The newest and uber cool cafe lounge in town is non other than BJ’S SPORTS CAFE  CUM LOUNGE which is situated in HAZRA LANSDOWNE CROSSING , a sure shot place to chill and relax with it freshly themed concept of SPORTS environment teamed with serving great food and experiencing hookah at its best . The beautiful and sweet couples behind this cafe cum lounge are BUNTY & ARCHANA VISHNANI , JACKY & PRISHA BHAMBANI whose hospitality is so very warm and welcoming in their 3 months old cafe and lounge that it has a lasting impression set for some great time ahead in encounters with great places to visit again and again. Also a must mention for the CHEF VIKAS PAVITRAN who had us spell bound with his amazing dishes for the evening that he had made specially for us after a lot of patience of us clicking pictures and holding on to eat at last . The invitation was for a new menu launch of both Mocktail drinks & New dishes to eat ,so at first the ambience was a real talking point among all as the whole cafe cum lounge was done up right from the entrance to the sitting places with all sorts of sports theme equipments with bat ,ball,basketball ,boxing gloves ,table tennis and other sport items were on display for some eye catching experience ,then from walls and glass panes life like size posters of cricketers,boxers,footballers and other sport personalities were like very creative,also teams of international and our very own KKR and ATK trophies and jerseys were hung up there in full support.Like this many more such creative & sporty decor was installed for the real feel of the place so now moving on ,about the lights and the facilities inside,the lights are done up in almost all the sections of the place with proper nice bright lights as well as blue led lights all over the place makes this cafe lounge very sparkling.The seating arrangements are full and plenty for almost 40 to 50 people or more overall seeing every section having a table and nice custom sofas made like a dug out shape and the tables were colourful in red and black very vivid and bright .

There was a washroom available here and also its kept very clean and hygienic .There is an attractive swing style seating outside near the balcony section of the cafe cum lounge which has a translucent glass so it is allowing natural sunlight during the day time making it a nice and cosy place to sit without getting sun taned.Apart from all these there is  huge projector displaying all the matches in the center eye of the cafe cum lounge giving justice to its name and maintaining its soul purpose of entertainment , and yes talking about entertainment what more do you want when a lounge gives you a speciality of hosting a private party in their private party room ?Sounds super good for sure so these are the priviledges of this place ,but its not done yet as the main part of this place is their food,drinks and hookah ,as i have already mentioned the new menu has been launched and what exactly is updated in their menu and my experience on its taste,quality ,quantity and presentation is something like this –


CRANBERRY MOJITO – It was a refreshing drink made out of Cranberry and pepped up with soda ,flavoured leaves and made in a mojito style absolutely a perfect drink of the day and has a serving style in a jar shape glass and the colour of identity is red,tastes best when its chilled .
PAAN MOJITO – It was a mojito made with small Paan leaves inside the glass and stirred with proper flavour and looks very much like nimbu paani and served in a regular crystal glass but its surely very strong with Paan aroma and taste fantastic.
STRAWBERRY BURST -This drink was made out of strawberry flavour and mixed with a lot of thick red strawberry syrup inside and topped with real strawberry crunchy wafers making it a very nice looking and sweet drink. The colour is pink and served in a fruit juice glass .
MANGO MINT FLASH –  It was a mango mocktail made with mango flavour and stirred with mango syrup inside and toppled with mint leaves making it taste sweet and minty at the same time,the colour of identity was yellow and its served also in the similiar fruit juice glass.
ICED TEA – On a fun note this looks very much like a freshly brewed beer but dont be mistaken as its the quality and quantity of tea that makes it look nice and brown ,stirred with solid amount of lemon and chilled to the max for a great taste and served in a cooler glass.

After trying the mocktails it was time for trying the starter food out here and the starters were exceptionally good one from another and it was a option for both veg and non veg as veg doesn’t get along well with me i was a bit sceptical how it would be but my mind changed after trying them ,so the menu exactly had  –

1. Chicken Cordon Bleu – A Chicken dish wrapped in a portion of two slices of bread and cheese and fried /baked then served on a special ingredient thick mix gravy and accompanied with plain toast . Colour of identity is brown and on taste its the best dish i had from this place and as it was a non veg dish so its a good call for me or any non veg eater .

2 Cheese Rosti Rice -A patty based made with potatoes and served in a plate full of herbal rice topped with white sauce tastes very delicious holding roots of Switzerland this dish is a hit over here as its quantity and quality is very good too.And the colour of identity is brown for patty and white for rice .

3 Chilli Cheese Toast – Probably everyone’s favourite and tastes best when its hot , a bread toast topped inside out with cheese,chillis and bell pepper this snack is a wonderful delight ,the colour for identity is white and served in a plate of 6 pieces.

4. Veg Corn  Florentine – Made with a generous amount of American corn and baby corn, inside a whole lot of cheesy stuffing added and loaded with Spinach tastes really good with every bite hot and delicious. The colour is yellow and served in a dish glass bowl .

5. Veg Stroganoff  – Another dish made with cheese and loaded with vegetables ,rice and sauce is toppled on it giving it a very nice taste and a good recommendation to try. Served on a dish glass bowl and colour of identity is yellowish brown.

6.Crispy veg in chilli sauce  -This dish was a crispy fried mix of vegetables made in chilli ,garlic ,butter and spinach flavour and tasted a bit soft and spicy cause we tried it after a long time since the time its preparation had been done.The colour of identity is red served in a bone china tray .

7.Pad thai noodles – A snack or a meal whatever you want to call it, noodles is there at your rescue and THAI noodles served in a mix of Bell Peppers, Lemon grass, Thai Ginger, Coconut  Milk,  Lemon juice,  Red curry paste, Cabbage, Onion surely tastes amazing over here . The colour of identity is red very red and served in a plate with good quantity.

8.Chocolate Fondue – A hot chocolate dip actually hot as its put over a burning flame and served in cute little dip bowl ,and shaped fruits and marshmallows accompaning the hot chocolate tastes out of this world as it keeps you craving for more and becomes an addiction with every bite . Its a must try in the dessert category available here as this was our last thing to try and it made it sweet and nice on our trial day.

With these yummy foods and refreshing drinks we ended our day of the new menu launch of BJ’S sports cafe cum lounge, so overall had a great time with everything happening out there , Thanks ! to everybody associated with this place and it will surely set a benchmark for other cafes and lounges in the city as with the current way its progressing towards fullfilling some great entertainment and setting up a trend of how a new generation hangout place should  be .DSC05084

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