One fine day i came across a picture in a leading newspaper about a food truck which is getting immense popular with its food concepts and its ways ,so i had to definitely give this place a visit along with Panch phoron food blogger’s group to have a experience to share about this place and its offerings . The place that i am talking about is #TAG EAT ,a food truck actually which is located beside Fort Knox building in Camac street and very near to RBS too.

As we are very familiar with a lot of food trucks which cater to foods across the city but actually are not organised and do not have a proper label and identity as a reason of failing to hold up a name and attraction towards people who love good food. The concept of food trucks escalated very early in United States and slowly became a hot thing globally as all sorts of reasons were there to try out ways to cater to people who wanted food on the go . Mobile canteens ,food wagons,lunch wagons and other kinds of food trucks started operating to fullfill the food crave of people having no time or on work mode non stop .

Similarly coming back to the food truck that i visited ,at first i want to thank Tanay & Laveen who co-own this magical food truck for being very cool and comforting hosts to us . And so a little history is there behind the birth of this food truck service as both these guys had well settled job’s in Noida but always wanted to do something of their own so they listened to their heart and soul giving up their jobs and  coming back to Kolkata their own city and starting their new venture resulting bang on with the concept of launching food trucks. The look of #TAG EAT is very strong with black and mustard yellow colour on the body of the truck which is easily spotted from a distance and looks very nice. As its a food truck obviously there is no sitting arrangements but has ample space to stand and eat which is perfectly fine .The surrounding and environment of the truck where it is parked is kept clean as a result the hygeine factor is maintained well here even being on streets .The truck has an on board kitchen where 2 to 3 people are inside handling the cooking and preparation being very fast and smooth and not messing about with the orders in the little space they get and they do a great job very efficiently ,credit goes to the management for taking care of that .

#TAG EAT caters from its parked food truck to a variety of foods especially for the the office goer’s and student’s in and around Camac street during their lunch/dinner hours or snacking time as you may say so. A list of food and drinks they make are very optional for all from your sandwiche’s to your wholesome biryani you get them all here . Even shakes and juices you get to refresh yourself with your food on the run . Home delivery is also available presently a coverage they have set in and around the truck location nearby .

So the food and drink’s encounter that i had from here was something like this :

KABAB’S – Tried three different kabab’s which were Chicken sarson,Chicken tikka and Chicken reshmi , all were different from each other however all had the same soft juicy texture of meat and strong  flavour of creamy layer on reshmi ,spicy on tikka and mustard on sarson .It is served along with onion salad and a nice side dip of pudina chutney , making it a strong recommendation to try from here .


CHEESE MOMO’S – There was two different momo’s only steamed way it was served which were both stuffed  proper on filling inside and topped with chopped sprinkled cheese giving it a nice flavour indeed. The chicken had soft minched pieces inside and tasted pretty nice but can be improved with more flavour’s and the veg had veggies and was a better one with spicy stuffing .Both had a nice side spicy dip to have along with and was pipping hot when it was served .

BIRYANI –  The biryani is a popular meal for everyone and they have that too here and a cost of 90 rs is worth a deal as you get fresh fine basmati rice cooked with Chicken and aloo pieces made in yellow and white colour thanks to the special ingredients it tastes very delicious and its a must try here .


MASALA CHEESE VADA PAV – Bombay famous vada pav is available here too with a special make of a masala veg patty stuffed inside two pav breads and garnished with mayo and cheese absolutely lovely on taste and for a very minimal pricing is a hit for sure.


MAGGI SANDWICH – Maggi is a famous snack for everyone and #TAG EAT has a special sandwich which has maggi as its filling inside .On taste is was very nice and to have maggi stuffed inside a two layered bread ,then grilled and served with side dips is very innovative in its way.

COLD COFFEE – The cold coffee is made out of coffee flavour and hershey’s chocolate syrup blending together and served chilled . On taste it was pretty good and strong overall,even the quantity was sufficient too which made it a satisfactory drink for the day .


With the last thing that was cold coffee we ended our experience of food and drinks at #TAG EAT and i must admit that Tanay and Laveen are aiming very high in their journey with #TAG EAT ,as more food trucks are going to be visible in and around in popular location’s of the city as why not ? as they are offering such a budget friendly food truck for the people of Kolkata who wouldn’t mind to welcome it open arms for the hungry soul’s .




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