We all for a fact love Tibetan ,Chinese,Thai and overall the Asian cuisine undoubtedly . The good part of these food varieties are ,is that you actually feel the punch of the food right from it’s aroma to its preparation on feasting it totally.Well  I love my food hot and i love it even more when it’s satisfactory and for me a great meal from any nice authentic or passionate food making restaurant gets a positive recommendation without any second thought from my end.

Today let me introduce you to one such newly opened restaurant located in Chinar Park area of Kolkata which is MOMO I AM . Yes you have heard about them in their Lake Garden’s outlet and now setting off straight here for the North side of Kolkata they have done a marvelous job of which no other restaurant ever thought of.  Seen so many restaurant’s come up in the recent times in Chinar park locality but no one had introduced something like MOMO I AM has done . So folks who kept complaining of not getting that feel of real momo’s and other speciality food options which you get in the other parts of Kolkata but not towards the north ,can definetely pay this place a visit and you might witness and consider it fortunate in grabbing the uncommon food to remember for some time of late .

MOMO I AM is gaining popularity immensely for three prime reasons which are –

  1. Hospitality : The staff and the management are so very nice in the sense that they are pretty laid back and relaxed be it from serving us food to asking us the feedback all is done in such a chilled out manner as for a moment i thought its like my home only and a bunch of people are there whom i know for long.So that comfort level is very good and very warmly affected once you are here. The staff are very courteous and alert with the food and cleaning the table as well as refilling water and taking care of our needs very supportingly which adds a positive vibe indeed .
  2. Ambiance & Decor :  From the out it looks very nice with some Grafitti and wall paintings outside . The look of it is in black and white holding the label of the board out in bold letters. A lot of modern interior works has been installed inside and sparkled with the wall paintings and posters as well as stickers. Very born young feel and vividly serene approach has been depicted overall . The tables and chairs are all done with crafted wood and polished tinted to make this place look very fine. It is a overall 25 to 32 approx seater restaurant so all the tables are spacious enough without getting cramped up . The lights and entertainment inside with tv and music is very lively and makes your eating experience better too.
  3. Food and Drinks :  Yes the main part and reason why one should eat here is it’s food factor . You have eating all kinds of Tibetan and Asian food’s before but there are some of them you have only heard of it and have no clue about it as you don’t get them anywhere else. So MOMO I AM has listed out so many varieties of food’s to enjoy from in the menu. The ones i had indulged myself in some great eating and drinking experience here ,i have summed up a little verdict of each item which are as follows:

A) MOCKTAIL’S : Tried three different choices from the menu which were JANGO,BRUCE LEE and PHUKET ALL . The Jango was a mix of three fruit flavour’s,which were Pineapple,lemon and Orange shaken stirred with a lot of mint leaves and served chilled  . Bruce lee had a flavour of Cranberry ,Cucumber and Orange mixed with mint and leaves . And the Phuket all was about Pineapple , Cranberry ,Lime and assorted flavour enriched. Among all the Mocktails i personally liked the Jango the most but all of them have their own differences and speciality as they were served in a metal mug like glass which is a very cool way to sip away .

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B) HANGOVER SPICY MOMO : The momo’s here were in three different flavour’s and choices . Chicken ,Pork and Vegetable . But mind you as you must not under estimate MOMO I AM for it’s momo’s flexibility. They are incredible in taste and served in a nice spoon loaded on every single piece of it in every plate. All there differ in the inner filling of each one but maintain the same shape and presentation displayed. For a moment it becomes difficult to determine among the three identical momos which is what . Well as the Chicken will have yum filling of it so will the Pork and Veg will have their respective ingredients. But if the question to ask is how does it taste then i would surely say they are a great snack of indulgence , Firstly for its warm and soft body coated and secondly for its topped mayo and bottom sitting of mashed potatoes as a bonus.

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C) MINI BAO : Well this is the uncommon food item you probably wont get everywhere. So the bao popularly known as baozi is actually a home made bread bun base which has stuffed flavours and nice filling inside it. The mini bao here is absolutely a stunner as you get three flavours which are Chicken,Fish and Pork. All three have the same look and presentation served on a wooden tray and to be honest for me this one item is difficult to choose as the best among the three but surely all had the spark of taste and goodness .

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D) JAPANESE PANKO CRUMBED : Another special item prepared here in two different choices of fish and prawn. The crispyness and soft tender filling of both were just so yummy that it was over in split of seconds. Loved the presentation on the tray and the look of it along with mayo dips very well gave a nice eating moment .

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E) T – MOMO COMBO : Amazing is the word to describe it ,as it truely is a hell of a deal to feast on this one. The momo is a home made bread like looking food  but fried in a version to taste tender inside out and served  in a tray with two pieces each along with one a dip,clear soup and also mainly a shyapta as a side. Available in Chicken and Pork this one is a must try out here as it does full justice in taste,quality and quantity of the combo meal.


F) CHICKEN SHYAFALEY : A fried food like something similar to a patty but made with much more love in a tibetian style and infused with a whole lot of minced chicken and flavour’s to make it taste yummy. On presentation this one was served allong with a spicy dip and it was a very impressive ,as one whole plate has at least 5 to 6 pieces in triangular brown cooked shape which is quite a filling affair . A good item to relish whole heartedly over here.



G) MARINATED FRIED PORK : A Whole big portion of Pork was chopped and fried with special ingredients and veggies . On taste this one was very crispy and juicy,and the quantity was very well balanced covering a whole tray plate with small fried pieces. A good option for the pork lovers.



H) BANGKOK STREET NOODLE SOUP : Ok so its time to reveal the best thing i  had from MOMO I AM and to be true this was the star dish of the day at least for me as it was not just any ordinary soup but a Bangkok inspired style soup. Clearly a lot of flavour’s and ingredients have taken this soup dish to another level on taste, The soup had flat thick noodles inside and was mixed along with exotic veggies and generous pieces of chicken and topped with an fried egg . A super enriched dish this was as it had all the needed assortments to make it a heavy meal indeed . A sure shot recommendation this one gets straight away from my end .



With that the food and drinks session ended on a very satisfactory note and i must appreciate the efforts and great skills of the management and staff of MOMO I AM CHINAR PARK  as they are doing such a fabulous job in giving people a total different outlook and introducing new food eating options as well as keeping the flag high with its great eating environment for all .14247593_739620996177288_1710563849_oMomo I Am Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato