The most happening thing for a restaurant to grab eye balls are its fresh theme and concept of serving great food and giving a perfect reason to remember the place they ate with a smile and its speciality, holding a lasting impression for a period of a long time.One such fine restaurant i had an encounter with few days back was FLY KOUZINA which is a aircraft theme based restaurant . The reason i had this opportunity to try this place was because of a blogger’s meet organised by THINKQUISITIVE at this beautiful place which has it own creative way of making food eating, in a fun and stylish way .Many of us have travelled in a aircraft atleast once and are very familiar with what kind of hospitality you get in an aircraft and very well your comfort level is at top priority anywhere you go .At FLY KOUZINA located in Salt lake AD-73 block which is close to 3 no island/tank , i had an experience of an Aeroplane hospitality session in this restaurant , right from the start as i saw the led board outside  displayed i started imagining it to be a new experience and as i was greeted by the security staff to enter inside and  i was in a different zone once the door opened cause i saw  a packed restaurant divided in two halves as the blogger’s meet had already commenced,pretty much confusing me where to go , thankfully Aishwarya of Thinkquisitive guided me and welcomed me to take a seat and from then started my beautiful evening in FLY KOUZINA .

Ambience wise this restaurant gets a thumps up for its creativity with converting a restaurant to look like a aircraft dedicated place as from its entrance you will see two sections of seating,one is the upside down runaway like seating with 4 t 6 huge tables to choose from to relax .Its very spacious and the seating arrangement is very comfortable and proper. The look of this section is very nicely done up with chocolate brown and cream colour,on the walls and the furniture both compliment each other with this sophisticated and good pleasing outlook . The inside decor has some nice lights on top and spread all over the place, the ceiling’s and side walls focus some nice photo frames of aircrafts ,then the huge analog clocks show different times of airports globally is very international like way of running a theme restaurant to perfection. On the table clean and shining crockery add a great beauty to this place and even at the end corner there is a small mocktail making place which looks neat and smart in it own way .The second section which was the main attraction and highlight of this restaurant was the cabin section which was the main theme part and it was magnificiently done to look exactly like a aircraft inside cabin,from the interiors to the seating was very realistic and classy ,as one can sit back without seat belts for sure as this airline restaurant wont sweep you off the ground but will definetly make you see those passing clouds,mountains and airport visuals in every window frame attached on every table . There is ample seating arrangement and with every table the cabin section can accomade 4 to 5 people which is a good thing for families mostly.You will love the look for sure .

The hospitality of this place says it all ,as soon as you enter you are greeted with a  boarding pass printed with your name which is a cool thing to do ,i mean i was really very amazed with such a greet .Super unique and a nice gesture was the start here , moving on talking about the staff  and crew of the restaurant ,they are well dressed up nice in smart pilot and cabin crew attire’s complimenting the theme of the restaurant very well . The crew is very well knowledgeable of their menu and listing and polite too in taking order’s and giving recommendation’s so that marks the comfort and friendly nature of this place.Service is fast in less orders but in long listed orders it takes a little more time considering the peak hours ,but good enough the wait as food has great quality and quantity to crave for more .Each and everyone associated with this place is a pleasing personality to come across ,indeed they have a great management running the show .

DSC05302Now lets come to the main talk of the entire blogger’s meet which was food and beverage of the menu that FLY KOUZINA had offered . First of all this is a pure vegetarian place so dont think it is any dissapointment for you if you are a non vegetarian eater as i myself am a fully loaded non-veg eater but FLY KOUZINA did some magic on me probably that evening as i was sorted and a happy man even with a veg affair ,so no issues there for me .Knowing that by now ,all that was made and tried was soups,starters,mocktails,main course and desserts which were very appetizing and mood enhancing for sure.

The list of items to eat & drink as well as exactly how it went with me while feasting from here were :


a) MANCHOW – The soup was made in a mix of soya flavour and chilli ingredients making it  very spicy and the colour turned little brown and red served in a soup bowl hot .

b) CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUP – White based soup served hot in a bowl and made with cream and tastes sweet and sour is good to have with crispy noodles .


a) CRISPY CHILLI BABY CORN – Baby corn fried and made in a red chilli based mixture ,looks red in colour with special ingredients added and served in a plate hot and tastes crispy and yum .

b) PESTO CHEESE SHASLIK – This was a nice starter with vegetables ,fruits and  cottage cheese shaped in small pieces and placed on a skewer and grilled and marinated with ingredients making it taste very good .colour of identity was green masala coated .

c) CHEESE BALLS – Nice and hot cheese infused shaped in small ball size fried and served along with mayonnaise cream in a real capsicum shaped for dipping . The colour is brown and served in a plate .

d) BROCOLLI CORN DUMPLING – Dumpling filled with corn and brocolli then locked ,tied and steamed in special ingredients and served in a bamboo steamer basket for a grand look . The colour is white and tastes very delicious and soft with every bite inside out .

e) MALAI PANEER TIKKI – A tikki made with cottage cheese also known as paneer and fried with ingredients infused till it turns light brown and served along with a nice dip sauce or chutney . On taste it was very tasty and smooth with every bite .

f) KADAK SUBZ SEEKH KEBAB – A vegetable minced mix made in kebeb style and spice up with spicy ingredients looks green in colour but on taste was a little low ,can be improved however presentation was full marks as i was served in a plate accompanied with salad.

g) CHEESE GARLIC BREAD – A garlic bread toppled with cheese and herb ingredients tastes ok but a bit dry maybe because it was kept a bit too long after it was made however looks good in white and yellow colour and served in tray plate .


a) VIRGIN COLADO – A white based drink made with coconut flavour and pineapple and a diluted scoop of ice cream giving it a sweet taste but not actually a bliss in mocktails some what fine though to try.

b) STRAWBERRY MARGARITA – Looked very bright in red and served in a margarita glass fully loaded till the rim ,this drink was made with strawberries as the name goes and other added flavours but not quite impressive.

c) VIRGIN MOJITO – A drink made with lemon taste and infused with mint leaves and a good amount of soda taking this drink  just like it should be to taste very good ,colour of identity is transparent however a little green can be taken into consideration.

d) LEMON GRASS MOJITO – This drink is made in the same way like virgin mojito but lemon grass leaves are added in it giving its identity flavour to taste pretty impressive and a good recommendation over here.

e) ORANGE MOJITO – This one had orange flavour added in the making of mojito with brown sugar for sweetness  and looked light orange in colour and on taste was pretty ok.

f) BARMAN’S PITCHER – A fully loaded mocktail served on a cooler glass had apple juice,cranberry juice,peach juice and garnished with grenadine syrup and red bull had got all the attention it needed on presentation as it looked very stunning in red but it lacked the potential of taste and combination so a little things have to be fixed up here.

g) MINT LEMONADE – A simple and good drink in with crushed ice served in a glass and toppled and blended with mint and lemon juice to taste smooth and refreshing .


Continental – a) PIZZA KOUZINA –  A large thin crust pizza made with cheese and alot of vegetables ,yummy and tasty at its best . Served along with pesto dip and is a must try for all.

b) LA PIZZA VERDE – Was another vegetable pizza but small corn slices were added in this one and was made in a similiar manner tastes ok and enjoyable .

c) RISOTTO ALLE VERDE – White arborio rice cooked with cheese and corn and served along with bread on taste it has a nice italian blend and is good for a nice meal .

d) LASAGNE DE VERDE – A pasta made with cheese and a lot of vegetables ,tastes nice  and yummy served in a glass bowl .


Oriental – a) CHILLY GARLIC NOODLES -A haka noodles spiced with chilli and garlic taste was made very fresh and filling ,garnished with nice vegetables and had a brown and red colour identity .A good choice to try and have it along with options of side dishes .

b) SWEET &SOUR COTTAGE CHEESE – A gravy based dish made with cottage cheese and spiced up with tomato and pineapple taste has a great aroma and looks good in red and is a very nice oriental side dish .

Indian –

Subz Dum Biryani with Raita – The most stellar and amazingly tasty veg biryani i have tried from here was the best food of the day as it had the right aroma and flavour infused with vegetables,basmati rice had some serious rounds of extra serving on my plate,its highly recommended and it looks yellow & white mix in colour .



a) GULAB JAMUN – Hot and fresh favourite sweets available everywhere is available here too served in a dessert bowl decent two pieces on dripping saffron sweet juice .

b) SUNKEN CHOCOLATE PUDDING WITH VANILLA ICE CREAM – A nice scoop of vanilla ice cream is a placed along with a chocolate pudding and served in a tray ,a quick indulgence is the first thing one would want and this is a sure sweet ending for a heartful meal .


With that an end happened to a full on eating session ,as there were more food items on the table layed out but due to a bit of time factor everything could not be covered so the whole meal was very delightful  what ever we had was whole some .Fly kouzina restaurant has definetly given a nice time to remember and cherish for sure and ofcourse ,Thanks to Thinkquisitive for those lovely custom complimentaries too at the end of the evening which is very meaningful and appreciated to the highest . Cheers !

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