The popular chain of restaurant’s Sanjha Chulha has many outlet’s spread in the city and all have their own persona but maintain the same signature of food and service which is undoubtedly way ahead of the other chain of restaurant’s. Now well one of their newly opened up branch in Southern Avenue has come up with an very lip smacking Kabab eating celebration this whole month of August 2016 called QUIRKY KABAB FESTIVAL which includes 4 vegetarian and 6 non-vegetarian types of special kabab’s to relish from. So Panch Phoron group got an invitation from the management head of this branch Mr.Asif Ahmed who is a person of great hospitality as he made sure that everything was fine and comforting for us in the most possible way.

So at first on reaching here the look and feel of this place was very nice and i was very amazed with the interior’s and decor inside, right from the entrance you are welcomed with a nice Punjabi traditional lady like statue sitting and holding a brass metal matki which is a very eye pleasing sight .Next as you step inside you will actually get to see traditional interior works done in chocolate brown and creme colour on the walls to the roof, all look very nicely done. The tables and chairs are also wooden make which add to the smartness of this place. Talking about the lights well here it is all nice and cosy kind of lit with yellow lights  .There are a lot of designer wall art works done up as well as many show decor put up in all the corner’s of the restaurant. The seating arrangements are divided in two ,one section is a big round table for parties or you may say its for big group’s as well as families and the other section for regular dining with 4 to 5 seating capacity in every table.

Now the Service and Hospitality here is very much well balanced as the staff are very alert and helpful in catering your needs. They are courteous and give a positive vibe to this place overall . Ok so after getting to know the whole environment over here its time to know the items which were tried for the QUIRKY KABAB FESTIVAL. The 10 kabab’s which is on the list are :

A) KASHMIRI SEEKH (VEG) : Made in a sweet Kabab form and has a mix of different types of vegetables,fruits like pineapple as well as dry fruits. On taste this one was a very yummy affair ,and also the presentation is magically done

B) TANDOORI SALAD KABAB (VEG) : This Kabab was a very nice one as it was made grilled with pineapple, onions, tomatoes and special tandoori ingredients. It was actually a salad version of a kabab and on taste and presentation it was lovely.

C)  DAHI KE SHOLEY (VEG) : It was a bread based kabab as it had dahi and onion stuffed in the bread rolls then further garnished for cooking/grill to taste awesome.Its highly recommended to have a go at this one since you dont’t get this everywhere.

D) DHUANDAAR TIKKA (VEG) : This was a tikka type of a kabab which had  all sorts of vegetables mashed inside and then had loaded special masala’s inside . On taste and presentation this one was pretty nice and the best time to have it is when its hot .

E) FIRANGI SEEKH : This was a very interesting Cheese and Chicken kebab as it had been made with Chicken ,avacado and a lot of cheese . The filling is layered with non spicy ingredients but on taste it was a delight when it was out from the clay oven hot.

F) MAKHMALI KABAB: The Chicken drumstick’s had a replacement here literally infact it was a better form of it as it was garnished with special masala and also had cashew paste rolled in it making it sweet and sour in flavour once released from the oven.

G) KASUNDI MURGH TIKKA : A Mustard oil and paste enriched flavour on Chicken was this kabab’s trick . On taste it had a strong presence of spicyness and mustard which actually made it nice and juicy .

H) MURG SAUNFIYA TIKKA : Well another similar Chicken  Kabab but this had a flavour of sweetness due to the presence of milk,cashew nut and fennel powder. Overall had nice pieces and also had a good presentation too.

I) MUTTON BURRA KABAB : Kabab made with chopped mutton pieces and infused with tandoori masala and special ingredients. On taste this was very delicious however i din’t like the bones more than the meat in this one but still it is a good choice to try from on taste preferences .

J) SAABUT BHETKI : A whole Bhetki fish is spiced up with tandoori masala & ingredients further then given for grilling in the oven. The look and presentation had cut boil eggs along too which actually made the dish look more attractive. Its a must recommended dish to try 100% .


Well that’s the ten Kabab’s available at the QUIRKY KABAB FESTIVAL ,so hurry up few days left for this month to end so drop in at Sanjha Chulha Southern Avenue ,Kolkata for one of the best kabab eating experience this monsoon season..

Make life worth a living with these great food eating opportunities .

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