AU BON PAIN is a popular fast casual bakery located Globally but has roots from USA and it is currently setting an impression of its freshly baked breads,creamy and rich pastries ,assorted bagels, hot tea,rich coffee and Instant espresso beverages,even breakfast and lunch items such as Chefs special soup,Out of this world salads, and delicious sandwiches ,right here in INDIA our very own country . On 11th June 2016 a blogger’s meet was organised by AU BON PAIN , PARK STREET( KOLKATA) , Thanks ! to BANG IN THE MIDDLE for inviting us to this event and it was a new menu launch event so a big group of food blogger’s were present and PANCH PHORON group was also there .

As most of us are familiar with the old Music world in PARK STREET , AU BON PAIN resides there now not for music cd sales but for great food and drinks ,holding tight the fond memories of that place what it used to be for me atleast in this visit ,its been a very nostalagic moment .The new place is huge and is done up with a lot of creative decor right inside out with mustard yellow colour as their signature colour  and lights were well lit up all over the entire restaurant property.The table and chairs were all mostly in Chocolate brown colour spread across all different sections of the restaurant,even it had a 1st floor seating arrangement for more accomodation and the restaurant had nice custom sofas with a great view of the street from the see through glass panes . A lot of painting and art work was displayed on the roofs and walls making it very attractive and pleasing for the eyes,so was the whole set up of food and eatables very properly organised and visibly fresh and appealing to get hands on it without any delay. The washroom’s are kept very clean and the floor is always glossy and shining so a proper hygenic environment you will be treated once you are here.

The new menu launch had a mix of food items and mocktails out of which some were good,some were dissapointing and some needed improvisation in their elements used .So what all was tried for the launch menu was something like this –

1. COLD COFFEE – The cold coffee was a blend of milk and coffee served chilled in a shake plastic use and throw glass and was pretty nice.

2. TANDOORI CONE-WICH – This was a cone-wich made with bread and stuffed with Tandoori Chicken made well inside and garnished with spices to taste fine and served on a coffee cup popping out manner .

3. MUSHROOM EGG PLANT CONE-WICH -This was a cone-wich made with the same bread but the stuffing was Mushroom and toppled with egg and served in the same manner on a coffee cup and tastes not so good.

4. CHICKEN KEEMA CONE-WICH – This was a cone-wich with Chicken infused inside bread base and served on a coffee cup and on taste was good .

5. BANANA YOGHURT COOLER – Not a good choice as it was tasting bad and not blending well with the preparation however banana tatse was there but not good enough .

6. ORANGE PAPAYA COOLER – Another drink messed up ,as it was not tasting good and turnt bitter and not up to the mark .

7. WATERMELON MOJITO – This was a nice drink as it was very cooling and had a proper taste of watermelon and the mojito taste was pretty good ,served in a cooler plastic glass .

8. PEACH MOJITO – Was again dissapointing with this drink as there must be a change in the taste and elements used to make it ,however it was cold.

9. BANANA WALNUT MUFFIN – A nice muffin infused with alot of rich and tasty Walnut flavour , soft and sufficient for a single person.

10. GRILLED JALAPENO SANDWICH – Very tasty sandwich and served in  a platic tray filled with jalapenos and special ingredients this was a good eat.

11. BBQ CHICKEN WINGS – 6 pieces Chicken wings fried in BBQ flavour and served in hard paper tray has a strong taste of BBQ and juicy chicken.

12. SALMON BAGEL WITH CLASSIC CHEESE – Bagel was a nutrious bread made & topped with cheese and tasted very nice so a good choice on the menu.

13. MOCHA HOT COFFEE-  A very strong coffee made with mocha coffee beans and served on a coffee cup hot and yummy .

14. ASIAN NOODLE SALAD – A sweet noodle salad mixed with vegetables and noodles and tastes yum and nice ,served in  a plastic tray is and colour of identity is yellowish brown .

15. STRAWBERRY ICE TEA – This drink lacked the taste of strawberry and iced tea as the strawberry was very strong killing the tea flavour and not cold at all, making it a bad taste overall.

16. APPLE JUICE – Made with apple flavour its a good juice however should be chilled at the time its served .

17.PERI PERI CHCIKEN WINGS  – 6 pieces Chicken wings served on a plastic tray topped with peri peri spicy flavour and small in size but great on taste .

18.ICED MOCHA  – A perfect drink made on that day , probabaly nothing went wrong from the flavour to the coolness of this iced coffee drink with mocha essence and bean flavour absolutely the best of the day for me.

19.BLUEBERRY MUFFIN – A muffin made nice and fresh ,loaded with Blueberry taste and sufficient for a person in quantity.

20.RED VELVET CAKE – A sweet layer cake was topped with cream and made with food colour red to enhance the look and was a delight to have.

21.DUTCH CHOCO – A pure chocolate cake with soft sponge base inside a 2 layer cream filled dark chocolate surface and a real tasty experience.

22.CHOCOLATE CROSSIANT – A crossiant bread stuffed with chocolate and topped with chocolate hard syrup tastes very sweet and soft perfect for your tea companian .

23.BLUEBERRY MINT MOJITO -Blueberry mint mojito is  a solid strong drink made minty and blueberry infused taste in it, served in a chillar plastic glass has the perfect drink taste,and the colour of identity is blue and a must recommendation to try.


These was the food and drinks i had tried at AU BON PAIN PARK STREET KOLKATA and totally it was very refreshing ,however a lot of changes have to be implemented for the betterment and a progress in this new menu launch .

On a ending note Thanks to AU BON PAIN as they ended the day with nice truffle chocolate boxes which was also very yummy and ofcourse BANG IN THE MIDDLE for this lovely experience overall ,looking forward for more meets like this or even better ones anytime soon.

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