If i ask you what are the things possible to do in real quick 3 mins what would you say ? well for a fact many would have a lot of things to come up with in 3 mins, from eating an apple to polishing your shoes all is possible in 3 mins in our day to day lives .Now what if i say in 3 mins you can get your favourite ice cream made in front of you with the process of liquid nitrogen would you believe me ? Yes you got to believe me as it is possible ,Thanks ! to Mumble’s Lab Nitrogen ice cream parlour located in 10E, Hungerford Street, Kolkata 700 017 West Bengal, India which is indeed very close to Birla High school . Mumble’s Lab is not your regular ice cream parlour which has ice cream’s readily frozen and stocked up for display and served straight away . What seperates Mumble’s Lab from other’s is its fresh way of using Liquid Nitrogen for the process of freezing the ice cream’s in a minus 3oo degree temperature and above atmosphere where the ice cream’s get smoother and yummier in taste.And of course fresh it in the process as a result the ice crystals dont get a chance to form much compared to your regular already frozen ice cream’s, making liquid Nitrogen process a better choice to save time as well as it create’s an experience of indulging in your ice cream absolutely safe because Nitrogen evaporate’s during the freezing process keeping you rest assured .

The people who are behind as well as into this whole process of introducing this ice cream place are Devina and Arihant , who are great in showering there hospitality when you reach here . Recently Panch Phoron Food Blogger’s group had visited this place for  a Blogger’s visit to try out the speciality ice cream’s and know more about the concept. Ambience wise from inside this place is magic with its interior’s and light’s as everything had a lab outlook but had a fun element of a character or rather  a mascot you may say who is called Mumble. Mumble is a penguin who invented this Liquid Nitrogen process over here to make ice cream’s freeze faster than usual as he loved milk since school time and always experimented with food and especially fruit flavour’s like strawberry and all.So he came up with this idea to use flavour’s and make ice cream’s with nitrogen as our earth has 78% Nitrogen in air and that would be a good use of it someway.Since then Mumble welcomes everyone to try his invention and that’s how we landed here to try them too. That cute story is very interesting in its own way as the walls of Mumble’s lab is flooded with Mumble and his family talks and fun conversation’s which is loved by people of all ages young and old .Now talking about the lights inside ,they are very nice and not very bright nor very dim but just right and attractive like a lab kind of a scene overall making it very comforting for sure.Then the whole section of this place is spacious not like what you imagine it to be like those small parlour’s, but it is a big place indeed for a group of friend’s ,couple’s or any family sort of accomadation as well can easily get space here.The decor is mostly done in Teal blue and white which is a very sophisticated and all together a new colour to spot in food places than the regular colour’s of interiors you see everywhere so it is looks great that way . Coming to the main part I like the live ice cream making area which is on the right as you enter, where all the work happen’s once you select your flavour from a periodic table which gives you a real feel of a lab with the flavour initial’s on the wall  but dont worry as definitely a description is there for all intials so no confusion will be there and it will turn out to be simple at most. All the flavour’s here are made with proper care and check’s and there is no harmful substance or quality compromise when it comes to milk being used as well as the hygienic factor’s around looked well maintained and super clean .

What we learnt here was not something ordinary but sure extraordinary as somewhat like the title of this blog goes by.

Overall we tried 13 flavour’s on our visit and all had a different taste however had the same texture and quality as well as the quantity was maintained in all the same flavour’s. The one’s we got busy with on our table one by one was as follows  :

A) ORANGE CARAMEL – This flavour was a combination of Orange and Caramel infused inside but had a brown colour outlook which was the talking point among all of us . Was absolute magical and tasted really very nice and was served in a large ice cream tub making it worth a good start in our first indulgence.DSC05701

B) GINGER HONEY BASIL – This one was had medicinal ingredients in an ice cream as the ginger flavour was strong and gives a good soothing sensation in the throat and the honey flavour makes is smoothly sweet ,and not forgetting the basil gives you the benifits of pure herbs enrichment too . DSC05704DSC05697

C) BOURNVITA – This flavour does not need any introduction however ever wondered how it taste’s like when its frozen and made like an ice cream ? The answer is super good as the bournvita is rich on taste with a lot of crunchyness and smoothness overall.

D) COOKIEWICH WITH NUTELLA – Nutella is a favourite morning spread for everyone and why not have it on ice cream’s when its so good on taste ? So the flavour is made and available here too in a ice cream way and served with two fresh handmade cookies .Which definitely makes the experience a sinful one indeed.


E) NUTELLA – As i said Nutella is everyone’s favourite and enjoyed by all ,this one is just the Nutella flavour without the side cookies and is one of my best flavour as it has the amazing taste of hazelnut and chocolate in a it delicious for sure . i strongly recommendation anyone to go for this flavour and not miss it as it will keep you asking for more .DSC05716

F) THANDAI – Yes you read it right Thandai is a special drink during holi and this flavour has come up in the list of all the flavour’s available here too. The ice cream version of Thandai has a strong taste and lovely balance of sweetness and milky enriched filled with kesar pista on top.


G) KAIRI PUDINA – This is the spicy and chatpata version of an ice cream as it has pudina flavour in it and kairi ingredients making it a very interesting combination . The ice cream is topped with chaat masala and crushed pulse candies giving it the best sweet and sour combination to try from here.


H) TIRAMISU – This coffee flavoured ice cream is a good combination of coffee liquor and coffee powder mixed and topped to perfection as well as served with two bread sticks for company . A lovely indulgence for sure ,one must try this out here .


I) PEANUT BUTTER – So when you are tired of regular sweet flavour’s you must try this sweet and salty flavour of ice cream which is very nice and has a strong taste of peanut’s and it is very smooth on texture and looks light brownish in colour.


J) STRAWBERRY – The strawberry flavour had a very intense strong taste and texture of strawberry which was a very delighful experience overall .This also becomes  a good recommendation to try here.


K) NUTELLA WITH SNICKER’S,MAR’S AND TWIX – This was a custom option available here as Mumble’s lab has introduced their ice cream with your ice your way concept where one can choose what flavour base they want and add anything they desire to top on it . So a Nutella base with pieces of snickers,mars and twix was made and on taste turned out to be very yummy and innovative  .


L) DRAGON BALLS – An interesting dessert snack available here is Dragon balls which is marshmallow dipped in liquid nitrogen which makes the marshmallow hard from outside but soft inside and it should be immedietely consumed as the smoke shall give you the real feel of the concept and name .


M) KRISHNANAGAR SWEETS WITH VANILLA ICE CREAM – Another your ice your way concept was into action as one of our friend had got speciality sweets from Krishnanagar and we thought of experimenting with the taste of it with the nitrogen ice cream base of vanilla. Surprisingly it came out to be very good and all of us enjoyed the flavour ,one must try this too with their own choices sometime.


With that last speciality ice cream of your ice your way concept we ended our yummylicious session at Mumble’s lab and definitely a big Thanks ! to Devina and Arihant as well of the whole staff management who made our evening very memorable and sweet. Also the gift’s at the end was a very kind gesture and overall sets us positive to keep coming back with this great hospitality in MUMBLE’S LAB LIQUID NITROGEN ICE CREAM PARLOUR . Thanks !

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