Zucca Lounge located in P 264C, Hemanta Mukhopadhay Sarani, Southern Avenue, Kolkata is one fine place i have long waited to tick on my been visited places list . And this happened recently when Panch phoron got an invite to experience their food offering’s and further to chill at their grandest ambienced Cafe/Lounge on the rooftop . A big Thanks to the management and staff of Zucca for bringing and coming up with such a great planned lounge which is actually very rare to find in Kolkata . It actually took me by storm to believe something like this came and gave the city a double joy of experiencing class and a new approach in the lounge scene around Kolkata. Its been more than 3 months now and its attention has grabbed eyeballs very successfully which certainly has all the praises at my end too as it deserve’s it whole heartedly after my thorough experience that i had here . Zucca makes you feel free and less limited to the places you can actually chill ,as the ambiance speaks a well crafted place with two floors divided on the 3rd and 4th floor . The 3rd floor has an in house cafe like look of a place where as the 4th floor is  basically the central focus of this place as a rooftop terrace is converted in a beautiful Cabbana style open air lounge . The interiors and decor translates everything in white from seating to curtains all is white and very peaceful it looks indeed . An whole section has 4 to 5 Cabana style seating which can accomade atleast 8 in each of them . Towards the other eye of the place there is a hanging like seating place and few comfy table and chair’s surrounded all over. And above them for entertainment purpose there is the large HD projector focusing matches ,music and lots more on the roof wall stuck screen in the open sky, which is sure magical for the eyes even from a distance view. Then the corner section has the Hookah making place for the staff which looks very nice and bright too. What i like mostly about Zucca Lounge is the smart divided zones for everything and all is visible to you ,so its like you are also a part of seeing how things are done by the Zucca team .The food and drinks probably comes from the kitchen which is in the 3rd floor i did not take note of that as i was stuck mesmerized with their roof top ambiance i did not pay heap to anything around. Well moving on if you choose any of the Cabbana’s you will love the private like feeling with the comfortable white big sofa like cushions to rest and relax . The wind is like a non stop blowing affair here in the rooftop as its located in South Kolkata so a windy atmosphere is like a blessing always . With that point just imagine such a place where you eat and a get complemented by a nice weather in open sky ,a moment it would be absolutely rememorable.

If you think Zucca Lounge end’s here with praises with just its ambiance then correct yourself as the food is something which tops my list of late now and i consider this place a must visit recommendation for all. Food and drinks are the important part of any food industry running place and at Zucca one can never probably complain of not being satisfied as things are so very right in my eyes . It was not just the environment that pleased me but more than that the food had  impressed me to another level .

On the food and drinks experience what i had here at Zucca Lounge and my take on them are as follows :


1. PEACH BULL : This was a red colour drink served in a V shape smart glass. The drink was mixed with a nice portion of peach syrup then added with lemon juice,lemonade squash,strawberry syrup and showered with redbull drink on top finally . On taste this was a good one and it tastes best when its chilled so it was an impressive one.


2.BUCK’S NURSERY FIZZ : This is a orange colour drink which is served in a jar glass and made with a mix of Ginger ale carbonated mix on top and stirred with fresh orange juice and fresh shoot of mint leaves inside . It was a nice fizzed up drink and was very refreshing to have ,but a little more of orange flavour can be infused for a better taste .


3.JACK’S FROST :This drink was a mix blend of curacao juice and pineapple juice topped with cocunut milk . It was blue in colour and looked smart in a martini glass . On taste it can be improved with changing or adding the ingredients otherwise this one was fair enough in the mocktail category.


4. CRANBERRY ICE TEA : Looked very nice in a V shape glass. Was red and yellow in colour and was served chilled to taste very nice . There was Cranberry juice infused along with tea ingredients and stuffed with small pieces of lemon for the sweet and sour taste . A nice mocktail to try out here .DSC06204

5. GREEN APPLE MOJITO : This drink was a clear winner of the evening in the mocktail selection. As it was served in a jar glass and had the perfect taste of mint on the green apple cut pieces inside and stirred with lemon and tea flavour . I loved this drink very much and enjoyed it right up till the end as it stayed chilled and had an intense flavour

6. OREO POPPER’S : A milk based drink which really impressed me very much as it had oreo biscuits crunched on the top and mixed with cream and flavoured ingredients . It was served in a jar glass and on taste it is a good one to indulge if you are a oreo lover .



  1. MASALA FRENCH FRIES – A desi twist to the original french fries,literally different from the usual fries you have indulged before from other places. Over here nice fresh potatoes are picked and sliced in a big manner and tossed on with a spicy mix and finally fried and served along with a tangy dip. My suggestion is to try this when its hot and then only you will get the real feel of enjoying the fries like i did .
  2.  MANCHOW SOUP – This was a mind blowing version of a soup i ever had from any lounge. Can give some serious competion to other well known Oriental eating places . The soup was Chocolate looking in colour and was just perfectly hot to have . Along with it came a nice crispy noodles in a cute presentation ,which went well with the whole soup. On taste this was a nice hot and a spicy soup and too add it all it had nice small shredded pieces of chicken inside making it more delicious DSC06186


3.CLAY POT MORSEL OF CHICKEN : The Chicken Tikka Kebab got a makeover here with their super flavoured spices and soft and juicy Morsel of a Chicken. I enjoyed every bit of this Kebab and definetely recommend this in starter’s .The presentation looked lovely and the quantity was very filling too .DSC06192

4. XACUTI SPICE CORN DUSTED CHICKEN : A fried starter with Chicken as its main base and coated with rich and tasty spices and corn powder over a crispy coating. A sure yummy dish which is accompanied along wih a some nice dips and some salads. Served in a plate and quantity wise was pretty wholesome .DSC06196

5. FISH TOSSED WITH CELERY AND SALT : Another great dish which is a good starter over here. The dish is actually made out of Fish which is further made in small chunks of balls and flavoured with lemon ,coriander,mayo  and other vegetable ingredients. Then it is served hot and taste’s amazing like it is a treat to feast .DSC06199


6. SHANGHAI SURPRISE :  A super thin crust pizza made with Chicken toppings and selected fresh vegetables ,further then garnished with special ingredients and spices used in pizza making . A lot of cheese added to the delightful dish made it an amazing treat to have . Served in a wooden holding pan and presented very neat and tempting adds to the magic of this dish .


7. CHICKEN CACCIATORE :  A grilled big piece of Chicken cooked along with a mix of special ingredients and vegetables. Served along with a slice of bread and a lot of Mushroom sauce this dish on taste was very nice and interesting .DSC06209

8. PAN FRIED NOODLES : For me this was the dish of the day as it had everything up to the mark from its presentation to its taste was simply a cracker . I can’t believe it that Zucca has Pan fried noodles in its menu and they make it so well . They make it along with noodles,Gravy based chicken and veggies stirred and mixed with ingredients, finally to be served on the pan itself .


With that full course action packed eating and drinking scene i was more than happy to be at Zucca Lounge , a full credit goes to the management once again for keeping the unexpected and proving folks like us wrong if they imagine that ZUCCA LOUNGE is not just about the look and feel of the place, but the real story is that its the overall factor that keeps the footfall rising here. A lovely place to hangout and it does have that satisfactory heavenly feeling here with the kind of experience they are ensuring everyone ,atleast i am in no mood of complaining ,till then you visit and decide .

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