HOME FLAVOUR the name itself says it all that it focuses on home based taste as well as the feel of home cooked food (VEGETARIAN) .So if you are away from home or you don’t know to Cook or else you want to have a lazy day in your kitchen then worry not as HOME FLAVOUR located in Saltlake CL -86 does delivery for meals in the most possible and affordable rates .
As mentioned its a food delivery place so there is no option of seating so its advisable to try the home delivery and they have a coverage of up to SaltLake area from this place however another HOME FLAVOUR FOOD DELIVERY is opened up in New town for further extension and reaching out to other people who need this kind of food service.
Well everything that you get to eat when your food is delivered from here the credit goes to MR VIKAS and his family members as well as staff who prepare hot and fresh foods right from their residence itself and make sure of the food in quality and quantity .
So thanks to MR VIKAS for inviting THE PANCH PHORON TEAM of which I am also a part of as a team member .
As we were called for a food trial of their new updated menu dishes which they have added now along with their previous 4 different veg thali biryani available at Rs 59 , 79 ,99 and 149 respectively listed on the menu still . Well now what we learned over there once we reached the place by MR VIKAS was that the new updated menu will add 4 more special food options which we were given to feast on one after another and on that note i will give a quick detail about the special food below –
1) Normal pao bhaji with chopped onions
2) Special pao bhaji with chopped onions
3) Dum biryani with raita
4) Shahi biryani with raita
We started our eating episode at HOME FLAVOURS with the NORMAL PAO which was a bun bread toasted with butter spread on it on both sides and that tasted very soft and went well with the BHAJI that was made which truly had a strong spice and great flavour combination , yellow in colour and a topped up set of cut vegatables which definetly added a totally tongue loving taste .
Moving on the SPECIAL PAO AND BHAJI was the same pao but a little more softer and the bhaji was not the same bhaji but an upgraded and more ingredient infused bhaji as now in this dry fruits like cashews are added making it a rich taste experience and was absolute delicious .
Not to forget the CHOPPED ONIONS and other accompanied garnishings were making the pao bhaji a better indulgence to have with.
Then coming to the biryani first the DUM BIRYANI was tried and the taste of it was pretty nice and tasty as this is my first vegetable biryani I had and I was actually impressed cause usually what happens is what we think veg foods to be and under estimate it actually turns out to be good when you try it is so true actually.
So coming back to the talk well the biryani was a yellow colour biryani with small baby onions , small aloos ,cauliflowers and other veggies , also a great mixture of ingredients with a appetizing aroma loaded inside it right from the top to the bottom .
Then the SHAHI BIRYANI was a yellow and white coloured biryani which was loaded with small paneer cubes , tomatoes ,baby onions and its respective ingredients that had a very nice tasteful experience for sure and the raita along with both the biryani had a good flavour so if taken in small proportion it does taste delicious but not much of it as it kills the biryani taste .
Well with all these four new additions to the existing menu one can actually feel nice about the initiative HOME FLAVOURS is doing to make you feel at home undoubtedly and not to forget that on that day we started with soft drinks and ended with rossogullas which was a happy start and a sweet ending to our food trial .