I have lived in Saltlake for the past 21 years and have seen a lot of ups and downs of the food scene in and around the blocks in Salt lake . A lot of new places to eat were established which stood tall for a while but then in the long run got shut or it either got switched to some other business ,and to add to the misery people easily got bored of eating from the same place every time . The question which keeps coming to my mind was that why doesn’t it run for a long span in a posh locality ? Well on applying some thinking cap the answer which i felt very much sensible was that it was the lack of new concept’s of food options as everyone wants to do the same kind of food business,nothing new and innovative. So that’s a very real point to understand the need for new kinds of ways to enjoy fun food .So keeping that in mind i had an recent encounter with a place known to be very sweet and sour at the same time in Sector 1 in the swimming pool area of Salt lake called ON MY WAY ,which is undoubtebly run by a welcoming and friendly management .Now why did i mention sweet was for it being a place which has sweet eatables and sour cause it offers tangy and tasty snack food as well .So a win win both ways for a food adventurous person.

So what’s the buzz about this place so much ,is your question then the reason is as  ON MY WAY has a speciality of all different kinds of flavoured enriched Paan’s which you probably wont get anywhere else in Kolkata and that is something really very attractive about this place however apart from this,cigars ,cigerette as well as toffies,candies,imported chocolates, chewing gums, dry fruits.,chocolate’s and other flavoured syrup’s ,Breakfast spreads,yummy variety of lollipops,and many other sweet eating munchies almost like unlimited stuffs are available here. Ok moving on then they also have a wide range of imported merchandise like wallets ,key chains,lighters and for the shisha addicts hookah stands are displayed on for sale where there is a very good collection to choose from indeed . Well these are only just half part of this place as the food/drinks and dessert is left to talk about . The food maybe considered as just a few sort of items available practically here, as it stresses on dessert and other chilled out stuffs however still from the menu which i had on my tasting was :

De Litticious Litti with Chokha : The dish is a famous Bihari snack and you get it almost anywhere and everywhere in the Bihar influenced places or in your friends home who are Bihari’s ,so knowing that better take full advantage of that now.Jokes apart to be true Kolkata is not at all behind when it comes to a food diversity ,and you get them here too in many corners of popular placesaround . On My Way is also in the list of establishing themselves a name in giving clean,hygienic and fresh Litti made for you . Who on earth imagined the cute size Litti of 4 to 5 pieces cooked in ghee and then served in a classic style of paper boxes along with a mash of aloo ,brinjal mix and two side chutneys one of dhaniya and one of chilli. Really smart thinking of turning a street snack in a food trend .And to talk about the taste well this one was DE LITTICIOUS as the name goes.

So moving on after that, the time came for dessert ,juice,mocktail ,gola and paan tasting .But before that i must say that this place is a charmer of its own because as you come here you feel very relaxed seeing the set up of all variety of sweet item’s displayed all over the shop which is all imported and of fine quality. The interior works inside is very friendly type as a lot of messages which are up in the wall grab immediate eye catching and its a fun way to read them out and be happy.A lot of positive vibe you get with the different types of menu items categorized and also on meeting the management you feel even more better as they are very kind and help you with the suggestion. Their staff is well behaved and know how to treat a customer which is very important too . Well anyways coming back to the Dessert/drinks part the tried items were :

  1. CUCUMBER MOJITO : If i have to rate this place just for Mojito’s probably i would give it a sure 5 out of 5 . Literally one of the best place to have a Mojito ,as the flavour of Cucumber was right,the soda was strong like it should be,the mint was intense and to top it all it was chilled totally. A perfect Mojito i had after a long time and knowing Cucumber in it i expected it to be pale but it was awesome.Served in a cooler shake type use and throw glass and the identity was lemon colour . 


  2. GREEN APPLE MOJITO : Similiarly like the Cucumber mojito this one was also made with the same technique and touch of intense mint ,strong soda and flavoured with green apple syrup. Served chilled to perfection in a use and throw cooler glass. On taste it was mind blowing ,i completely loved it . Let me break some news that the mocktails and juices are not made with any low quality syrups but by Monin singapore based syrups ,that does the trick of raising the standards of taste in every drink. 


3. FROZEN STRAWBERRY : This was a great mocktail too in which strawberry syrup was mixed along crushed ice and made with soda and other special filling. On taste this was good and was served like in the same way of a use and throw plastic cooler glass.



4. DAAB MALAI KULFI : You must have had the regular kulfi and must be kind of tired of it right ? why not have the kulfi with flavour available at ON MY WAY as they have  special flavoured kulfi’s . The Daab Malai Kulfi is  a example of it as its the daab malai taste in a kulfi version . The experience is absolute bliss ,i cant express in words how yummy and full of flavour it had enriched with daab malai in it. Served in 6 to seven cut pieces on a plastic plate it a sure addiction .


5.ROASTED ALMOND : The similiar kulfi base with a generous filling of roasted almonds in it. On taste this was a very impressive one too. Served in a plastic plate and cut in 6 to 7 pieces is worth the indulgence .



6. KESAR PISTA KULFI : Yes how can one miss out the classic one, and over here it is magical on taste and properly served in a similar plastic plate. One must try out these dessert’s as it is very popular and why not ? Its our own indian ice cream discovered after all .


Finally after all this there were a lot of other items which i coudn’t go through but the selected ones which were available in paan and golas were :

Royal Kesar Paan, Raat Raani Paan, Peach Paan,  Bela Bahaar Paan, Chocolate Paan,  Butter Scotch Paan, White Chocolate Chocochips ,On My Way Paan and Orange gola.

Out of all this i only tried the Chocolate paan and to be real honest i loved it every bit. The chocolate coated outside the paan which was made sweetly filled tasted really very nice. Its a signature item sold here so one must not miss it . The other items also had its own role to play on flavour and all of them looked very promising and very fresh and to top it all nicely presentable too.Its only places like ON MY WAY whom are giving hope with taking this concept of new and exciting ways to eat the ordinary in a not so ordinary manner. This place is been a year old now ,looking forward to see this place bloom in the coming years for spreading sweetness .

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