THE PALMS RESTAURANT is located very close to the kalighat metro station gate no 5 exit point and from there you have to cross the road and walk straight for a 2 mins walk and spot it beside an CCD OUTLET .
First of all thanks to Mr Shahrukh (manager) for inviting as well as Mr Kushal Pandit (asst manager) ,Mr Tanmay Das ( Captain) and not forgetting the chefs and the rest of the entire staff for the wonderful wide food spread and great treatment.
Let me tell you about the decor at first as I observed the blue led lit displaying their restaurant’s name as u enter from outside looked very classy and smart and after that as I entered and climbed a few steps I observed a nice small waterfall in a big bowl shaped marble I assume was very fascinating to watch then coming to the capacity the restaurant was spacious enough with long big tables as well as small tables using the entire space having sofas and chairs to sit which is neatly done with white and black colour and from the see thru glass you can have a nice look of the city streets while you enjoy your meal is a perfect balance of food and scenic beauty.
Talking about the hospitality well I must admit they are courteous and always on their feet by every call you make as well very attentive with whether it be water refilling in your glass or cleaning the table or getting your food in the right way as you like it.
So hospitality is a very important role and this restaurant really gives justification to it .
Coming to the main part of the talk well let me tell u at first it was drinks that was on the table and as for me and my fellow foodie Pawan Jaiswal we ordered a Cinderella and Virgin blue lagoon of which both were lovely as Cinderella had a combination of three fruit punches that are pineapple ,orange and lime juice mixed along with gradine syrup and tasted from the start to the bottom perfect , then the blue lagoon was blue of course and tasted strong till the time the ice melted and it was a very good drink available in this place so thumps up on that note.
Next moving on to the starters well we ordered 5 different choices which were SULTANI IRANI which was a mutton starter and tasted very much like the mutton pieces you get in a mutton biryani and was pretty plain and coated with masala on top, then the CHICKEN MAKHANI ,CHICKEN BANJARA , CHICKEN JOOGEH KEBAB were all different in taste from each other but for me chicken Chicken Makhani made sense and got my taste smooth from the meat being soft and the spices in red colour well enriched .
And then after all the non veg starters we had their speciality veg starter as by the recommendation of the unit it was KHUMB GALOOTEY KEBAB which was a mixture of mushroom and vegetables made in a chop manner and topped over a small baby paratha which tasted yummy and delicious which stole the whole limelight of the starters part for me .
Coming to the main course we ordered MURGH ZAFRANI BIRYANI which was a speciality dish again recommended by the unit and it was basically biryani without egg or aloo but loaded with wholesome rice cooked in a Punjabi flavoured way and on the indulgence part it really tasted very nice and different from the biryanis I have eaten before hence making it a good choice to order .
Then moving on to the side dishes well we ordered 3 curries which were MURGH MUSSALAM which was a chicken dish and had a red gravy on it making it taste spicy but nice , then FISH HYDERABADI was there which was made in green gravy base and tasted just ok nothing great and then we had taken GOSH ROGAN JOSE which was a mutton curry dish in brown colour and tasted very nice when we had ordered two different naans to eat along with them which were MOHINI NAAN that tasted very much like the other naans you have in restaurants but this had spring onions and other veggies stuffed on it which was a speciality ,though the second naan which was PESHAWARI NAAN won the entire battle of foods for the day as it was soft , big coated with a lot of shredded and cut coconut pieces stuffed just perfect and lovely as it killed all the other foods that I ate and instantly making it a hit for me in this restaurant .
After all the delicious food that we had Lastly we had desserts which were GAJAR HALWA that tasted pretty decent and good in presentation and then we had BADAM FIRNI which can be improved in terms of quantity and presentation however taste was good and with that it was the end of our entire spread at THE PALMS RESTAURANT and I am hoping that I come and visit this place once more and try their speciality dishes for a greater satisfaction indeed.