It was saturday the 3rd of september 2016 and i was on my bed relaxing as being a holiday for me but then i remembered that i had a very interesting day to happen as i had got an invitation by Gaurav of communication 2.0 for the preview of MONKEY BAR,KOLKATA . So i did not want to miss such a grand opportunity which i was invited for ,so i rushed and got ready in a few minutes without delaying any further and on stepping out of my home to realise that it was thundering and raining very heavily as a result transportation was a bit of issue ,nevertheless i had my full mind set to make it happen and be there battling the weather too .It took me around more than 2 hours to reach the place from Rajarhat to Monkey bar which is in the 9th floor of FORT KNOX BUILDING in Camac street. But i wasn’t complaining after i entered the great gastro -pub to see that i was a bit late in missing a lot of activities and drinks session but the food was not yet started spread which gave me a tap on my back and a bundle of happiness inside. Ask me why ? cause i am an non alcoholic drinker so i was not dissapointed with myself that way on entering late as my interest in the food tasting was yet to come .

On coming in i was welcomed by few management people of communication 2.0 as well as the owners and other related people of the gastro-pub which was a very warm and hospitable approach towards me .I liked the way the whole set of people were deployed in particular sections and monitoring all the tables and looking after everyone’s need  and giving a very feel good kind of a place .It shows their interest and passion in the restaurant and food industry very much .I was not knowing about the Monkey bar gastro-pub untill i came here and was enlightened to know that there are more Monkey bar’s spread across the country in Bangalore city having its very first entry and then in Delhi as well as Mumbai. So finally Kolkata has a Monkey Bar now is indeed a big thing as a brand of the popular Olive cafe south private limited is the sole reason for it to make it happen and who doesn’t love the idea of a gastro-pub to give a push of a change from the regular bars and food eateries already existing in the city .

Now lets talk about the ambiance and hospitality of this place . The staff and waiters here are very active no doubt about it but i think they should at least work on offering people to try out things on their own than rather wait for anyone to order something as to treat a guest you must be the best host possible on earth and i missed that out somewhere here as i had to myself ask for things that i want which i was unaware of also what was there for the day and as said i was non-alcoholic and many like me were there so some provisions for proper mocktail’s should have been there apart from just 2 sample drinks and rest cocktails which i had without any reason but still i kind of have that suggestion for future purpose not complaining much though considering this place a drinkers house.

Ok now lets talk about the look and feel of this place, so at the very first you will love this place for the well creative and very pepped up decors inside. The gastro-pub is a huge space spread right as you enter you will be seeing a 3 section area to grab your seat , One whole bar section is towards your left with a number of tables and chairs which are made mostly with a wooden look and fine furniture cushioned sofas in some of them too. Then a lot of nice paintings and artistic works are put up for that added look uplift. Nice lamps and sober decorated lights are installed above every table which does look great . Dark colours are mostly characterized here in the walls and roofs which reflects a strong persona to this place also. A well fully loaded bar is on display with A standard platform and super smart interior looks to compliment it even more. Moving on to your right you will see the main attraction of this place which is the seating place close to the see through glass windows where ample nice sun light enters and gives this place a very blossomed and nature bright feel in your table . The heritage and monument pride of Kolkata like Victoria Memorial ,Howrah bridge and other well know office building are visible through the view so that is such a magnificient beauty for the eyes while you feast on some lip smacking food or sip on your best drink .For entertainment there is a Dj in the house and a nice collection of music is been played here and also there is a huge projector hanging on the wall right above the brick rusty look a like kind of a thing for visual entertainment.The seating arrangements over here also has wooden tables and fun looking chairs and the area has an divider with a nature friendly idea of plants on the pathway divider which looks very beautiful and i must really appreciate the works and skills of intelligience behind planning and adding some much fine nature like feel and fine art in designing this gastro-pub as i observed such a nice connect of the city of Kolkata on its roof and walls in paintings also of legendary people is a very commnedable thing .Last but not the least there is a smoking open zone which is a dedicated area for all the smokers .

Yes now lets get into details of the food /drinks available which was tried :


  1. KERALA RED RICE SALAD –   A rice special dish which had rice,peanuts,chillis,raw cut mango pieces mixed up and  flavouring the whole dish in a very tangy,tasty and making it a great eatable experience.
  2. MAC AND CHEESE CROQUETTES –  Was a nice starter of a dish which had nice croquettes made of cheese and broccoli vegetable. And deep fried for a crispy taste and to look brown topped with mayo and other ingredients .
  3. MED PLATTER –  One full  Mediterranean platter which had falafel, spinach, cheese filo parcels, smoked baba ganoush, roasted peppers, hummus,olives, with pita bread . All of it tasted very good from one another but i liked the cheese filo parcels the best as it had the right balance of flavour and softness.
  4. SMOKED BEETROOT AND BEANS GALAWATI – Small baby paratha had topped up with beetroot and beans mixed and smash cooked served along with a chutney . On taste this one was very yummy and nice .
  5. BAKED BRIE – This was a patty base coated and had creamy chesse  inner stuffing filled with cheese and special ingredients and served absolutely piping hot for the real taste one must cut open and let the air blow out .
  6. TIKKI OF JOY-  A fried snack of Bhetki fish cut in pieces and marinated with kasundi and flavoured ingredients and then coated with a crispy after fried. Served along with mint flavour sauce and mustard sauce so this was a very good eating snack overall.
  7. BBQ CARAMELIZED RIBS- A fine dish made with Pork and spiced up nice and sour as well as maintained with that sweet flavour thanks to a bbq sauce make added in the enrichment . It looks black in colour and tastes amazing and gives a real Pork food fanatic a good reason to order another plate .
  8. TIGER BEEF-  A beef dish made with steaks of beef meat and spiced up with a real spicy flavour,some nice veggies and assorted stuffing for enhancement of the dish .I liked the dish as it was one tasty affair even though a bit spicy but had a class of a indulgence .
  9. BUTTERFLY CHICKEN –  This one had a very nice presentation as it was made of Chicken filling in a butterfly shaped base and coated with fried crispy wafer. The chicken was nicely cooked with yummy spices and had a red colour identity . Another very nice dish tried out .
  10. LAL MAAS PHULKA TACOS-  A Lamb dish cooked with special flavour and fillings  and loaded inside up in a taco style .On taste this was pretty good as the meat was very tender and the balance of spices were blended well.
  11. GONDHORAJ LEMON TART (DESSERT) – A well presented dessert of the day this one certainly deserves a full credit of great skill of the chef for having such a nice combination filled dessert where a portion of lemon curd was layeredd with mint gel and based with a nice tasty cookie along with special assorted topping . I loved this one very much and have a strong recommendation for this one.
  12. THE SNICKER BAR (DESSERT)- The chocolate loving folks wont be able to resist this one as this dessert has a nice base of flat snickers and layered topped with chocolate mousse caramel and chocolate ganache, hazelnut and other assorted ingredients . On presentation this one is the best and even a sthis was the last thing to be served on the menu it really left a very strong impression of the place .

    With that the food part of MONKEY BAR gets a high five surely but as i havn’t tried out the drinks here but just 2 mocktails which were really dissapointing still some pictures of the drinks others were drinking available here can be seen below :

So after everything tasted and tried here i must say i had a great time here as Monkey Bar ,Kolkata is all set to get immense popular like its other counterparts in the country i feel happy that i was a part of the great preview ,all thank to communication 2.o and the management of Monkey Bar . Now i am looking forward to see you rise and dominate the Gastro-pub scene in the city .dsc07238Monkey Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato