A great traditional eating environment backing the roots of Gujrat and Rajasthan this restaurant is very convieniently located at Park street Kolkata just beside Samsung showroom having its own charm and single handedly differs itself from the rest of the crowds in the restaurant’s market scene of Kolkata .
Had selected the Dinner buffet available on 12-2-2016 Friday around 10:30 pm for
Rs – 425 /- in the menu card and with tax it came around Rs – 500 /- for a single person .
As you enter this restaurant you will see a very vivid set of light decorations in the center’s and corners as well as interiors mostly with the colour black and brown covering mostly with wooden furniture of tables and chairs crafted very fine and some glass fascade structure’s making it look lovely and classy and mainly traditional and heritage.
Then moving on well all tables are layed out with a big steel plate, 2 steel glasses and steel bowls about 10 to 12 each and also 1 hand wipe kept for every individual who comes to experience the buffet .
The moment as you enter you get welcomed by the staffs literally putting tika on your forehead and showering flowers and directing you to your table ready with your plates to be filled in split of moments which is such a sweet and happy feeling cause you feel truly an Indian with the culture our country has and restaurant’s like these actually practises and implements it is a very lovely moment captured in my mind .
Then next one of the staff comes and helps to get our hands washed with a metal jug pouring water which is some kind of traditional way of washing hands observed at that very moment and then the hand wipes are given to wipe and then comes the food part in to action right way after that amazing welcome with great hospitality given .
For the food and drinks let me tell you at first the staff had asked very courtesly whether we would like cold or regular water and as we wanted regular so instantly one bottle popped up in our table and in moments our first drink had arrived which was a KESARIA LASSI that tasted fully rich of kesar and milk full yummyness to the perfect , having the right temperature and quantity too.
Then moving ahead slowly our buffet menu started pouring in and at first one Chaat came which was in a small bowl and it tasted spicy as well as sweet keeping the balance of both right ,then another two different type of snacks which were dahi vada , idli type vada and dal batti chokha came along with three chutneys in white, green and red to dip them with and also the sliced salads were served along which were really lip smacking in all and I had to refill it again and again till I could keep space for the main course.
Moving on then Chanch was served for us in another glass which tasted very nice and tasty and I instantly finished it as it came .
Then came 4 different curries which were bhendi ,paneer,aloo and rajma which tasted all different from each other however my personal favourite was the aloo and bhendi curry I got.
Then came 3 different Dal’s which were Kali dal ,meethi dal and peeli dal among them I liked the meethi dal as it tasted rich and yummy . After a while papad ,raita , pickle and more papri chaat came this time a bigger one which was much more richer and tastier .
Slowly the Roti’s came in small uniform sizes which were soft and going good with the curries I had got on the plate ,soon after that came small Roti’s with rajasthani ghee and Roti’s with butter that were so delicious I couldn’t control and get a refill of them as well .
In between all of this I observed a very good strong point that the staffs are always around you whether you need to call them or not they are still there insisting you to eat more and try more of the dishes and refills and specially one of them were literally saying ( thora sa khaalijeee aur please ) which actually made me feel like having more even though I was full still that line was enough to make me feel at home so without a doubt I had taken couple of refills on certain things but as their foods are very rich and filling so there is less chance for you to complete the whole thing as they are non stop insisting and filling your plate with all kinds of traditional foods till you stop and ask them to clear your table.
Moving and coming back to the food part after my encounter with Roti’s , I had to try their rice and gujrati khichdi so asked the staff to give me both in equal proportion and I was loaded with both so started trying the rice which tasted very nice so had dal with it and a little bhendi that blended well with it but the khichdi was not so appealing taste wise probably because of the different ingredients they use so I left that one out and in the meanwhile I had more of other Roti’s and rice till finally the desserts arrived on my plate which were moong dal ki halwa ,kheer ,rabri jalebi and seriously these three were superb in taste but for me moong dal ki halwa was a winner as with the authentic taste and richness it just make me get a refill of about 3 to 4 times for sure .
After all this treatment and warm service by the staff of RAJDHANI THALI i am surely coming back again for another round of such a huge spread from the start till the end I was always in a positive balance of eating and hats off to the management for capturing our hearts by this kind of foods which is a gift to Kolkata in disguise in the eating scene present in the city .
Also I would like to add that before leaving I like the idea of hitting that BAJAO DRUM and all shout bohot zorrrr 😀 .
Awesomeness for sure