Fuel resto bar is inside THE PRIDE HOTEL in NEWTOWN area of KOLKATA,as its a star property and a class bar cum resto so the expectations were high on a food and drink tasting event . Thinkquisitive team of AISHWARYA,VAIBHAV & ISHITA had invited a food bloggers/reviewers team of PANCH PHORON for a bloggers meet over here and my whole experience of this place has been a bit low key as what it seemed to look from the outside grand and amazing turned out to be a sad place especially when it comes to drinks .Lets begin with the ambience how it tends to look –IMG_3235

THE AMBIENCE is a prety high style one with a great set of interior decor and lights to help you relax in your drinking sessions,no music was played only a tv was on for visual display,the whole environment was Dead with a capital D ,it was like only we were the only ones in the bar cum resto trying to enjoy with whatever was happening out there,however there was nice seating arrangements and the bar table was very stunning and the whole set up inside the Bar was very impressive .

THE DRINKS had started flowing on as soon as i had entered and i was greeted with a nice POMEGRANTE CHERRY REVOLUTION mocktail which was a very nice and smooth drink made out of Pomegrante and special ingredients and served cold to taste and feel good .Moving on the next drink that i had was SPARKLING SUNRISE which was another good drink over here which was served in a champagne class made with orange,grenadine syrup ,lemons and added flavours and had a colour of red and tasted very good .There were many other cocktails and mocktails tried by my fellow bloggers as i am an non alcoholic drinker so i just went for these two however for an idea of what else were available here in drinks menu were –







MOVING TO THE FOOD PART i barely remember i got anything more than just two items to try in starters menu as i dont know what was the management focusing on a food & drink trial event as all i observed was that food was clicked and went back straight to the kitchen,that was a very non professional kind of a gesture from a star property place ,and the management should take it serious on these events as THINKQUISITIVE had done a great job gathering all the bloggers for the event but the management of PRIDE should be alert of whats happening and our hospitality part should be taken care of which was missing that day .

However the items which are available here are :


                                    NON VEG

GREEN  CHILLY  CHICKEN ,ABU  CHILLY  KEBAB  & MANGOLIAN FISH BALL                                                                                                                                                                                                             VEG



Well this is my experience and am looking foward to better times in this resto bar maybe in the future if things are taken a bit serious on events and they need to improve way much more in their drinks as alot of the drinks were pale and not enjoyable and overall a poor experience .

On a good ending note to say ,THANKS ! to THINKQUISITIVE as they had ended the day distributing us with nice complimentaries which was very nice of them to do so.IMG_3184
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