The word Pizza itself is such a appetizing thing,that one wont think twice of not having a go on a yummy slice of it. Just for a quick enlightenment the origin of Pizza happened in Italy however it slowly moved to the other parts of the globe . Majorly it spread in US and it became a hot fast food seller . Thanks to Italian immigrants in those times who opened up Lombardi’s in US for great Pizza’s as then after that it took over by storm giving an idea for opening up proper pizza business slowly but surely indeed making it a favourite food type for all.Well moving on many different types of food chains have opened up creating their different ways of branding in pizza’s . However we dont have to get the real taste of Pizza only when we go in our foreign trip’s as India is also full on with a large portion of great pizza making places as well as hosting the big name’s in the Pizza industry. You  can now get them all here without any hustle and bustle .Whether you live in Delhi,Mumbai,Chennai or your very own Kolkata ,you have full access to great pizza delivering /eating places.

Once such place recently i visited called CHICAGO PIZZA in Monalisa Building, 17, Camac Street Area, Kolkata was for the soul purpose of indulging in some great pizza and to feel good about it at the end of the day . On reaching Chicago Pizza i had one thing striking on my mind was how do they operate with such a small place ? but after a while i was convinced that it was actually a delivery focus place for Pizza’s however still they have fixed standing tables just in case one want’s to have a bite there too it can surely happen only if you are in small numbers/groups . Firstly about Chicago Pizza i want to thank  the owner Mr.Saanjiiv Nandani and his family member’s who are very friendly and cool in nature that you feel nice and welcomed when you are here .The invitation given by them was an opportunity to know more about their venture with their outlet.I would like to mention about the staff too that they gave some great hospitality and were extremely helpful to make the evening momentfull.

Ok so as said before that the place is a small one but one must not worry as there are future plans in mind maybe in the coming time you might get to see the place increased for catering to proper sitting arrangements.Apart from that lets focus on the look of the place, well this place inside looks all done up in red and white which is a strong colour option for Pizza places . The walls are listed with the hoarding of the menu and also have nice catchy photo frames put up ,giving this place a fun filled energetic look. The kitchen is a open live section where you can actually see your food being made ,which adds to the attraction of the place more . Now Talking about lights and entertainment over here i must say that the lights are nice and bright in white all over the place,and the tv display and music which is played highlights a nice peppy collection over here which is a very nice way to keep this place alive .

Moving on after getting to know the feel and look of this place ,the food part comes into action now,as on interaction with the chef ,i got to know that apart from the regular pizzas you can actually customize some of the selected pizza’s the way you want it which is a good move to keep it flexible and optional . One more thing which i like is that you get your pizzas in triangle big shape sizes,something which makes sense and is quite big enough to go through than the normal pizzas you get in other places. Loved the concept totally as the chef had made a huge size Pizza probably 18 inches to feast on ,so on that note my experience of what exactly i encountered was :

Tried 6 different variants in a 18 inch Pizza which came in 8 big triangle slices :


MARGHERITA (V1): This was the simplest veg selection of a pizza but had great potential on the taste as it was simply loaded with cheese and topped sprinkled with ingredients. Loved the crispy and burst of cheese inside the layered base .

PANEER ,ONION & CAPSICUM (V7) : Another veg pizza which had the base loaded with cheese and ingredients but topped with chunks of cube size paneer ,cut onions and capsicum. On taste this was a great blend of a pizza .

CHICKEN TIKKA, ONION & CAPSICUM (N5) : The Non veg version replaced the paneer here with Chicken tikka chunks in it along with cut onions,capsicum and loaded with cheese and special ingredients. On taste this was a master of its own,as it was very crispy and yummy with every single bite.

CHICKEN TIKKA ,BBQ,HAM & ONION (N10) : This was the best pizza i had from here as it was practically having the entire non veg option in one single slice,which is awesome indeed. The chunks of Chicken Tikka and Bbq did some great taste enhancing. Along with that small slices of ham and cut onion just went so well that it surely was a star pizza for me. And yup not forgetting the loaded cheese this one is not to be missed .

HAM SLICE : This one was the only one with the just pizza base stuffed with cheese and ham slices on it . On taste this was pretty good and was well made and filled nicely with ham all over the pizza .

CHICKEN SAUSAGE : This was made with the Chicken sausage pieces filled with a nice base of cheesy pizza. On taste this was a good one but not the kind of pizza i like it to be. A little garnishing and this one will taste pretty good too.

Well after having these pizza’s we were kind of filled up ,but our taste buds wanted to have more of the other available items Chicago pizza has apart from just Pizza’s. So the two more items we tried were –

GARLIC BREAD : Yes Garlic bread is something which most of us love to have ,and over here you get them made with a quality taste of garlic’s presence on the cheesy bread . 

LEMON FIZZ : A unique drink which is made with the regular soft drink but with a twist of lemon infused taste. A must try out drink when you order pizza’s so go grab a glass of this to make the combination better .

With these last items a wrap up happened in the food scene at Chicago Pizza Camac street Kolkata , and i must admit that it was a pleasure having all the lovely eating offering’s here and this place has the full scope to be bookmarked in everyone’s Pizza ordering places in the time to come.DSC06513

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