Who doesn’t love the luxury lifestyle and the beautiful environment to pamper you as well as make you feel alive and make a sense of relief from the day to day boring and non exciting daily routine . Well a vacation and a outing is the answer to charge you and add fun to your living and thats what happened with us , a group of Food Bloggers called PANCH PHORON were invited to VEDIC VILLAGE SPA & RESORT  for a bloggers meet on 29-5- 2016 ,organised by the THINKQUISITIVE  team of AISHWARYA ,VAIBHAV & ISHITA . They have done a great job managing the event and making us have a really nice time to cherish and proudly take about to our near and dear ones ,starting from the welcoming part to the feasting and touring the whole resort was a wonderful experience in its on way . In this meet we have covered various eating restaurants inside the resort which are 1) Chai , 2)Agnee , 3) Sheetal ,4)Yagna ,5)Bhoomi 6)Vden  and for other recreational activities & entertainment there was 7)Sanjeeva spa 8) Gaming zones 9) Other outdoor adventure and fun sight seeing from the conference hall to residential buildings touring in the golf car inside was a very interesting thing to share about .However our soul purpose of the day was to not only enjoy just the resort facilities that they have but to experience the food & drinks part they offer for evryone who comes to have a great time as they were having  THE GREAT FAMILY BRUNCH and it was a massive spread of all different types of foods and drinks to take a choice from . We mostly had a great time at YAGNA more than the other place options to eat as the spread was hosted there for us .

The menu was a long list of items from different types of fast foods ,desserts,heavy meals,drinks ,juices,pastas,momos,fresh fruits,cakes and other favourites including the steaks right made in front hot and yummy. Still for a better understanding exactly what the SUNDAY BRUNCH offered at YAGNA VEDIC VILLAGE was –


Local Beler Shorbot

(Drink made of local wood apple)


(Topped with Shitake mushroom straw and Truffle oil)


Back yard’s sweet potato & mousse | Rajasthani Kanji Vada | Water melon-mango in garlic Vinaigrette | Pak choi dumpling & yogurt chutney | Protein chaat in Kullad | Sweet corn Porial | Red Apple-celery-prunes | Mango tartar | Mustard-chilli spaghetti rice | Lau pata Chena | Egg & spinach | Spiced Liver Pate & Melba toast


Burrata di Bufala Papdi Chaat | Chèvre Cheese-Bhavnagri chilli | Malabar Paratha coin & Soya Chettinad boti

Rahara Gosht-Cheddar & Crispy Rice ball | Chicken Cafreal Quiche & Vindaloo sauce | Sea food Bhel

Let me break the Egg—from our near-by Village—live

Organic eggs—with live garlic toast | Cheese toast with different toppings

Egg Benedict


Mutton Dackbangla | Kosha Murgi | Marich Bata Bhetki | Yakhni Kofta Pulao


Jalebi-live|Pani poori | Jhal moori | Momo—chicken & Vegetables

Asian Stir fry | Pasta | Curry station—with choice of vegetables

Meat & Local fish

Meat— Lamb chops | Corn-fed chicken steak | Chapli kebab

Fish from our local market— Telapia | sweet water prawns and other fish depend on availability.

Accompaniment—local Brocken rice-coriander Pulao | Garlicky water spinach | sauces  


Baked Patishapta | Gulab Jamun Panna cotta | Mihidana & coconut milk Rabdi | Opera slice | Fresh Mango-cream Tart | Chocolate mousse & mint in Kullad | Almond Basbousa | Apple Struddle |Tres leches | Baked Mango yogurt | Pea nut & Date cakes |Caramel nutty tart |Truffle slice-sea salt & chilli flakes | Mango Sandesh

And flavoured Ice cream (stuffed in lime & on the bed of sea salt) would be served on to the table


Special stress on seasonal fruits like—bell fruit | Black Plum | Soft seeds of Palm

As there was so much to indulge in ,we started with first alcoholic/non alcoholic drinks as for me i had non alcoholic mocktails and then  it was actually impossible to try everything however i had tried a couple of items here and there which were –

  1. LOCAL BELER SHARBOT – Known as the local wood apple this drink was a sweet non alcoholic drink in orange colour placed outside the eating arena and served in small shot glasses for a better experience ,however it was a bit dull in taste maybe because it wasn’t kept cool,still its good for the stomach so not bad .
  2. PROTEIN CHAT- This chat was a unique one as it tasted very tangy and crispy and had a absoloute new feel in taste,as i never tried something like this before ,a must try for all.
  3. SEA FOOD BHEL – This was another good snack to try out served in a small kullad and made fresh for you with a mix of sea food and meat it was crispy and yummy .
  4. CHEESE TOAST – Had tried this toast and it was made very quick with sliced ready bread and cheese ,vegetable toppings added on top giving it a yummy taste however you need to eat it as soon as its possible as it might turn hard and not much good .
  5. MUTTON DAKBANGLA -A Mutton dish is a must in these brunch menus as its a favourite choice for people to eat and over here the mutton was nice and brown in colour and had aright amount of taste and spice, so it was well prepared.
  6. KOSHA MURGI – The Chicken curry dish was a hit on taste and was soft and nice which went well with the rice and roti.It was yellow and brownish in colour and was a complete dish to try for sure.
  7. MARICH BHATA BHETKI – The Fish curry was excellent in terms of aroma,size of the pieces as well as the flavour it had ,and the colour was yellow and almost not visible in the big food vessel due to the gravy soaking it .
  8. YAKNI KOFTA PALAO-This was a yellow and white mixture of rice and made with an aromatic smell of palao ,tasty and quite filling with a little amount of serve and gets along well with all the three side dishes .
  9. MOMO -The best and hot seller of the day was the freshly made momos in front of you ,with small baby momos stuffed with veggie and Chicken tasted very deliciously with every dip along with ketchup .
  10. STIR FRY – This was the fry section of different vegetables you can select from the given options and they will make it for you ,as i had tried cabbage and it tasted pretty ok.
  11. CURRY STATION- Over here similiar kind of option is there to select vegetables and they will make a curry out of your preference,so i had tried lady finger and they made it absolutely tasty and sufficient for a person .
  12. CORN FED CHICKEN STEAK – This was a popular spot for the meat lovers as there was literally always a crowd because hot and lip smacking steak was made in front of you in Mutton,Chicken,Prawns,Lamb and Fish. I personally tasted the Chicken steak and it was lovely,made with perfection from taste,aroma to presentation all top class ,so a definite recommendation is on for this at my end .
  13. CHOCOLATE MOUSSE AND MINT IN KULLAD-It was my favourite dessert for the day as it was so special and a brand new idea behind mixing mint leaves and mousse in a chocolate flavour and served in a tea kullad that blended so good ,really a must try .
  14. MANGO SANDESH – A good choice to eat from the number of varities of desserts but not the best looks almost white and yellow .
  15. MANGO CREAM TART – Very dull so it can be improved as the tart is getting soaked up and wet due to the mango on top so  something needs to change there otherwise taste is normal nothing great .
  16. MANGO YOGURT – This one  was a yummy affair as i loved it and it was served in a clay small kullad and tasted amazing ,looked yellow in colour and quantity was just right.
  17. CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE – Then this one was truffle cake in a small portion but tasted very chocolatey and was dark and lil blackish in colour,had hard chocolate on top and sponge base in center ,overall a nice combination.
  18. FRESH FRUITS- This was an open section and  a counter for fruits so i had a option to choose so i asked for mix fruit and i got mangoes,banana,grape,apple,pineapple & litchis ,on trying i found them very fresh and surely of good quality and of proper presentation.

    Finally after having all this it was an happy and satisfactory moment ,as for the whole set of food and drinks lived upto the standards in terms of quantity,quality and raised the bar for the lifestyle in a resort so freshly themed focusing on environment and eco friendly resources ,fun filled with adventure activities for all and water sports like swimming,boating ,and many more to please you very much, and the  Sanjeeva spa is a good place for relaxation and for medical needs ,i loved the cold towel they give as a kind gesture to cool up in this hot and humid climate giving you a relief .

    Thanks to THINKQUISITIVE once again as we ended  the day over a cup of coffee and a bagfull of lovely complimentaries andofcourse  lots of wonderful memories in mind.


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