This restaurant is located in between Chinar park and haldirams crossing and will exactly fall on your left as you will see a huge building with silver look and glass fascade decor from outside absolute impressive and an eye catcher .So as it manages to look very elegant i decided to check on what it is like to have a meal here, and headed searching for the gate as i was in a confusion where the entrance was as i saw the security on my left and on my right too but luckily one of them welcomed me and i just rushed in and i was informed as i entered that this restaurant is for room accomadation also so a proper stay place this was , as they have a restaurant on the first floor for in house guests as well as open to all .
So now that i was informed about the restaurant was on first floor,without any delay i went up to find out what was it like and a detailed description about my experience i mentioned below based on different aspects and keeping in mind the certain factors .
Right from the entrance to the place of eating its a very beautiful and colourful ambience as there are a lot of glass structure windows placed where the road can be viewed very clearly and the whole area looks very nice. Then the tables and chairs are very much in red colour and kept absolute clean and tidy,with all the napkins and table wipes placed perfect.Not forgetting the crockery was shining and the drinking glasses were crystal gloss ,making it look very beautiful overall .They have a Tv set placed for visual entertainment which is  a good thing,but no sound sytsem or no soft music was played which i suggest should be in such high decor place. The place is sufficient  and spacious enough for big famillies as well as couples or friends who need to party or just have a meal .A standard of quality and class is the feel once you are here ,so its a turn on place absolutely ambience wise however the time i went i found this place empty and dead so a little publicity or promotion should be done among the local area as thats how one gets customers when you run a hotel business .So an unawareness is there about this place at the moment.
So moving on to the hospitality part i would say if something that is a sure shot hit here is the service and hospitality here , as the staff here are very courteous and efficient in their job , from every beck and call they are right there to help you . Very attentive and understandable people work here so that a plus point here and thats one of the reasons probably i will make a few visits in the future again .
Well for food at first i had some starters and cold drinks and then went on to the main course for the real test of this place as it was a good looking restaurant but how good it was on food i was more concerned about that, hence i have some details about it here .
Ok i had tried this at first and was pretty happy with its preparation as it was loaded with sufficient chicken inside and tasted super good as it was hot and crispy and had went well with the accompanion of sauce and soft drinks.The quality was very good and so was the presentation of it as it had cut onions and chillies along . The size was good enough and you get 6 pieces in one plate .
Both actually tasted a bit dry and not so soft and turned rubbery in no time making it taste not so good and did not go well with the side dish i ordered  however it had some side crisps on and off the edges so thats saved the worse thing that i went through.
This one actually had a good taste of peas and special taste of cooked rice with aromatic ingredients making it a desire to eat and i definetly had this with the thick gravy side dish and it went well with it and it was so loaded with rice and peas that it could feed 1 person and a bit more would always get extra so if you are on a big hunger mode then this is a filling meal to try on.
This was actually a bit different from the regular tikka masalas you have tried in and across the city as it was brownish in colour not the regular red one so dont get confused on that .Talking about the taste i must say it was a mess on spice and flavour as it was blunt and very spicy it actually made me drink 1 glasse of water everytime i had it along with roti or rice both .The quantity was sufficient enough for two people and the pieces were generous too.So definite dish you must avoid untill then redo a change in the ingredients .
The regular green salad had everthing from tomato,lime ,onions and cucumbers and ofcourse have to mention their presentation was very nice and fresh and quantity was enough for 2 to 3 people .
Well as i had tried all these food items i must say some were good and some were very bad which means that they need to improve in their food department if they plan to continue with thier journey in Kolkata as there are many options to eat and why would one settle for whatever when they can get the best and if NPG HOTEL wants to be the best they need to justify the food items as the price which they charge is also high so a certain level of good food is expected not quality or quantity but taste is the problem. I feel the service is the only good thing which will intiate the footfall rise so i am looking forward for this place to gain some popularity soon after improvement and then my visits to this place will increase too if it happens for sure  .

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