Well Aqua java is a very popular place for youngsters and also the mid age crowds who love to hangout with their whole troops or individually come over to enjoy the ambience and puff hookah ,so just to make it even better a new favourite cafe with a twist in town called AQUA JAVA DECIBEL has been spread open at Kankurgachi near Haryana Sweets Shop area which is owned by the very lovely as well as cool couple in town Mr Ankit Sureka and Mrs Sonia Goel Sureka who bring so much positivity to this place by their presence in this cafe handling and making sure everything is right is such a warm welcome once you are here .
As we came here by invitation so we were a group of 10 people or more and decided to take a whole nice look and soak in the happening things this cafe offers for customers so as far as my personal experience that I had on 18-2-2016 I would give every bit of detail below .
Well the good things are always not just food but a solid eye catching ambience as well as decor so at first let me disclose this that this is AQUA JAVA DECIBEL so it is not just a cafe but more of a musical cafe as live music is played on Saturdays and rest of the days are pretty much alive and super in terms of music with a good sound system and proper set up for karaoke singing as well .
So that’s about the activity part of this cafe now let me tell you about the decor and right straight as you enter from outside you observe a nice sign board put up and a huge glass fascade on the first floor all bright , slowly as you come in you observe nice artificial grass patches decorated on walls and doors and walls painted very retro and funky .
Even the lights and wallpaper interiors are dedicated very much in the form of international musical artists from Michael Jackson to Nirvana so is the tables done up with a proper fun element of musical graphics that does half the job of making a music enthusiasts feel at home once they enter this cafe.
The cafe is divided in 3 to 4 sections in the same floor itself so the first one as you enter is the main section where all the music happens as well as screen projectors are there for making it more exciting as well as for the love of visuals. There are sufficient tables and sofas in every corner so getting yourself a place isn’t a problem .
There is PSP games also available incase you are a gamer and want to indulge in gaming . Then moving on to the other section’s there is a couple zone where 5 to 6 small tables are there for couples and kind of a date place set up ambience .
Two more sections are there which are one for families and people who just want to be enjoying with their food and want privacy of their own. And lastly the private party room available for all sorts of parties from Kittie to birthday as well as family parties.
The hospitality and service rendered by the staff of this place is very prompt and friendly so it gets the idea of ordering foods or whether hookah convenient as they advise you what’s good to have with what which I personally like when I feel I have no idea about what’s good in the menu .
So that way suggestions and a good attitude by the staff was very pleasing and impressive.
Well at first a lot of fast snacking foods were ordered as well as beverages by everyone so as I had got my hand on the menu I decided to try at first the MOCHA MAGIC which was a cold coffee with chocolate sauce and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream that was setting a killer image of the cafe as being my first order that came it was so good with its preparation and combination of making and tasting not sweet but bitterly sweet and hard coffee aroma which was chilled just so right that I completely loved it .
Next that I tried was the food options available here which were HOMEMADE RICOTTA & SPINACH CANNACOLLI PASTA that was very rich in flavour of vegatables and soaked with cheese spices oriental types , next i had tried the CHEFS CHOICE PIZZA which was a thin crust pizza made with a speciality of ingredients and exotic choices of vegetables like olives ,jalapeños and other great combination stuffings topped with shredded cheese and more different varieties of cheese making it the best thing I tried after my coffee for sure as the standards of the pizza is like a serious competition to reputed pizza makers.
Moving on then the TRADITIONAL RATATOUILLE was served which we tried in small portions and it was just OK nothing very overwhelming then the other things we ate .
Then after this SPIKED NACHOS we had tried which was tasting very crispy and was topped with mustard and mayonise sauce and probably vegetable keema or something on it which had inhanced the flavour of it surely.
Lastly among the eating part CHOCO LAVA CAKE was there which had a good presentation done on it and had a scoop of ice cream accompanied with it so it was a warm chocolate filled cake vs an ice cold ice cream dipping and mixing combination that was pretty cool .
Finally after the food that we tried I went back to the drinks menu and decide on a MOJITO and on having it I actually went on a fix about it because as soon as I started having ,it was a bit strong but gradually it did neutralise and tasted very smooth so that was a good choice indeed after some wait and patience by me .
There were other drinks which my fellow foodies and friends had tried which I had not tried however liked the presentation and look of each drink as it had differed from one another so I am listing them below –
1. Rocky road cappuccino
2. Blueberry mint soda
3.. Strawberry shake
4. Passion fruit soda
Well overall the experience was very fascinating ,home coming, warm,cool,friendly and surely super charging the energy of a person with the concept of a MUSICAL CAFE where music goes cool with foods,drinks ,and of course the hookahs which I did not try but assume it to be Aqua java standards indeed.
So I wish the management all the best for the future ventures and as its just a month old it will surely pick up the pace of recognition as it is totally a different cafe and has all the capabilities to make people happy in the city.