actually very popular worldwide and really why not we give it a try and enjoy these lovely food cuisine exploring opportunities like i have done this time .Well i have nothing more to talk about but say
” let’s get this party started ” on at CHILI’S .
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