The GUJRATI FOOD FESTIVAL is currently happening at XII ZODIAC RESTAURANT IN THE FERN RESIDENCY ,and a team of FOOD BLOGGER’S & REVIEWER’S called PANCH PHORON were invited for a food tasting event ,so there was a huge spread of different type of foods to choose from as it was a Gujrati festival so all the menu was snacks and main course meals.If you are a fan of Gujrati food then this is the right time and the right place to be as this festival will continue for sometime attracting people of Kolkata to try their food make.Well from the beginning as we went there what we learnt about the menu was that it had starters such as DHOKLA,KHANDVI,SEV KHAMANI,FARALI PATTICE VADODARA,MASALA KHAKRA . Then for main course there was LAUKI THEPLA,UNDHIYU METHI MUTHIA,KADHI BHARUCHA,DAL DHOKLI,LEHSUNI BATATA,TREVTI DAL,GUJRATI MASALA BHAT,KORU KUKRA NU SAAK,KORU KUKRA NU SAAK. And finally for dessert there was MOHAN THAL,GUJRATI KARANJIAS & BASUNDI.

Honestly speaking i have never tried a lot of dishes like these ones infact never heard many of these names ever in my life though have eaten GUJRATI FOODS before, but these ones were very exciting and new to me as i am not a big fan of veg based foods but guess what ? ,in this menu they have added nov veg too which was a awesome surprise in the course of meal.
So moving on at first lets know where exactly this place falls and then the rest of my experience in a follow up manner –

LOCATION – Its actually very easy to spot the building with a green leaf led display placed above a fine class silver texture colour standing tall on your left after City center 2 stoppage and in between Chinar park or to be more precise its called Noapara stoppage . Closest RESTAURANT landmarks are ARSALAN & AMINIA so that will make it easy to locate .

AMBIENCE & SERVICE- The restaurant holds a solid eye catching decor right from outside to inside ,having lovely glass structures and shiny glass panes which make it an added glamour to this property.The restaurant holds its place in the sixth floor of the building so a dedicated elevator is available and as you step inside you will find the restaurant a theme based on horoscopes which is something very interesting and new where you have never probably come across in a restauarant . Colourful blue,white black and yellow is mostly been added in the walls and floors to make it look classy , not forgettting the seating and table arrangements are also done up nice with blue and grey and are super comfortable mostly sofa based seating so thats a top class feature of this restaurant . The restaurant holds a good name for hygeine in my eyes and everything is at its place so well organised in every table is a plus point.
Moving to the service part well it was good as food was served quick but attentiveness is a bit lacking though as a vigil service is needed in terms of after serving the food any requirement is needed or not should be monitored cause you dont expect a customer to keep calling on for water or and kind of need when he pays a hefty amount to eat in a top class place . So that can be improved otherwise very courteous and polite people work here so service is good but needs to become excellent as the food is awesome so service has to compliment it too .

FOOD TRIED – So the menu had so much to try from as i said so i tasted a few items which were –

  • FARALI PATTICE VADODARA – This is  similiar type of a snack like aloo tikki made with cocunut,coriander and stuffed with peanuts,cashew and raisins ,tastes absolutely delicious and quantity pieces are also very good. A definite choice to snack on for sure .
  • LAUKI THEPLA – This is a bread based roti made with special ingredients highlighting the Gujrati culture and it tastes and gets along well with the side dishes .The colour of the THEPLA is yellowish and looks very much like a naan or kulcha but its way different and infact much better ,as its soft and filling .

  • LEHSUNI BATATA – Its aspecial dish of small baby aloo cooked in a mixture of spices and garlic ,looks yellow and white and has a soft with every bite .The taste is actually yummy when eaten with THEPLA.
  • GUJRATI MASALA BHAT – Its the rice cooked with special spices and small vegetables ,has a colour of yellow and on taste it was super good to try with the Chicken as well as veg curries tried along . Quantity is very filling and quality is top class so the Gujrati rice is  a must try .
  • KORU KUKRA NU SAAK – The chicken curry usually is  uncommon thing as you always get veg based foods whenever you get to try Gujrati cuisines ,however over here the Chicken is  a part of the Gujrati buffet which is  a good way to involve and interest more people to try the menu.Its made of garlic and curry paste ,has an spicy taste and gets along well with rice more than the thepla ,and the colour is morelesss yellow again and  a bit orange too.
  • SOURASHTRA FISH CURRY – The fish curry was made with cocunut and looked very nice and delicious,it was cooked very tasty and the pieces was soft and juicy inside,had an amazing aroma in it and went well with bith rice & thepla .The colour of it was light yellow .
  • TREVTI DAL – The dal was made in light yellow colour and had a tangy flavour in ,looked very appealing and had a mixture of 3 different lentils making it very interesting to have with thepla mostly. The aroma and quantity is enough to crave for more so the is is a hit on the list

    After trying the dishes i could say very convieniently that the place really does justice with food and THE GUJRATI FOOD FESTIVAL is going to create a good impact in the city and if you havent tried it yet you must try it and feel the difference in XII ZODIAC RESTAURANT (THE FERN RESIDENCY) KOLKATA .DSC04902

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