How often do we come across a cafe which runs for our benefit and well being in life ? Probably very few you will trace in the long run but among them one fine cafe i had encountered is recent times is BODY N MIND CAFE. The cafe is actually set up inside a residential property in CL BLOCK 391 Saltlake which precisely falls in sector 1 near swimming pool . This cafe is run by Dr.Subidita along with her staff and family strength, who have brought this new concept of spreading the message that one can eat everything in the most HEALTHIEST AND TASTIEST way if they want and that happen’s only in their BODY N MIND CAFE .

Well the food here is prepared with a lot of care and concern of health and also highlights the safety part of adding ingredients which can be avoided for us and replaced by the ones where one can actually have for health benefits .Now less oil or less sugar intake is all entertained here whole heartedly ,so worry not if you like to customize your food in case you want to add or reduce some things in your meal /snack as you can do that here with ease . The aim of this cafe is to involve people to live more clean and have less oil and avoid harmful food so that way one can improve their daily lifestyle to overcome any ailments and to treat our body better and to be always fit in the years to come . Apart from the food there is Zumba classes,Yoga,Gym equipment’s,Poetry ,Spa ,Motivational classes and other social as well as extra curricular activities to do ,so one can become a member as well here for a better life overall .DSC06002

The look of this place from outside is very simple and nothing grand however that simplicity is what makes this place serene and calm ,perfect like a place to relax  indeed.The interiors are nicely done to look like a multipurpose open cafe where at one end you can see the gym and at the other end you can have a glance at the kitchen ,where the food is prepared. The entrance has some sitting arrangements like a proper cafe style as well as the lights are imported which give this place a very nice and beautiful look .Even all over mirror’s add to the charm . Now that’s just the entrance ,the actual cafe is hidden in the room on your right where the interiors speak of a beach theme and chilled out view of water ,sand and sun bathing atmosphere. Totally loved the wallpaper done on the walls. Even the seating arrangements had beach relaxing chairs at the corners to make the place feel more mindset. For a moment you feel you landed somewhere else with the ambiance as the hustle bustle on the street’s you get to see everyday and when you enter here you are instantly transported ,making it a relax mode for you .

On the food and drinks part that was tried from Body N Mind Cafe ,i had listed below my entire experience and my view’s, which are  :

  1. FRESH WATERMELON JUICE (DRINK) – The juice was an extract of water melon pulp and made into a juice fresh as ever and futher served in a nice shining glass in a cool temperature . Very balanced in sweetness and thickness of the drink . I loved it very much and its quite a health infused drink to indulge in .


  2. SMOOTHIE (DRINK) – This is a yellow colour drink made with Yoghurt ,dry fruits like nuts raisins as well as cut fresh fruits . On taste it wasn’t so good maybe a little changes in the ingredients might make it better however its considered a very nutritious drink for a good complete health .DSC06019


3. BAKED SAMOSA – You must have eaten those regular samosa’s which have high amount of oil content and are deep fried. But over here you get the samosa which has a nice tasty stuffing and fully baked which is in return absolutely lovely . I enjoyed this one as it has nice veggies and flax seeds inside it which helps in health benifit’s .DSC06023

4. CHICKEN KEBAB ROLL –  The roll is made without any oil wrapped paratha but just a wrap and inside it stuffed with Chicken kebab . On taste this was lovely and its a good try here.

5. PANEER KEBAB ROLL – The veg version of the roll had the same outer wrap but was replaced with a Panner kebab stuffing . On taste it was nice but needs more improvement compared to the Chicken one .DSC06031

6. CHICKEN MOMO –  Yes you get momo’s here too as steamed ones more precisely with a nice tangy and spicy dip along. This one taste’s pretty fine but can have a better stuffing with Chicken being there , more mix with the ingredients is required i feel.DSC06024

7. HING KACHURI – The Kachuri was made oil free and infused with the Hing flavour inside them . Served along with a yummy aloo and vegetable curry ,indeed tasted delicious and i coudn’t resist polishing it totally .DSC06036

8. CHICKEN STEAK – A nice piece of Chicken was sliced in steak style and made with a nice soya loaded gravy ,further tossed with ingredients and veggies like carrots,beans,peas ,corn and potatoes. On taste it was good and for the real health folks this one should be tried out as intially i was not getting the taste but slowly after having the food i actually liked it especially the potatoes and chicken dipped in soya .DSC06034

A part from these eating options one can try the fresh fruit salad option where you can choose your desired fruits and get it mixed with special health ingredients and served after weighting it . And three more sweet snacking options like Fruit custard ,Patisapta and khaja are also available here . They tasted very nice and it is all made with a lot of love and care as its visually understood by the super nice presentation.

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With these food options available here,one cant’t have a second thought of not visiting this cafe . A great way to have a change in lifestyle through these concept cafes opening up in our city run by great professional medical practitioner’s. Looking forward for more people to accept places like these where the quality is not compromised and a a reasonable rate is set in the entire menu making it a commendable approach to BODY N MIND CAFE for the hungry and healthy minded folks .Body N Mind Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato