Snack street cafe located in the corner of  Nandan building in 17/1D, Alipore Road, Near Alipore State Bank and Paris cafe as its neighbour is a place to snack on some great fast food run by Jayant Sethia who is one fine man on a mission to give people a good food deal for their money .As it was a dream to run a food business and now it is happening most definite in all the right ways.Snack street cafe has not got the fame apart only from its neighbourhood it deserved yet ,as it is overlooked by the big fast food giants in the food circle in our city ,but this might seem to change if this eatery and its offerings are more visible and popular among all . Snack street cafe is currently having a delivery and take away service but one can get grab a bite inside the cafe as there is place to stand comfortably for 5 to 8 people with fixed marble slabs to place your food and enjoy . Apart from this they dont have any other outlets in Kolkata but there is a full fledged restaurant of theirs in Bokaro city which has the same menu available ,some pictures of it are below .

Coming back to the New Alipur outlet ,i must say that it has been planned very nicely and even though being a delivery/take away joint people actually dont mind eating here with the limitations of space or tables .The decor inside out is very new age and funky like done with wooden and glass set up having a lot of orange ,red ,black and yellow which look’s very attractive in and around from the wall to the roof.Then there is a lot of  poster’s with catchy lines and wall paper graphics which charges the mood right to eat inside .And talking about the small kitchen inside it looks so nice and almost gives us a question in mind that is this a dream or actually all the lovely food is being prepared in this small little kitchen  which is very smart ,trendy and a surely kept very hygienic and clean .On a conversation with Jayant regarding the interiors and look of this cafe ,it was totally his idea behind the whole creativity of turning an ATM available place to a fast food joint which is an commendable job and totally unimaginable of thinking such an idea .To add on the plus factor to open an Non veg eating place in the locality around New Alipur which is mostly ruled by vegan eateries gives hope and acts as a saviour for the Non veg eater’s too but yes there is lot of veg items available here so dont worry folks there is something for everyone .

Over here the food as of now is all snack based like french fries,garlic bread,burgers,wraps and momo’s  and ofcourse soft drinks are available too, however the additional menu apart from the set menu gets updated on and off with introductory  heavy meals like rice and other side stuffs ,watch out for the chalk duster board inside at the entrance for more about this time to time .

PANCH PHORON FOOD BLOGGER’S had been invited to try the food available here and give a piece of mind about it and surely as we love doing that whole heartedly ,so without any delay Jayant had shortlisted the best Non -Veg / Veg  of his specialities for us to feast on which were as follows :

  1. CHICKEN EGG SNACK STREET WRAP (NV)- This snack is the top most loved one and gets order’s in huge numbers as its made with a nice fried chicken piece garnished and marinated in tasty sauce and special ingredients as well as selected vegetables like onions and all then placed along with an poached full egg and wrapped with a roomali roti and finally gets grilled to be served . On taste and quality this one rocks for me as i havn’t eaten such an amazing wrap from quite a long time as i still have the flavour and impression of the snack  lingering on my mind . A must try if you are non-vegetarian eater like me .


  2. FRIED CHICKEN (NV)- You have eaten them before in the big name places so there isn’t anything much or a hype to talk about it any further but in Snack street cafe one loves the Fried Chicken cause you get a big piece of Chicken and the secret spice flavour is coated inside out very well giving a real taste and aroma  . Also not forgetting the outer crust covering the Chicken piece has a crisp and sure deals with a delightful experience which is the main part of a fried food .
  3. CHICKEN TANDOORI WRAP (NV)- This wrap was a Euro Asian mix of a wrap where a Fried Chicken is made with full on tandoori flavour and special ingredients . And then wrapped with roomali roti and grilled to serve . On taste this one was a spicy affair so be prepared with water along but it surely has a rich Tandoor taste and juice filling to die for .I loved it to the core ,one must go for it indeed .DSC05797
  4. CHICKEN AND CHEESE GARLIC BREAD (NV)-Garlic bread is available in all sorts of ways and in different recipes everywhere , so why not have it with a twist of Chicken and spices . Yes Chicken and cheese garlic bread over here is made with a whole loaf of garlic bread which is first garnished with cheese and special ingredients and layered inside with marinated chicken and flavours to grill and be served by cutting it in 4 to 5 slices . On taste it was not so bad but can be improved a bit maybe as some flavours did not get along well and to top it over the bread was a bit over heated ,as Jayant had said he is experimenting with this and has not finalised its availability in the menu right now, so a little here and there changes will happen and it will taste excellent .DSC05814
  5. EGG BURGER (NV)- A burger for an egg lover is indeed available here in which two soft buns are heated and semi grilled and loaded inside with an poached egg and garnished with cheese , mayo & basic burger dressing veggies and pepper. Was a very tasty and nice snack to go through .


  6. VEG MEXICAN WRAP (V)- A Wrap made with a vegetable patty having potato ,peas& corn and mixed with special spices and flavour’s of a tangy sauce inside a roomali roti wrap and served after a round of a grill and clearly tends to be a low oil favourite snack for the health consious people around . On taste it was nice and delicious right as soon as it was hot but the moment it started getting cold it lost the taste balance  so immediate consumption is a must .


  7. FRIED VEG MOMO’S – A steam momo filled with veggies and flavour’s is first fried and served with a hot and spicy dip to accompany with . On taste it was a nice and a good option to try from here .DSC05818

With all these delicious food we ended our food eating scene in SNACK STREET CAFE ,Thanks ! to Jayant and his kitchen force for having us indulge in his great snacking options. A definite recommendation this place deserves for all and hoping to see more wings of SNACK STREET CAFE to spread across Kolkata in the coming days. And when you are here dont forget to ask for a 5 RUPEES SHOT DRINK of Thums up/Sprite which is a new thing to drink in a 100 ml paper cup you can end your eating scene quite cool and in a fun way totally .

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